Administrative and Academic Female, Middle Managers

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Human resource development experiences.

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Administrative and Academic Female, Middle Managers

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1. Administrative and Academic Female, Middle Managers Associate Professor Michelle Wallace Graduate College of Management Southern Cross University

2. Human resource development experiences ‘…little attention to development needs of women holding leadership positions in universities’ (Joyner & Preston 1998). Female heads of department/associate professors ‘…had received little training for management and leadership roles’ (White 2003).

3. Human resource development experiences ‘Women have less ‘human capital’ than men measured in terms of formal qualifications and work experience’ (Probert 2005).

4. Human resource development Qualifications, management and leadership development, experience and tacit knowledge matter (Jackson 2001, Wentling 2003).

5. Recent explorations of women in academe Wyn (1997) Probert et al (1998) Blackmore & Sachs (2000) Chesterman et al (2003) White (2003) Eveline (2004) Probert (2005)

6. Survey of Female, Middle Managers Administrative and academic streams 342 responses

7. University Type

8. Academic level

9. HEW Level

10. Age

11. Years worked at current university

12. Years worked at current level

13. Highest Qualification

14. Hours Worked per Week

15. HRD preparation for current role

16. HRD preparation for current role

17. HRD activities in current role

18. HRD activities in current role

19. Satisfactions ‘Contributing to the development of the work group and university’. ‘Implementing change’. ‘Getting the school to forward plan’. ‘Respect and recognition from superiors’. ‘Having influence to make a difference’.

20. Dissatisfactions academics ‘Continual change and restructuring’. ‘Continual change in reporting relationships’. ‘Slowness of senior management to respond’.

21. Challenges - academic Work/life balance -’I will not compromise my relationships for work’. Recognition -’Effective management is constructed from a male perspective’. Male culture - ‘paternalism, ‘avuncular behaviour’. Circumspect in putting selves forward - ‘fight the worker bee syndrome’.

22. Dissatisfactions - administrative Academic apartheid - ‘The aristocracy and the serfs’. ‘Competition from older,male academics who think management is easy and they can just move into administrative roles when their research career fails’.

23. Challenges - administrative Male culture - ‘Women high performers, men high flyers’. However ‘I have not felt this highly respected in any other industry’. Competitive climate - ‘Rules of the game are gender driven when resources are scarce’.

24. Challenges -administrative Work/family ‘While universities have policies that are family friendly….many female staff are returning from maternity leave very early because of the pressure put on them by management that we have childcare at uni’.

25. To conclude… Unevenness across the sector of development for women. The role of mentoring. Need for a structured program of activity. Need for accreditation. Technical skills such as financial, IR, & HR still important.

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