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New Platform Capabilities for Advancing Web Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Platform Capabilities for Advancing Web Development. Israel Hilerio Principal Program Manager Lead 2-067. Windows is advancing the web by introducing new platform capabilities. Agenda. Commitment to the Web What’s New in the Web Platform Demos Next Steps Q & A.

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Presentation Transcript
New platform capabilities for advancing web development

New Platform Capabilities for Advancing Web Development

Israel Hilerio

Principal Program Manager Lead


Agenda capabilities

  • Commitment to the Web

  • What’s New in the Web Platform

  • Demos

  • Next Steps

  • Q & A

Commitment to the web
Commitment to the Web capabilities

  • The Web platform is an integral part of Windows

  • Standards allow you to create interoperable experiences between websites and applications

  • You can (extend your site) create immersive experiences between your websites and the Windows shell

    • One IE across all Microsoft devices

What s new in the web platform
What’s New in the Web Platform capabilities

  • Professional Quality Video

  • Secure Content

  • Immersive Graphics

  • Richer User Interactions

  • Layout refinements

  • Much more

Media source extension mse
Media Source Extension (MSE) capabilities

  • What is MSE?

  • Specifies an HTML extension API that defines the implementation of adaptive streaming in the browser




Source buffer

Encrypted media extensions eme
Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) capabilities

  • What is EME?

  • Specifies an HTML extension API that defines access to DRM implementations contained in the web platform



Fullscreen apis
Fullscreen capabilities APIs

  • What is it?

  • Web standard that enables HTML elements to take over the full screen window area.

Ttml simple delivery profile sdp for closed captions us
TTML capabilitiesSimple Delivery Profile (SDP) for Closed Captions (US)

  • What is SDP-US?

  • Fully featured captioning solution for modern browsers

Demo: Captioning capabilities

Perf power improvements
Perf capabilities & Power Improvements

  • Diskless XHR cache mode

  • Audio offload for adaptive streaming




Secure content
Secure Content capabilities

Demo: capabilitiesWebCrypto APIs

Web crypto api
Web Crypto API capabilities

  • What are Web Crypto APIs?

  • Web standard that defines a JS API for performing basic cryptographic operations in a web application

    • Most complete WebCrypto implementation on the web

Algorithms supported
Algorithms Supported capabilities

  • Key Generation



  • HMAC (SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384)

  • RSAES-PKCS1-v1_5

  • RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5


  • Encrypt/Decryption



  • RSAES-PKCS1-v1_5


  • Wrap/Unwrap

  • AES-KW



  • Import/Export Keys Formats

  • Raw

  • pkcs8

  • spki

  • jwk

Immersive graphics
Immersive Graphics capabilities

WebGL capabilities

  • What is WebGL?

  • A web specification, based on OpenGL ES 2.0, that defines a low-level 3D graphics APIs to use on your sites

  • What are we delivering?

  • Robust, Secure, and Fast WebGL implementation that is interoperable with Chrome and Firefox

Secure webgl goal to be the most secure platform for developing webgl applications
Secure capabilitiesWebGL Goal: To be the most secure platform for developing WebGL applications

New canvas 2d context apis
New Canvas 2D Context APIs capabilities

  • Image Smoothing – create new pixelated effects

  • Dashed lines – drawing dashed lines

  • Fill rules –allows developers to choose their fill rule

Directdraw surface dds support
DirectDraw Surface (DDS) Support capabilities

  • Use hardware more efficiently

  • Reduces your app load time

    • Background images

    • 87.5% less GPU memory usage

  • Recommended for in-package assets

Rich user interactions1
Rich User Interactions capabilities

  • Screen Orientation APIs

  • Lock the screen orientation of a device to a predefined mode: portrait or landscape

  • Device Orientation APIs

  • Retrieve information for the physical orientation and motion of a device

  • Pointer Events

  • Provides you an updated implementation

  • Perf Improvements

  • Hardware accelerated scrolling and zooming for mouse, keyboard, and script

  • Device Fix

  • Fix elements even when you zoom

Layout refinements
Layout capabilitiesRefinements

Css enhancements
CSS Enhancements capabilities

  • Flexbox

  • Updated prefix free implementation

  • Border-Image

  • CSS property that allows you to specify an image to declare your border style

  • Horizontal-Vertical text support

  • CSS property that allows you to mix horizontal characters into a single space in vertical writing mode

F12 and new layout capabilities
F12 and New Layout Capabilities capabilities

  • No need to refresh the DOM to see dynamic changes

  • Support CSS shorthand

  • Support inline styling

  • CSS intellisense for properties and values

  • Improved workflow for editing in the CSS pane (TAB, }, Arrow keys)

  • Ability to search using CSS selector notation

  • Support for !important and @media rules

  • Highlight invalid CSS properties

  • We will be tracking #f12tools on Twitter for customer tweets on the new tools

Editing enhancements
Editing Enhancements capabilities

  • Clipboard Improvements

  • Able to copy/paste images from 3rd party programs

    • clipboardData.files

    • event. msConvertURL(file, “specified”, url);

  • New ExecCommands

  • Undo improvements

    • msBeginUndoUnit, msEndUndoUnit, and msClearUndoStack

  • Shell integratio n
    Shell Integratio capabilitiesn

    Pinned sites
    Pinned Sites capabilities



    • Live Tiles support

    • New Tile sizes

    • Support Hi Res Icons in the Favorites and Recent Site area

    Key takeaways
    Key Takeaways capabilities

    • IE provides a standard web platform across all Microsoft devices

    • Available for you on IE as well as Windows store apps

    • Our goal is for you to reuse assets to easily build Windows store apps and use your web programming knowledge

    • Your sites can be more like Apps

    Additional resources
    Additional Resources capabilities

    • Related Build Presentations

    • 2-066 New IE Developer Tools

    • 2-067 New Platform Capabilities for Advancing Web Development

    • 3-068 Web run-time performance

    • 3-069 Web Compatibility and Same Markup

    • 3-071 Lighting up your site on Windows 8.1

    • 4-072 Hyper-fast web graphics with WebGL

    • 4-073 Inspecting & Debugging Using IE’s New F12 Developer Tools

    • 3-089: Building media streaming apps and sites without plug-ins using MPEG-DASH

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