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Ogdenfsl.org. Find it fast. May 2013. How can I ever remember all that?. There is so much information out there, and some of us are just beginning. Let’s take a whirlwind tour.

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Ogdenfsl org


Find it fast

May 2013

How can i ever remember all that

How can I ever remember all that?

There is so much information out there, and some of us are just beginning.

Let s take a whirlwind tour

Let’s take a whirlwind tour.

  • The Ogden FamilySearch Library website is your ready reference to many church and community resources that will help you find an answer for most of the questions you will encounter as a volunteer here at the library.

  • Ogdenfsl.org

Ogdenfsl org

The home page has good information and all the links are here, right under the photo.

Ogdenfsl org

Notice the search box. Use it to find places in the site on your search topic.

Ogdenfsl org

This is your link to information about the conference coming in September on Saturday the 14th. It is free and it is fun. Bring your friends and family.

Ogdenfsl org

Always scroll down to see what’s at the bottom of the page.

Sign up here for the Ogden FamilySearch Library’s newsletter, which has great information.

Ogdenfsl org

At the bottom of the page (always scroll to the bottom), you will find the Ogden FamilySearch Library Mission and Objectives – our mission and objectives as library volunteers, missionaries and staff.

Lets click the tabs one by one

Lets click the tabs one by one

First, how “About Us”?

Do you know everything about the library where you serve?

Ogdenfsl org

Here are services the Ogden FamilySearch Library can provide. Could your family or ward benefit?

Ogdenfsl org

Family History is a hot topic now for wards and stakes. We offer speakers on topics from writing your stories to preparing names for the temple.

Click the alpha list tab

Click the “Alpha List” tab

This alphabetical list is an index covering years of accumulated wisdom and information. It has been updated and is another way to find a quick answer to your questions.

Click blogs to find links to top bloggers subscribe to some

Click “Blogs” to find links to top bloggers. Subscribe to some.

Click classes for schedules of classes taught at the ogden library

Click “classes” for schedules of classes taught at the Ogden Library.

Ogdenfsl org

Clicking on “Class Schedule” will open a Wiki page with classes displayed as shown.

Clicking on “Calendar of Classes taught at the Ogden Family Search Library will show classes in a calendar format.

Click church sites for quick links to useful church sites

Click “Church Sites” for quick links to useful church sites

Links include:

Consultant Training

Family Tree Training

Research Wiki

Photos and Stories


Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements

Patriarchal Blessings

Temple Ordinance Policies?

Click learn to open up a wonderful resource

Click “learn” to open up a wonderful resource.

For example, Click the first link: BYU Family History Resources. The next page will show you some of the things you will find there.

Ogdenfsl org

Shouldn’t everyone know about this wonderful page?

Share this with patrons today.

Click the second link under learn and learn

Click the second link under “learn” and learn!

Patrons (and staff) who need confidence in web surfing will find the direction they need on pages like this.

Ogdenfsl org

Another link under “learn” takes us to an excellent article written by Emil O. Hanson about writing histories.

Other links lead to consultant training, indexing training tips, This is the Place—Enhanced (a map of FamilySearch), Mocavo Learning Center, information about Newspapers, the BYU Family History Library, dictionaries and glossaries, church lesson sites and more. It goes on and on. Please explore “Learn” at Ogdenfsl.org after this introduction.

Click the research tab to find more treasures including the research wiki at familysearch

Click the “Research” tab to find more treasures, including the research wiki at familysearch.

Ogdenfsl org

“Other Research Sites” will take you to a list of FREE online ancestry resources

Ogdenfsl org

Finally, the last link under “Research” at Ogdenfsl.org is a short list of search engines with tips for their use and links to their training sites.

Click tools and see what you can do

Click Tools and see what you can do.

This page has links to tools:


photos and stories

research forms

flash drives

email info



Ogdenfsl org

This is a link to a timeline tool.

Ogdenfsl org

Here is a link to information about a great tool we use all the time at the library: FastStone Capture.

Finally click on newsletters to find current and back issues of this valuable resource

Finally, click on “newsletters” to find current and back issues of this valuable resource

Can you believe it

Can you believe it?

  • Assignment: Become familiar with this website, its organization and use it to help a patron today.

  • Show the patrons how they can use this website at the library or at home to answer questions, find training, and become more effective family historians.

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