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East St. John High School. Rigor, Relevance, Relationships. Demographics. School Type: Public High School Area Type: Suburban (halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge) School Population: 1400 students grades 9 th through 12 th 75% Minority 68% Free/Reduced Lunch.

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East St. John High School

Rigor, Relevance,



  • School Type: Public High School

  • Area Type: Suburban (halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge)

  • School Population: 1400 students grades 9th through 12th

    • 75% Minority

    • 68% Free/Reduced Lunch

Rigor at ESJHS

  • Block Scheduling

  • Increased Math Requirement

  • Dual Enrollment

    • SLU – Southern - RPTC

  • Technology

    • Computer labs

    • 5 Computers/In Focus projectors

    • 2 Mobile Internet Labs

  • Failure is Not an Option Tutoring

  • Assessment Portfolios/Data Driven

  • Process Skills/12 Powerful Words

  • Promotion based on Carnegie Units and GEE Results


Block Scheduling

  • 4 X 4 block schedule

  • Implemented 8 years ago

  • Extended in-class projects/labs

  • Students concentrate on only four subjects at one time

  • Opportunity for enrichment and remediation during the day.

Increased Math Requirement

  • State requires 3 math Carnegie Units

  • ESJHS requires 4 math Carnegie Units

Dual Enrollment

  • Southeastern Louisiana University

  • English IV and English 101

  • Advanced Math II/Calculus and Math 161 & Trigonometry

  • Southern University

  • World History

  • Biology II

  • River Parish Technical College

  • All Business classes dual enrollment.

  • New enrollment in Fall 2009


  • 2 Computer Labs

  • 6 Computer Applications Labs

  • Accelerated Math/Accelerated Reading

  • PLATO Credit Recovery

  • 5 computers and In Focus projectors in every class

  • 2 mobile computer labs

Tutoring/Grade Recovery

  • Advantages:

    • Helps ensure success of students

    • Provides immediate intervention for students in danger of failing

    • Provides “help” sessions


    • Every Wednesday

    • 2:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

    • Bus transportation is provided.

GEE Tutoring

  • Advantages:

    • Helps ensure success of student in core subjects

    • Provides immediate intervention for students in danger of failing

    • Provides “help” sessions until mastery is achieved

    • Taught by certified teachers

    • Continues tutoring and re-testing until mastery is attained

Assessment Portfolios

  • All teachers

  • All subjects

  • Evaluated by administrators

  • Content Alignment (i.e., correlating assessments to standards and grade level expectations)


English II



12 Powerful Words and Process Skills

  • Integrated into assessments

  • Used as cues during instruction for higher order thinking questioning

  • The highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Aligned with the skills assessed on the GEE and iLEAP

  • This year, an introduction and awareness of the words

  • Next year, focus every month on certain process skills

  • Context Alignment

Relevance at ESJHS

  • Career Pathways

    • “Completers”

    • Certifications

      • Prostart (restaurant certification)

      • Nursing (CNA)

      • Welding (articulation with RPTC)

    • On-Site Credit Union

  • Professional Development

    • On-Site Staff Development Teacher

    • WFSGs/Peer Observations

    • Mentoring

    • School-wide Training—Thinking Maps/12 Powerful Words

    • Late Report Days

      • Effective Strategies for Teaching in the Block

      • Rigor/Relevance/Relationships

Freshman Success Academy












- East St. John High School -

Fine Arts - Industrial Tech. - Humanities




Health, Human Services, and Hospitality

Double-Doses: Mathematics and Language Arts

ELA Choices:

English I or English I honors


Basic Composition and Advanced Composition

Math Choices:

Algebra I Parts 1 and 2


Algebra I (Honors) or Geometry (Honors)

Freshman Seminar (renamed Education for Careers) and World Geography or World Geography (Honors)

Highlights of Freshman Seminar:

Learning and practicing study skills, time management skills, computer skills, social skills, and human relations skills

Investigating possible career choices in preparation of choosing a career pathway at the completion of the freshman year

Other Freshman Courses:

PE I (½ unit)

Health (½ unit)

Physical Science









Business engineering and finance career clusters internships academies
Business, Engineering, and FinanceCareer Clusters/Internships/Academies

  • Business Administration

    Cooperative Office Education


  • Engineering

    Engineering Academy

  • Finance

    Finance Academy

    On-Site Banking

    (Louisiana Federal Credit Union)

  • Business Administration

    • Administrative Assistant

    • Secretary/Receptionist

    • Office Manager

  • Engineering

    • Architect

    • Computer Technician

    • Chemist

  • Finance

    • Accountant

    • Purchasing Agent

    • Insurance Agent

- East St. John High School -

Fine Arts - Industrial Tech. - Humanities


Fine arts industrial tech and humanities career clusters internships academies
Fine Arts, Industrial Tech., and HumanitiesCareer Clusters/Internships/Academies

  • Fine Arts

    Visually Talented Art Program (VTAP)

    Talented Theatre Arts Program (TTAP)

