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ABOUT THE EVENT Not-for-profit organizations coast to coast partner with Over the Edge to produce this exciting rappelling fundraiser.

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ABOUT THE EVENTNot-for-profit organizations coast to coast partner with Over the Edge to produce this exciting rappelling fundraiser.

This event is for people who are adventurous enough to rappel 20+ stories and generous enough to donate at least $1,000 to make a difference in people’s lives through a good cause.

the company

Over the Edge is a special events company that provides signature events for non-profit organizations anywhere in North America.

Participants are invited to raise pledges in exchange for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of going over the edge of a local building.

We provide all of the equipment, the technical expertise, and the insurance for the event. We have conducted over 65 events in since we began in 2005.

Professional staff are certified by the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and/or the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

We use IRATA and SPRAT staff because their safety standards create a model working environment.

The trade is referred to as rope access.

We work in compliance with OSHA standards for ‘Working at height and fall protection.’

Equipment will be certified to by ANSI Z359…. There are a bunch of sub categories for different pieces of gear.

Part of regulations is that a job hazard analysis is completed; we hold safety meetings, and have written rescue plans.

It is not necessary to operate under these standards but they provide a sound level of safety.

safety cont d
We do not follow all OSHA work standards. We do not make participants (or staff) wear safety glasses, or steel toed boots, or things like that.

Safety is the most important aspect of the event. Any staff has the authority to stop the event if they feel something is unsafe.

SAFETY (cont’d)
event logistics
  • Participants register 1 hour before their rappel
  • They sign-in, get assigned equipment, and check droppable items
  • Proceed to training area where they get instruction and practice; as long as they want, until they feel comfortable
  • Go back to roof (or waiting area) where they wait their turn
  • Rappel (10 to 20 mins)
  • Return their gear
staging area
  • Putting on harnesses

(Rappelling and fall arrest)

  • Tracking equipment
  • Removing droppable objects
  • First safety check
training area
  • Explain the concepts of rappelling
  • Demonstrate rappel and good positioning
  • Have the participants practice rappelling and stopping
rappel staff
  • Put people on ropes
  • Do final safety check
  • Communicate with ground staff (we all have radios)
  • Identify when and assist in a rescue
  • Efficient turnover
ground staff
  • Most important person for safety
  • Monitors rappellers’ speed / condition
  • Control descent into ground, last 20 ft using a firefighters belay
  • Communicate with top
  • Identify and participate in rescue
technical logistics
  • Releasable mainline and safety back-up with firefighters belay
  • Petzl STOP descender and ASAP mobile fall arrester
  • Back-up device on a separate rope
  • Industrial full-body harnesses
  • High pick point for ease of getting on the rope
  • Posted safety check systems for training and main descent
  • Rescue plan in place and practiced
staff needs
  • Closed shoes
  • Long pants
  • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
  • OTE provides harnesses, helmets, gloves, ropes, carabiners, descenders, everything
  • Pocket-sized snacks (lunch is provided)