computer course for beginners
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Computer Course For beginners

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Computer Course For beginners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Course For beginners . Duration : 2 Weeks Classes Per Week : 3. Lecture # 1 Introduction To Computers & Their Components. What is a computer ?. A computer is an electronic machine used to perform different tasks for e.g.: for gaming ,

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computer course for beginners

Computer Course For beginners

Duration : 2 Weeks

Classes Per Week : 3

what is a computer
What is a computer ?

A computer is an electronic machine used to

perform different tasks for e.g.: for gaming ,

listening songs , watching movies , chatting with

Friends , doing some office work (like making a

Presentation) and so on.

how a computer works
How a computer works ?

A computer works by taking commands given

by us or by a device present inside it and then

gives us the result .

how we give commands to a computer
How we give commands to a computer ?

We give commands to a computer by using

Some electronic devices like : A mouse ,

Keyboard , joystick e.t.c.

components of a computer
Components Of A Computer

A computer has following major components :

  • CPU(Central Processing Unit)
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
what is a cpu
What is a CPU ?

A CPU is a combination of different components

or parts responsible for performing different

tasks .

what are output devices
What are output devices ?

The output devices like monitor ,LCD’s

Connected to a CPU are used to show us the

results generated by the CPU.

parts of a cpu
Parts Of A CPU

A CPU has : -

i).Input/Output Ports



All these parts are present on motherboard an

electrical circuit holding them together.

what is an input output port
What is an input/output port ?

An input/output port is a point present normally

on back of cpu for connecting input and output

devices to it .

what is memory
What is memory ?

A memory is a place where CPU stores

information either temporarily or permanently .

what is a processor
What is a processor ?

A processor is part of CPU responsible for

performing all the operations on commands

given by us through input devices.

types of memory
Types Of Memory

There are two main types of memory :


ii). Permanent

temporary memory
Temporary Memory

On a CPU the temporary memory is RAM

(Random Access Memory ) and Cache Memory.

permanent memory
Permanent Memory

On CPU the permanent memory is ROM(Read

Only Memory ) and Hard Disk.

in which unit speed of processor is measured
In which unit speed of processor is measured ?

Speed of a processor is measured in Hz(hertz) .

For e.g. we say Processor A is 3.20Ghz(Giga

hertz) and Processor B is 2.00Ghz

1khz(kilo hertz)=1000hz

1mhz(mega hertz)=1000khz

1ghz(giga hertz)=1000mhz

in which unit size of memory is measured
In which unit size of memory is measured ?

The size of memory is measured in bytes for e.g.

we say processor A has 2mb of RAM processor b

has 7Gb of RAM.




how we select a cpu
How we select a CPU ?

We will select a CPU having greater

memory(both RAM, Cache Memory and Hard

disk) and a processor of higher speed

what is a software
What is a Software ?

A software is like soul inside a cpu without it we

cannot use it for performing different tasks. In

reality they are a line of statements telling the

computer what to do and how to do .

Different software\'s are used for different

purposes like for playing songs and videos we

use windows media player and so on.

what are the sources of getting a software
What are the sources of getting a software ?

A software can be installed from a usb drive,

cd/dvd/blue ray discs and from any website over

the internet.

what is an operating system
What is an operating system ?

An operating system provides an interface to a

user so that he/she can use computer resources

like storage(for storing data) ,speakers(for

listening songs) and other different software\'s

like for playing games ,watching videos e.t.c.