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Sarasota, Florida

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Custom Applied Technology Corporation (CATEC). Sarasota, Florida. Designers and Manufacturers of:. Water Treatment Systems. Vehicle Wash Reclaim Systems. Ozone Generators. Meet the CATEC Staff. Accounting. Purchasing. Engineering. Sales & Marketing.

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Custom Applied Technology Corporation


Sarasota, Florida

designers and manufacturers of
Designers and Manufacturers of:
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Vehicle Wash Reclaim Systems
  • Ozone Generators
meet the catec staff
Meet the CATEC Staff




Sales & Marketing

Production Control

research design development
Research, Design & Development

CATEC also designs and manufacturer’s it’s own Ozone Generators, circuit boards and system controls.

R&D Engineering

Electronics Lab

Ozone Test Lab


CATEC’s Manufacturing Facility

Ozone Generator


Reclaim System


Machine Shop


Why Rainwater Reuse Systems?

Stored rain water is susceptible to algae and bacterial growth. In addition, raw rainwater can contain undesirable pollutants.

Without proper treatment, stored rainwater can quickly stagnate, eventually turning septic.

Reusing rainwater without proper treatment can lead to health issues, which can also become serious liability issues.

waterborne diseases

Our Ozone System quickly destroys bacteria and eliminates the threat of these and other diseases.

An on-board ORP feedback system maintains a disinfection level, regardless of tank water level.

  • Cholera
  • Botulism
  • Hepatitis A
  • Dysentery
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Polio
  • Guardia
  • 3000 times faster

than chlorine

  • 15 times stronger

than chlorine

  • No ongoing costs

or chemicals to add

  • Environmentally
  • friendly
  • Generated on-site
  • Quickly reverts to
  • Oxygen
  • No hazardous
  • by-products

CATEC Designs and Manufactures a complete line

of Ozone Generators and Ozone Related Products

safely reuse water for
Safely Reuse water for
  • Property Irrigation
  • Toilet and Urinal Flushing
  • Washing / Cleaning Water
  • Fountain or Water Feature Replenishment
  • Cooling Tower Replenishment
  • Any other non-potable uses
benefits of reusing rainwater systems
Benefits of Reusing Rainwater Systems
  • Earn up to four (or more) LEED points
  • Sanitizes, disinfects and filters water
  • Provides water “on-demand” to non potable uses
  • Greatly reduce water and sewer costs
  • No Chemicals or Additives Required
  • Environmentally Friendly
reduce or eliminate impact fees
Reduce or Eliminate Impact Fees

By providing information to officials that CATEC systems will reduce water and sewer, typically we are able to justify reductions in water and sewer tap (impact) fees.

CATEC provides drawings, specifications and customized letters for permitting and impact fee reduction for each system.

We Recently helped reduce a hotel’s $ 248,000 impact fee to less than $150,000.00

An Instant Savings of $ 98,000.00!

. ...

The CATEC team has developed a rainwater reuse system that truly passes the top bar in design, quality and performance.

Our turnkey systems include an onboard disinfection system and on-demand delivery of treated, filtered water


The CATEC RWR Series

Rain Water Reuse Systems

theory of operation
Theory of Operation

The Ozone based reuse system is actually two

systems in one.

The Ozone recirculation system recirculates ozone in the tank water, which kills microbes, enzymes and bacteria.

The filtration system then removes the particulate

matter providing clean, bacteria free recycled water

to the non-potable utilities “on-demand”.

No post holding tanks are required.

ORP Feedback for consistent disinfection
  • System automatically switches to fresh water when tank level is low
  • Automatically switches to fresh water if system fault occurs
  • Automated operation, minimal maintenance
  • Several filtration capacities
  • 15, 35, 50, 100 & 200 GPM systems
catec rainwater reuse systems
CATEC Rainwater Reuse Systems

We Guarantee Your Success!

  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Bacterial Control Guaranteed
  • Five-Year Equipment Warranty*
  • Site-Engineered Drawings
  • Permitting Packages
  • Impact Fee Reduction Packages
  • Top Quality Components and Craftsmanship
  • On-Site factory rep with first systems!
capacities to fit most any facility
Capacities to fit most any facility

From 15 GPM to 200 GPM

Additional filtration available to meet site requirements

simple straight forward design
Simple Straight Forward Design

CATEC systems are logical

and straight-forward.

Designed to fit through a standard door, the system’s small footprint allows them to fit easily into most

equipment or utility rooms.

Tanks can be in-ground

or above ground


Using the site-specific AutoCAD plans provided by CATEC, typically a qualified plumber can install and plumb the tanks.

Once the tanks and stub-ups are in place the system is easily installed. The systems come pre-plumbed and pre-wired for ease of installation.

downspout clarifiers
Downspout Clarifiers

Downspout Water Enters

Clean water to Cistern

Debris to drain

Our exclusive vortex filters remove debris from downspouts before entering the tank. No moving parts, no maintenance


Tank Installation- (still has scaffolding installed)

(Tanks can be above or below grade)

System Installation

Target Retail Center

Detroit, MI

40,000 gallon storage tank

Irrigation, Toilet Flushing

Property Irrigation

only minutes a month in maintenance
Only Minutes a month in Maintenance

CATEC systems are designed for minimal operator intervention.

The simple task of replacing or cleaning an in-expensive reusable filter can be accomplished in minutes by general labor persons, leaving virtually no down time.

Our Maintenance Minder is an excellent tool for reminding the operator of maintenance tasks.

factory service
Factory Service

Our factory-direct support program provides personalized on-site service.

From initial design to set-up and on-site training, our support network insures each installation is operating at peak performance from day one and long into the future.

catec services
  • Free Consultations and Site-Evaluation
  • System and Tanking Recommendations
  • Site-Specific AutoCAD Designs
  • Permitting Packages
  • Impact Fee Reduction Packages
  • On-site factory rep for start-up and training
one call
One Call

Let CATEC take the hassles out of reusing rainwater for you.

Simply call us with basic site information and we will provide you with assistance, recommendations and a proposal.

We are committed to making you look good!


“Your Water… Our Reputation”

Clearly the Leader…

… in Reclaim Technology