  • Industrial Technology

    Welding Apprenticeships

  • Fine Arts

    • Visual Artist

    • Musician

    • Actor/Actress

  • Industrial Technology

    • Carpenter

    • Welder

    • Technologist

    • Electrician

  • Humanities

    • Teacher

    • Lawyer

    • Policeman



Health Occupations, Human Services, and Hospitality

Career Clusters/Internships/Academies

  • Health Occupations

    • Nurse

    • Doctor

    • Medical Technician

  • Human Services

    • Cosmetology

    • Child Care

    • Speech Pathologist

  • Hospitality and Tourism

    • Tour Guide

    • Customer Services

    • Front Desk Clerk

  • Culinary Arts

    • Caterer

    • Chef

    • Dietitian

  • Health Occupations

    Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Culinary Arts (ProStart)

    Culinary Arts Academy

  • Hospitality and Tourism

    • Hospitality and Tourism Academy

School-Wide Implementation of Thinking Maps

  • Last Year:

  • Cadre of 25 teachers

  • This Year:

  • Most trained in October

  • Others trained in December and January

  • Follow-up workshop

Relationships at ESJHS

  • Small Learning Communities

    • Assigned Counselor

    • Assigned Assistant Principal

  • Wildcat RAP (Readiness Advisory Program)

    • Every student

    • Every Tuesday

    • All certified personnel

  • Communication

    • Weekly Newsletters (teacher/student)

    • OnCourse lesson planning

    • Parent Command Center

    • EdConnect

  • Recognitions

    • Renaissance Academic Recognitions

    • Wildcat Top 10 (weekly)

    • Teacher of the Month/“Simply Snazzy”

Support for Small Learning Communities


  • Developed the four pathways from the federal clusters

  • Designed the course selection sheets

  • Created interdisciplinary projects correlating to the appropriate careers (i.e., YMCA/Community Center)


  • Attended business partner day to work with teachers to develop pathways

  • Provides job opportunities: internships


  • Helps students decide on career path (using Holland Code and other resources)

  • Attends yearly 5-year plan meeting with advisor


  • Surveyed students to find out which clusters to offer

Wildcat RAP (Advisory)

  • Think of 06-07 ESJHS seniors who…

    • You’ve taught OR didn’t teach but…

      • Who has shared something personal with you in confidence AND/OR

      • Who has had a personal conversation with you concerning his/her future aspirations AND/OR

      • Who you have had non-academic conversations with about personal matters (outside of class)

  • Before you go to break, place a dot to the right of EVERY senior’s name who fits any of these descriptions.

  • Add a dot even if someone else has already put a dot next to that student’s name.

Green= 1 DOT

Red= 0 DOTS

Wildcat RAP (Advisory)

  • Each student is assigned to an advisor according to his/her grade level and pathway.

  • All certified staff members (administrators, counselors, librarians, and teachers) are assigned a Wildcat RAP group.

  • Each advisor has fewer than 19 students; our average advisory ratio is 14:1.

  • Advisory is held every Tuesday for a half an hour.

  • Tenth through twelfth grade students remain with the same advisor for their entire high school career.

  • Key components include academic advisement, character-building, post-high school preparation, decision-making skills,. . .

Student Mentors/Ignition Program

Each FSA Advisory group is assigned at least two upperclassmen student mentors.

  • Student mentors were trained during the summer to work with the freshmen; the freshman advisors and mentors planned the freshman students’ first day of school using team building activities.

  • Mentors also make up our Student Leadership Council.

  • Revive the Renaissance Leadership class.

Additional Student Supports

  • SWPBS (School-wide Positive Behavior Support)

  • Graduation Coach

  • ISS Counseling

  • Science Lab Assistant

  • 2 Computer Lab Assistants

  • Power Up Reading Lab 9th Grade

  • New FSA building

  • Lower student/teacher ratio

  • Refurbished Physical Plant

ESJH Focused Improvements!

  • Improved technology integration into student enrichment and remediation during the day data based and progress monitored.

  • Focused Staff Development

    • Literacy Across the Curriculum

    • Increasing Student Engagement

    • Dropping data to the student level

    • High student academic and behavioral expectations

  • Structured Extra Help

    • iLEAP/GEE-prep classes—M/ELA/Sc/SS

    • Study Skills

    • Test Blitzes

ESJH Hard at work!

  • Increased academics in Senior Year

    • Limited early release

    • Senior Projects

  • Graduation Coach

  • College room (parents/students)

  • Refurbished science labs

  • Unpacking the curriculum!


  • Grade Recovery – Core Subjects

  • Business teacher certifications

  • Community Advisory Board (Marathon/Nalco/Dupont/Community Church Leaders)

  • Building Capacity for senior projects

  • Focus on 9th Grade Curriculum

  • Increased articulations with Universities and Colleges

  • Writing a world Class Curriculum and assessments that meet or surpass End Of Course Testing

  • Creating a “College Prep” atmosphere and building student confidence in academics and post graduation education.

Summer activities
Summer Activities

  • Orientation

  • Freshman Family Fun Day!

  • 1st day of school is very special!

  • Summer readings!

  • We are here for you!

East St. John High School:

Rigor, Relevance,