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Maker faire taipei 2015 2015 05 30 31 huashan1914 creative park
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Maker Faire Taipei 2015 2015/05/30-31 | Huashan1914, Creative Park. Sponsorship 《Make》Taiwan. Introduction.

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Maker Faire Taipei 2015 2015/05/30-31 | Huashan1914, Creative Park

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Maker faire taipei 2015 2015 05 30 31 huashan1914 creative park

Maker Faire Taipei 20152015/05/30-31|Huashan1914, Creative Park





In 2013, there were over 100 Maker Faires worldwide. The summer of 2014 also marked the first time a Maker Faire was produced at the White House. For the past two years, Taiwan has also had its own event called Maker Faire Taipei. In 2013, there were 120 booths/displays, and over 16,000 people came to attend. The following year at Maker Faire Taipei 2014, there were over 200 booths and nearly 30,000 in attendance!

Maker Faire Taipei 2015 hopes to

continue expanding in both scale

and content. We look forward to

you joining us in promoting the

DIY spirit!

Maker vs maker faire

Maker vs. Maker Faire

  • The term “Maker” refers to a person who likes to create new things or modify existing ones. There are no rules or guidelines as to what type of item is to be created or transformed, instead the focus is on enjoying the DIY process and sharing that fun with others.

  • At a “Maker Faire”, Makers can engage in worthwhile interaction with the everyday person as well as corporate and industrial entities. In addition to showcasing these projects, there are talks by key members of the DIY world, hands-on workshop, and much more DIY fun for the audience to enjoy.

Event information

Event Information

  • Name:Maker Faire Taipei 2015(MFTP2015)

  • Time:05/30-31 2015

    • 05/23 Setup – tba

    • 05/24~25 Maker Faire Taipei 1000~1700

    • 05/24 Maker/Sponsor exchange session 1700~

  • Place:Huashan1914 Creative Park East 2、East 3、Central 4B

  • Booths:Approx. 250

  • Audience(projected):40,000

  • Hosted by:Shezi Cultural and Educational Foundation、


  • Sponsors:Corporations or groups that understand and willing to engage in the Maker spirit

  • Become a maker faire sponsor

    Become a Maker Faire Sponsor

    • The underlying theme of this is event is based on the idea of the ‘Maker’- an engineering-minded pioneer who is both excited and curious about the idea of ‘Making’.

    • Maker Faire allows your products and service to be presented to both exhibitors/makers and visitors whom already understand and embrace the spirit of ‘Making’.

    • Establish and/or strengthen your corporate brand as one that fully affirms itself to the ‘Maker’ mentality and movement.

    Maker Faire Taipei 2014

    Main Sponsors

    Why sponsors love maker faire

    Why Sponsors Love Maker Faire

    Past sponsor

    Past sponsor

    • RSComponents

    Held DIY project marathon (live 48hr contest)、line following race、tank battle competition (if any special event or competition is required, please inform organizers as soon as possible)

    Past sponsor1

    Past sponsor

    • Intel

    Cooperation with Intel campus events, showcase of Galileo-based projects and publication of a learning Galileo handbook.

    Past sponsor2

    Past sponsor

    • Autodesk

    Modified mini-van outfitted with displays showcasing company software; DIY workshop

    Sponsorship levels

    Sponsorship levels

    Sponsorship programs exhibition

    Sponsorship Programs(Exhibition)

    Sponsor benefits

    Sponsor benefits

    Exhibit booth/space

    Based on the sponsorship level, we shall provide booth space and tables for your company to furnish services, showcase products, and/or interact with potential customers. Depending on the sponsor level, workshops and retailing of merchandise can also be performed at the event.

    Logo/Brand exposure (event/internet/promotional material)

    Company logo will be acknowledged on the event website as a sponsor, on banners located on-site at event, as well as on all promotional material distributed at the event.

    (LOGO size and extent of exposure is dependent on sponsorship level)





    30 min on stage presentation

    Schedule arranged by event producer. Limited availability dependent on exhibitor registration and screening.

