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ENERGY. Gr. 5 Science: Conservation of Energy & Resources BY Full Name Science Unit PowerPoint Outline by Miss Berndl 2009. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. For example:. Where does energy come from?. Where do we get our energy from?.

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Energy l.jpg


Gr. 5 Science: Conservation of Energy & Resources

BY Full Name

Science Unit PowerPoint Outline by Miss Berndl 2009

Where do we get our energy from l.jpg
Where do we get our energy from? transformed.

  • The Sun - Solar energy

  • Running Water - Hydroelectricity

  • Tidal Waves

  • Nuclear Power Stations - Electricity

  • Burning Plant Material - Bio-Fuels

  • Burning Fossil Fuels – Oil, Gas & Coal

  • Water heated by the earth’s core - Hydro Thermal Energy

  • Humans & Animals - Muscle Energy

  • Water Power – Moving Things

  • Wind Power

  • Electromagnetism

  • Steam Energy

Solar energy the sun l.jpg
Solar Energy transformed.The sun

Hydroelectricity running water l.jpg
Hydroelectricity transformed.Running water

Tidal waves l.jpg
Tidal Waves transformed.

Nuclear power stations electricity l.jpg
Nuclear Power Stations transformed.Electricity

Bio fuels burning plant material l.jpg
Bio-Fuels transformed.Burning Plant Material

Oil gas coal burning fossil fuels l.jpg
Oil, Gas & Coal transformed. Burning Fossil Fuels

Hydro thermal energy l.jpg
Hydro Thermal Energy transformed.

Muscle energy humans animals l.jpg
Muscle Energy transformed. Humans & Animals

Water power moving things l.jpg
Water Power transformed.Moving Things

Wind power l.jpg
Wind Power transformed.

Electromagnetism l.jpg
Electromagnetism transformed.

Steam energy l.jpg
Steam Energy transformed.

Traditional energy sources l.jpg
Traditional Energy Sources transformed.

  • Oil

  • Natural Gas

  • Coal

  • Hydroelectricity – Water Energy

  • Nuclear Power Stations

  • Burning Wood

Alternative energy sources l.jpg
Alternative Energy Sources transformed.

  • Solar Energy

  • Bio Fuel – Power From Plants

  • Wind Power

  • Tidal Waves

  • Energy from Hydrogen

  • Geothermal Energy

My energy source project l.jpg
My Energy Source Project transformed.

  • How it is made

  • Advantages

  • Disadvantages

  • What it is used for

  • Interesting Facts

  • Quiz on Presentation

  • Answers to Quiz

  • Bibliography

How it is made l.jpg
How it is made transformed.

Advantages l.jpg
Advantages transformed.

Disadvantages l.jpg
Disadvantages transformed.

What it is used for l.jpg
What it is used for transformed.

Interesting facts l.jpg
Interesting Facts transformed.

Quiz on presentation l.jpg
Quiz on Presentation transformed.

Answers to quiz l.jpg
Answers to Quiz transformed.

Bibliography books print resources l.jpg
Bibliography transformed.BOOKS – Print Resources

Bibliography on line resources urls used l.jpg
Bibliography transformed.On Line Resources – URLs used

Energy project l.jpg
Energy Project transformed.

Created for: Grade 5 Science Class

Teacher: Miss Berndl

Date: December 2009

Created by: