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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group. December 8 th , 2010 SharePoint and Mobile. Neil Iversen. Agenda. Introductions Mobile Devices Topology Break Mobile with SharePoint Extensibility Q & A Free stuff!  online too!. http://www.sharepointmn.com.

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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group

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Welcome to the

Minnesota SharePoint

User Group

December 8th, 2010

SharePoint and Mobile

Neil Iversen

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  • Introductions

  • Mobile Devices

  • Topology

  • Break

  • Mobile with SharePoint

  • Extensibility

  • Q & A

  • Free stuff!  online too!


User group goal objectives l.jpg

User Group Goal / Objectives

Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies

Transfer knowledge within the community

Communicate best practices

Introduce new products / solutions

Introductions mnspug sponsors l.jpg

Introductions – MNSPUG Sponsors

Inetium (www.inetium.com)

Technology consulting company

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Practice area focused on SharePoint

Benchmark Learning (www.benchmarklearning.com)

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Training on many technologies

Microsoft (www.microsoft.com)


Www sharepointmn com l.jpg


Website for user group

SharePoint resource documents

SharePoint resource links

RSS Feeds

Meeting Schedule

Past User Group Presentations


New year = new site? We hope so!



Social networking l.jpg

Social Networking

Linked In group – The most interactive… includes job postings…


Facebook group


Twitter: @MNSPUG and #MNSPUG


Upcoming schedule l.jpg

Upcoming Schedule

Next Meeting

January 12th 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Microsoft’s Bloomington Office

Topic: [TBD]

Check www.sharepointmn.com for updates!

Ongoing Schedule

2nd Wednesday of every month

9:00 to 11:30 am

Microsoft’s Bloomington Office


Local events l.jpg

Local Events

SharePoint Saturday – April 9, 2011Normandale Community College


Conferences l.jpg


Best Practices Conference – Week of March 7th, 2011http://www.bestpracticesconference.com/La Jolla, CA

SharePoint Connections – March 27-30th, 2011


Orlando, FL

Next Microsoft SharePoint Conference … October 3-6, 2011http://www.mssharepointconference.comAnaheim, CA

Announcements l.jpg



Launched this week

Combines content from:

  • SharePoint Dev Wiki

  • EndUserSharePoint.com

  • SharePointJoel.com

Agenda l.jpg


  • Mobile Device Overview

  • Topology

  • SharePoint and Mobile

  • 3rd Party

  • Extensibility

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Mobile Devices


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Old phones l.jpg

Old Phones

  • Run!

Feature phones l.jpg

Feature Phones

  • Small distribution OS

  • May have 3rd party applications

  • Browsers vary widely

Smartphones l.jpg


  • Standardized OS

  • 3rd Party Applications

  • Advanced Web Browsers

Mobile browsing l.jpg

Mobile Browsing


    • Limited subset of functionality

    • Wide variations between devices

  • Full HTML Browsers

    • Similar to Desktop browsers (CSS,Javascript)

    • Differ mainly by Rendering Engine

      • Webkit– Android/iPhone/Chrome/Safari

      • Trident – Internet Explorer/Windows Phone 7

    • Some phone specific abilities

      • Orientation, Location

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Slide20 l.jpg

Cool Kids

Slide21 l.jpg

The original Web Tablet

Slide22 l.jpg

  • Much more like regular browser

    • Sometimes it even is

  • Touch/Stylus input

  • More screen real estate

  • Similar, but still can benefit from a separate UI

Browsing vs apps l.jpg

Browsing vs Apps


Native Apps

Specific to OS

Flexible access to native features

  • Write once, run multiple

  • Less support for native device features

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Slide26 l.jpg


Slide27 l.jpg

  • Mobile scenarios have more variables

    • Onsite

    • Offsite

      • VPNs are Limited

    • Intermittent Connectivity

    • No Active Directory ‘auto login’

Slide28 l.jpg

Internal Wifi with AD

Slide29 l.jpg

Internal Wifi with Forms

Slide30 l.jpg

Extranet with Forms

Slide31 l.jpg

Extranet with ISA

Slide32 l.jpg

Extranet with UAG

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SharePoint and Mobile


The easy stuff l.jpg

The Easy Stuff

  • Hey, I can see SharePoint on my phone!

  • Viewing a Mobile Site

    • http://somesite/sitea/m

      • Mobile Representation of SiteA

    • Not all site templates are supported

      • Notably Central Admin and Meeting Sites

How it works l.jpg

How it Works

  • The Magic of /m

    • Redirects mobile users to the mobile friendly pages

    • Contains a subset of SharePoint’s functionality

    • Based on ASP.Net mobility controls

    • Caused by the ‘MobilityRedirect’ feature

      • Uses SPMobileUtility.GetApplicationPath to redirect to URL + /_layouts/mobile/

    • (semi)Graceful Downgrade

    • Browser Capability File

      • \Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\App_Browsers\compat.browser

  • Controls – Some behave differently

    • Examples:

      • Date Picker turns into TextBox

      • Attachments are limited to 3

How it works 2007 l.jpg

How it Works (2007)

  • What Happens For a Request?

Slide39 l.jpg

Demo: Viewing a site


Mobile views l.jpg

Mobile Views

  • Custom Views can be created that are viewable for mobile clients

  • Simple, checkbox driven

  • Use to create scenarios for mobile users

    • Ex: My Urgent Tasks

Slide41 l.jpg

Demo: Creating Mobile Views


Mobile site properties l.jpg

Mobile Site Properties

  • Control Majority of Mobile Display Features

  • Used to make mobile display more friendly

  • Sections (See SDK)

    • Base Rendering Limits

    • System Rendering Limits

      • mobile_itemtitlelimit (20)

    • Field Related Rendering Limits

      • mobile_choicefieldoptionnumberlimit (10)

  • Changing the Defaults

    • Saved in the Web’s Property Bag

Customizing the display l.jpg

Customizing the Display

  • Customizations stored


  • Pages can be customized by the template and section









Slide44 l.jpg

Using InfoPath


Creating mobile solutions infopath l.jpg

Creating Mobile Solutions- InfoPath

  • Supports Mobile Rendering

Creating mobile solutions l.jpg

Creating Mobile Solutions

Mobile can be a gateway to a process

Workflow and Events can carry the solution

Full infopath solution l.jpg

Full InfoPath Solution

Slide48 l.jpg



Creating mobile custom fields l.jpg

Creating Mobile Custom Fields

  • Why?

    • You’ve created a Custom Field

      • And it needs special Mobile Support

    • You can target a mobile browser

      • Example: Target WP7/iPhone/Android and enhance the Date Picker

    • You already have some mobile controls

      • Adding existing controls to enhance mobile experience

Creating mobile web controls l.jpg

Creating Mobile Web Controls

  • Why?

    • Meet specific mobile requirements

    • Access to external data

    • Advanced UI Requirements

      • Custom Dashboards

      • Reports

    • Why not?

  • Development

    • Derive from System.Web.UI.MobileControls

    • Take advantage of ASP’s mobile abilities

  • Deployment

    • Similar process to previous customizations

    • Make sure assembly is installed

    • Add proper ASP tag

Windows phone 7 l.jpg

Windows Phone 7

  • Office Hub

  • Integrates Directly

  • Quick access to files

  • Standard mobile

    office suite

Mobile entree l.jpg

Mobile Entree

  • 3rd Party solution

  • Prettier presentation

  • User Configurable

  • BI Template

  • Can be extended with custom dev

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Thanks for coming!


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