Welcome to this presentation for whole body vibration
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Welcome To This Presentation For Whole Body Vibration. The Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzner How the fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the Wellness Industry .

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Welcome To This Presentation For Whole Body Vibration

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Welcome To This PresentationFor Whole Body Vibration

The Wellness RevolutionbyPaul Zane PilznerHow the fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the Wellness Industry

… “My research found that wellness would reach sales of 1 trillion over the next 10 years (2002-2012) and that wellness would be the industry in which the greatest fortunes of the new century would be created”…

Paul Zane Pilzner

What is the #1 wellness issue today?

Why are we getting fatter?

  • We in the year 2006 are exposed to far more environmental stresses than our bodies have ever had to deal with in the past. Our bodies have reacted to these stresses by storing fat more proficiently than ever before.

  • When it comes to fat regulation, the body’s "better-safe-than-sorry" strategy makes it preserve fat when put under stress, as a way of dealing with the uncertainty of its environment.

  • We have become ultra-efficient fat-storing machines.

  • More than 60% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. (Health and Human Services Fact Sheet, May 1, 2002)

  • More than 50% of American women are overweight or obese. (New York Times, June 22, 2003)

  • Among women in their 20s with severe obesity, the decrease in life expectancy is eight years for whites and five years for African-Americans.

  • More than 60% of adult women do not do the recommended amount of physical activity (30 minutes of moderate activity daily).

  • More than 25% of women are not active at all. (Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health, 1999)

In every US community, it’s easy to find consumers whose health and well-being are negatively impacted by lack of exercise – and they’re painfully aware of it.

  • Every day, Americans are bombarded with information about how lack of exercise contributes to poor health.

  • We all know we spend too much sedentary time.

  • For aging baby boomers (currently 31 million) loss of bone mass, balance and flexibility is becoming a real issue.

  • Women at every age are concerned about improving their appearance.

We all know exercise is necessary:

  • The largest barrier to exercise appears to be time and motivation. A majority of respondents recently surveyed responded that their biggest barrier to exercise was lack of time.

  • They felt that they were simply too busy to workout.

What are the current consumer options?

Gyms with cold weight machines and traditional equipment requiring at least a 1-2 hour commitment per session.

“30 minute” female focused fitness companies: They currently have declining enrollment due to the workout being boring, repetitive and can be physically out-grown.

Expensive spas and “Wellness Centers” that usually only offer part of what the consumer needs.

Home fitness equipment that usually gathers dust.

All requiring at least 30 minutes to 2 hours per workout session.Time, 89% of the US population do not currently take…

Whole Body VibrationTo The Rescue!

Whole Body Vibration:

  • It can give you the same workout as 1-2 hours of fast walking, jogging or standard training in the gym in only 10-15 minutes.

  • The experience is fun, easy and with measurable results.

Documented Benefits Include:

  • Toning and fat reduction

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved flexibility and alignment

  • Increased balance, energy, agility and bone mass in seniors and adults

  • Increased serotonin production

  • Detoxification

  • Cleansing of lymphatic system

  • Anti-aging benefits

  • Bone mass production

  • Core muscle strength

How Whole Body Vibration Works

  • When a muscle fiber is stretched, it contracts by a reflex known as the protective myotatic stretch reflex . By simply standing barefoot on the machine, vibration is generated and sent through your body, which passively stretches your muscles. This safe stretch signals your central nervous system of potential danger to muscles, tendons and joints and the body responds by causing millions of tiny muscle contractions in an attempt to stop the stretch.

  • The stress on the body is minimal, but the positive impact is great. As muscle tone, firmness and density increase, the metabolic rate goes up, since an increase in muscle mass requires more energy.


Over 30 years of research with 200+ studies have been done on Whole Body Vibration.

  • Its biggest claim to fame is how it maximizes users feelings of well-being instantly, which in turn, creates an almost addictive willingness to repeat the treatment session. In turn, and to the delight of many health care professionals, this is creating "healthy addictive behavior“.

It is a proven technology with many benefits for health and wellness.Especially, Time.

Types of Vibrational Systems

There are two types of Vibration machines:

  • The high frequency oscillating plate: This frequency is preferred by athletes due to its higher muscle recruitment. However, there are studies that show possible damage to the spine or nervous system with long term use of these machines. Frequencies are typically 30-60 HZ.

  • The lower frequency Tri-Planar plate: This vibration is a side to side movement which resembles our natural gait. It is easier on the body and also helps with low back issues due to its balancing effect. Frequencies on these machines are typically 3-40 HZ.

  • Our research has shown the Tri-Planar system preferred by most consumers because it “feels” more natural.

  • Our Machine, (the Proellixe) is designed around that movement and is designed to be completely self operated with preprogrammed smart cards giving the user a complete workout.

Focused 10-15 minute workouts for everyone

This is the Fitness and Wellness Solution of the Future…Today…

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