    Expected audience: ~100

    1hr workshop session

    Schedule arranged by event producer. If tools/equipment are required, extra fees may be charged.

    Expected audience: 10~15

    Maker exchange session


    Make website content

    Publish articles/content relevant to company. Event reporting will be featured.

    After event session for makers /exhibitors to get together to share information. Company logo shall be displayed during session. Tentatively set for evening of 5/30.

    Other cooperative efforts may be available and are open to discussion.

    Please inform event producer as soon as possible for any special requests.

    Maker faire worldwide growth

    Maker Faire Worldwide Growth

    Number of countries with Maker Faires and attendance

    Flagship Maker Faires

    Partner Maker Faires

    Mini Maker Faires

    Maker faire taipei 2014 attendance demographics

    Maker Faire Taipei 2014 Attendance Demographics

    • Profession or area of study

    • Age

    • Gender


    Publicity plans

    Publicity Plans

    Printed promotional material

    Printed Promotional Material

    • Date:November to May (prior to event)

    • Sent out to relevant high schools, colleges, and technical schools

    • Maker-related groups

    • Robotics and DIY workshops

    • Listed as official Maker Faire Taipei 2015 Sponsor

    • Materials displayed at local bookstore, cafes, and other public locations

    • Handouts to visitors on

      day of event visit

    Street banners

    Street Banners

    • Duration:April 14~May 31

    • Location:Major throughways of Taipei City including: Zhongxiao East Road, Civic Boulevard, Xinyi Road, Bade Road,

      Jinshan South Road

    • Approx. 1,000

      banners in total

    Hot air balloon maker faire stand entry wall

    Hot air balloon, Maker Faire Stand , Entry wall

    • Duration:May 20 ~ May 31

    • Location:Huashan1914, Creative Park

    • Banner attached to bottom of balloon

    • Maker Faire Robot Stand set on the intersectionof Bade Rd. and Zhongxiao E. Rd.

    • Entry wall display.

    • Strengthens visibility

    Print advertisement

    Print advertisement

    • Event advertisement page in all four publications of Fullon Publishing.

    • Advertising with partner media outlets.

    • Other related advertising outlets.



    • Individual website devoted to event

    • Banner links to website distributed to various partners

    • Acknowledgement of sponsors displayed on homepage

    • Other events and news related to sponsor products/services

    Radio advertisement

    Radio advertisement

    • Duration:4/14~5/31.

    • Over-air advertising on each of the four major radio stations one month prior to event.

    News feature event reporting

    News feature、Event reporting

    • Beginning on January 2015, news reports will be distributed to major news outlets on a weekly basis to create awareness and anticipation for mass audience

    • Prior to 5/30, invitations to media for interviews and event reporting shall be sent out.

    2014 results

    2014 Results

    • Media exposure

      • Internet news sites: 31 articles

      • Internet special reporting: 1 article

      • Print news: 4 articles

      • Print advertisement: 17 instances

      • Print special reporting: 2 articles

      • Radio programming: 2 instances

      • TV programming: 4 instances

      • Internet blogs: 15 articles

    Media exposure

    Media Exposure

    Maker faire taipei 2015 schedule

    Maker Faire Taipei 2015 Schedule

    Maker faire taipei 2015 2015 05 30 31 huashan1914 creative park

    Maker Faire Taipei 2015 Event Planning



    Outdoor exhibit

    Robot competitions

    Culture Blvd

    East 3 Building


    East 2 Building

    Main Maker exhibit

    Central West B

    Maker showcase



    Items and categories of the exhibition

    Items and categories of the exhibition





    Handmade Arts





    3D Printing










    Stage presentation

    Interactive art

    Entry form types and fees

    Entry Form Types and fees

    Maker faire taipei 2015 2015 05 30 31 huashan1914 creative park

    For Sponsorship、Event Operations、

    Presenter Information、Press Information、

    Maker Information

    Please contact Ms. Hong:

    (02)23811180#383 or

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