Think to the future wind working group meeting
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Think to the Future: Wind Working Group Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Think to the Future: Wind Working Group Meeting. Communication and outreach efforts Discussion of wind financial incentives on coastal and off-shore wind Education of state legislators. Message from Phil.

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Think to the Future: Wind Working Group Meeting

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Think to the Future: Wind Working Group Meeting

Communication and outreach efforts

Discussion of wind financial incentives on coastal and off-shore wind

Education of state legislators

Message from Phil

  • Need to expand the base of stakeholders into WWG so we’re not just preaching to the choir

Communication and outreach efforts

  • Small Wind Guides

  • GA roll-out wind map: what works for successful introduction?

    • CD disc distribution, needs to be interactive on the web

    • Map serve as focus for major press release, then foundation for entire state wind program. Get a big bang for the buck.

    • Tailor map event to national-level view b/c of major off-shore wind resources

Communication and outreach efforts

  • Wind Farm Visualization (Photomontage)

    • Professional tools

  • Installation videos and wind turbine operation

  • Program sponsors (ALP)

  • Best Practices for Loan Program

    • Press release

    • Application

    • on site for one year

  • Demand for anemometer systems

    • Increase number of systems

    • Cooperative to recycle towers to other parties

Communication and outreach efforts

  • Comparison to traditional fuels

  • WV Wind Working Group started discussion w/ coal industry

  • Wind consultation

    • Wind map

    • Site visit

    • Don’t over sell

What DOE/WPA has available for WWG?

  • Templates (presentations, program information, brochures)

    • Ag sector outreach

    • Small wind guides

  • Wind Working Group

    • Developing goals

    • Setting up subgroups


  • Learning from European experience

  • Navy platforms

  • Gather support (political and industry) to make case

  • NJ moratorium

  • NY RPS (in order to meet must go offshore)

  • Leadership/champion for state

  • Speaker list of uncertainties split up

    • Addressed by developer

    • Addressed by WWG/Consultants


  • Use of existing rigs

  • Interest in offshore regional activity for WWG

Education of State Legislators

  • Therm Bredlinger, PA

    • Clean air groups

    • Advanced Energy Portfolio

    • Education around environmental and economic issues

    • Supportive Government, EPA, Kathleen McGinty, Governor

    • Gamesa manufacturing facility

    • Building and cooperative process, build on successes

Education of State Legislators

  • DOE/WPA contract NCSL to engage legislators, need to be invited to present in meeting

  • Opportunity to follow-up on meetings, build relationships

  • Engage PUC and Staff

  • Presentation to State Association of Counties

  • VA: anti-wind grassroots tax legislation regarding property value

    • Tax wind farms on MW capacity to create levelized revenue stream.

    • Looking for other examples

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