Ask an atheist day tabling training
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Ask an Atheist Day -Tabling Training- PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ask an Atheist Day -Tabling Training-. This resource was produced by the Secular Student Alliance. What is A sk an Atheist day?. Third Thursday every April An opportunity to: Defeat stereotypes about atheism Encourage dialogue on your campus Gain more members. Training Objectives.

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Ask an Atheist Day -Tabling Training-

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Ask an atheist day tabling training

Ask an Atheist Day-Tabling Training-

This resource was produced by the

Secular Student Alliance

What is a sk an atheist day

What is Ask an Atheist day?

  • Third Thursday every April

  • An opportunity to:

    • Defeat stereotypes about atheism

    • Encourage dialogue

      on your campus

    • Gain more members

Training objectives

Training Objectives

  • Group members should be able to assist whoever is leading the table.

  • Group members understand and demonstrate proper tabling behavior.

  • Group members know how to answer basic questions about atheism and science.

  • Group members know what to do in the case of an emergency.

Tabling what is i t

Tabling: What Is It?

  • Tabling:

    • Is used to reach people about a specific issue

    • Involves one-on-on interaction and discussion

    • Usually includes literature distribution but can also include games, performances of some sort, etc.

Tabling basic etiquette

Tabling: Basic Etiquette

  • While at the table, do:

    • Smile

    • Engage people

    • Look welcoming

  • While at the table, do not:

    • Eat

    • Play with electronics

    • Read

    • Have a distracting

      off-topic conversation

Tabling basic set up

Tabling: Basic Set-Up

  • At your table you should have:

    • Literature (like our “What is an Atheist” brochure)

    • A flyer, pamphlet, etc. about your group that people can take with them

    • A sign-up sheet for people who want more info about your group

  • Also consider having:

    • Candy! (Yes, it really does help)

    • A white-board

    • An event/game

Common q uestions

Common Questions

  • You should be familiar with and have answers to these common questions:

    • Why are you an atheist? When did you become one?

    • Can you be moral without being religious?

    • What purpose is there without religion?

    • Is atheism a religion?

    • Where did life or the cosmos come from if they weren’t created?

    • Is there an afterlife?

    • Were you ever religious?

Tabling potential issues

Tabling: Potential issues

  • While tabling you may encounter:

    • Evangelists, naysayers, hecklers, etc.

    • Loud/Heated arguments

  • It’s important to remember:

    • Always remain calm and non-violent

    • Ask people politely, but firmly, to leave the table

    • If people don’t cooperate, contact your campus’ authorities

Tabling potential issues cont

Tabling: Potential Issues Cont.

  • What do you say to someone who is causing a problem?

    • One example:

      “I understand that you are passionate about this topic, but this conversation is distracting our group from concentrating on our table. If you’d like to continue this conversation elsewhere, please do, but we’re going to have to ask you to move along, please.”

  • Can you think of any others?

  • Practice your responses!

F urther training resources

Further Training & Resources

  • Watch this video on how to table like a pro.

  • Check out our FAQ for more common questions and answers.

  • Visit our website for great articles on Ask an Atheist day activities and ideas.

Good luck

Good Luck!

Contact us if you have any questions or problems!

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