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2013 mr potato head
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2013 Mr. Potato Head. Happy Halloween. Raeann Johnson- Minnie mouse. Logan Davis: JEFF. Michael Spear: I’m a pretty girl ;) aka Miley. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop #SWEG. Kyle Noufer: Ninja. Zach Clark- Mike Wazowski. Eric Vincent – The thing. Brandon Dramann – a drunk monkey.

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2013 Mr. Potato Head

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Presentation Transcript

2013 mr potato head

2013 Mr. Potato Head

Happy Halloween

Raeann johnson minnie mouse

Raeann Johnson- Minnie mouse

Logan davis jeff

Logan Davis: JEFF

Michael spear i m a pretty girl aka miley

Michael Spear: I’m a pretty girl ;) aka Miley

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop #SWEG

Kyle noufer ninja

Kyle Noufer: Ninja

Zach clark mike wazowski

Zach Clark- Mike Wazowski

Eric vincent the thing

Eric Vincent – The thing

Brandon dramann a drunk monkey

Brandon Dramann – a drunk monkey

Ethan cook burrito holder

Ethan Cook – Burrito Holder

William nuss iron man

William Nuss – Iron Man

Tim south i don t really know

Tim south- I don’t really know

Ross tudor jackotater

Ross Tudor -Jackotater

Jacob maple tupac shakur

Jacob Maple – Tupac Shakur

Micah buckner viking

Micah Buckner - Viking

Dante keys body builder

Dante Keys body builder

Zach platt half miley c ryus half pig half octopus

Zach Platt-half Miley Cryus, half pig ,Half octopus

Brennan clark spidertator

Brennan Clark-spidertator

Owen lynn ghost

Owen lynn-ghost

Nicholas cochran king spud

Nicholas Cochran- king spud

Devin bridget i have no idea

Devin Bridget- I Have NO Idea

Justin nguyen last king

Justin Nguyen: Last King

2013 mr potato head

Ella Kenninger: Yoda

Jakeb miller messed up cyclops

Jakeb Miller: Messed Up Cyclops

Helen zoss hermione granger

Helen Zoss: Hermione Granger

Darin weiss deformed

Darin Weiss: deformed

Glen perry bioshock big daddy

Glen Perry: Bioshock Big Daddy

2013 mr potato head

Ryan Lennox: Street Dancer

Evan timmons fedora guy

Evan Timmons: Fedora Guy

Kalib clark mouth leprechaun

Kalib Clark : Mouth Leprechaun

Joseph modesitt random

Joseph Modesitt-Random

Andrew sparks random creation aka jack jack

Andrew Sparks- Random Creation AKA Jack Jack

Robert betten minotaur

Robert Betten-Minotaur

Amber blissmer vampire jerry

Amber Blissmer- Vampire Jerry

Matt spangler snowman

Matt Spangler- Snowman

Nathan baker frankenstein

Nathan Baker- Frankenstein

Mykayla mckee minnie mouse

Mykayla Mckee- Minnie Mouse

Brandon perisho farmer felipe

Brandon Perisho- Farmer Felipe

Brandon hill deformed rich guy

Brandon Hill: Deformed Rich Guy

Matthew mohler robosnowman

Matthew Mohler-Robosnowman

Eliot duke its just a confusing situation

Eliot Duke-its just a confusing situation

Allee flanigan psycho the genetically enhanced hamster that can fly

Allee Flanigan- Psycho the Genetically Enhanced Hamster that can fly.

Cory bennett mario

Cory Bennett- Mario

Jack burkmire swagger hound

Jack Burkmire- Swagger Hound

Zach richardson clown

Zach Richardson- Clown

2013 mr potato head

Kyle Roy- Gnome

Mitchell pfister ya feel

Mitchell Pfister- ya feel?

Keenan flick mr t

Keenan flick- Mr. T

Dylan gardner messed up ogre

Dylan Gardner- Messed Up Ogre

Alyssa wilson mickey mouse

Alyssa Wilson- Mickey Mouse

Scott cope rod kimble

Scott Cope-Rod Kimble

Keaton conner ted

Keaton Conner-Ted

Payton mead mr batpirekin

Payton Mead- Mr. Batpirekin

Jade stone lion

Jade Stone- Lion

Ross davis daemon

Ross Davis- Daemon

Mason smith spudbob potatopants

Mason Smith- SpudbobPotatopants

Brandon commander batman

Brandon Commander - Batman

Chris mikeworth darth vader

Chris Mikeworth- Darth Vader

Aaron best angel

Aaron Best- Angel

Emily spray mike wazowski

Emily Spray- Mike Wazowski

Camryn kline pirate

Camryn Kline- Pirate

Brandon lewis futuristic potatoes head

Brandon Lewis- futuristic potatoes head

Patrick groeschen vampire bat

Patrick Groeschen-Vampire Bat

Anthony jacobs link

Anthony Jacobs- Link

Max ament small eye guy

Max Ament- Small Eye Guy

Gabe buschman benny the bat

Gabe Buschman- Benny the Bat

Tatiana salgado elmo s cousin

Tatiana Salgado- Elmo's cousin

Tom nugent mr defense

Tom Nugent- Mr. Defense

Dylan holsclaw carl

Dylan Holsclaw- Carl

Ethan greiner the potato

Ethan Greiner-The Potato

Riley blackwell minnie mouse

Riley Blackwell- Minnie Mouse

2013 mr potato head

Mr. Chaz Rhodes

Aaron berberich potatonator

Aaron Berberich-Potatonator

Josh miller ninja

Josh Miller - ninja

Ben mecalf minion

Ben Mecalf- minion

Jesus walling pimp daddy

Jesus Walling- Pimp Daddy

Jonhas murphy frankenstein

Jonhas Murphy- Frankenstein

Kodi dwiggens clown monkey thing

Kodi Dwiggens- clown monkey thing

Michael henderson skull kid ish

Michael Henderson- skull kid…..ish

Parker hamernik killer potato

Parker Hamernik- Killer Potato

Mr seth mc intyre the boss

Mr. Seth McIntyre- The Boss

Isaac wiggers mr psycho

Isaac Wiggers- Mr. Psycho

Project pat idk how to make anything

Project Pat – Idk how to make anything

Trace heald mines better than pats

Trace Heald-mines better than pats

Matt ervin man devil pig


Trevor rammel t he hopper

Trevor Rammel- The Hopper

Tyler powers tri alien

Tyler Powers- Tri-Alien

Daylon flick mr pimp daddy t

Daylon Flick- Mr. Pimp Daddy T

Sam dunaway dracula

Sam Dunaway- Dracula

Kelsie zick mike wazowski

Kelsie Zick- Mike Wazowski

Dom restivo fine workman

Dom Restivo- Fine Workman

Conner brens luigi

Conner Brens- Luigi

Jacob brejcha al dente

Jacob Brejcha-al dente

Gavin ritter super monkey

Gavin Ritter- Super Monkey

Emily burnette orange crayon

Emily Burnette- Orange Crayon

Hannah asher zombie

Hannah Asher- Zombie

Hailey kuntz mario

Hailey Kuntz-Mario

Kathryn snyder brown bat

Kathryn Snyder- Brown Bat

Megan pettyjohn statue of liberty

Megan Pettyjohn – Statue of Liberty

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