European politics of smart specialisation
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안녕하십니까. European Politics of Smart Specialisation. ?. Armin Mahr , 3 April 2013, Gwangju. In my view ...

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European politics of smart specialisation


European Politics of Smart Specialisation


Armin Mahr, 3 April 2013, Gwangju

In myview...

smart specialisationis a predominantlypoliticalconcept, offering a timelypolicyframetomobiliseregionsandplacestowardsknowledge- and innovation-drivenstructuralchange.

Opening a politics bracket
Opening a politics bracket: ( ...

  • A conceptborn in a European Union context

  • linkedtothe Europe 2020 strategy

  • linkedto EU policiesandmeanwhileoccupying EU politicsat large

  • meanwhilesparkingtheinterestofmanyeconomiesworldwide

  • becauseofitspracticalandmobilisingappealas a policyinstrument? ...

1 born in the eu
1. Born in the EU

  • D.Foray, P.A. David and B.Hall

    • Smart Specialisation: The Concept

  • Knowledge for Growth: Proposals for science, technology and innovation

  • Ignition for a paradigmatic evolution:

  • Uniting research and innovation policies

  • Uniting R&I with regional policy

  • Smart specialisation and New Industrial Policy: 2 sides of the same coin

2 the eu 2020 strategy context
2. The EU 2020 Strategycontext

  • Smart,

  • Sustainable,

  • Inclusive Growth

    forthe Union, formemberstates – andforregions

  • Flagship Initiatives:

    • Innovation Union

    • 34 commitments (Nr 24: S3 Strategies)

  • Fundinginstruments:

    • European Structuraland Investment Funds 2014-20

    • Horizon 2020

Comprehensivesystemofannualreporting, monitoringandmeasuring

Source: Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013


Innovation performance


R&D expenditure in the business sector as % of GDP

Ad Implementing a concept in a fundingpolicyintervention: European Structuraland Investment Funds 2014-20 (draftregulation)

Armin Mahr, 3 April 2013, Gwangju


Armin Mahr, 3 April 2013, Gwangju

3 smart specialisation challenging politics at all levels
3. Smart Specialisationchallengingpoliticsat all levels

  • Broad horizontal involvementof EU services

  • Verticalinvolvementof all levelsofgovernment

  • Compulsoryinvolvementofstakeholders /experts/ entrepreneurs

  • Research and Innovation StrategiesforSmart Specialisation (RIS3)ascentralinstrumentsforimplementationandmonitoring

4 a place based concept with international spill over potential
4. A place-basedconceptwith international spill-over potential

  • Smart specialisationfosteringcohesion in EU accession countries, preparingformembership

  • The European Union as a policylabortoryopportunityfor OECD partners (with mutual benefit!)

  • UNECE and World Bank propose smart specialisationtoemergingeconomies

  • The EU‘schoiceofgrowthdimensionsfeelsrightandtimely

  • Challengesare global, proximitycountswoldwide

  • Politics in searchofnewlogicsforpolicyinterventions(multi-level governance, a globalisedenvironment still needsplacesandspacesofreference)

5 what is in for politics what is in for you
5. Whatis in forpolitics? Whatis in foryou?

  • Regionscannotbefrontrunners in everyindustry/STI field: evidence-base andoriginalitycount/ limited resourcesneedto find therightinvestmentplace: moreeffectiveallocationofresources, reductionoffragmentation/duplication

  • Smart specialisationis a policyprocesswheretoughchoicesbecomemore transparent: Choicesarerisky but jointpolicyrisk-sharing

  • Creation of synergies between public support mechanisms for R&D and innovation, industrial promotion and human capital and training in order to leverage private investments, boosting business opportunities and attracting foreign investment: joint financial risk-sharing

5 what is in for politics what is in for you1
5. Whatis in forpolitics? Whatis in foryou?

  • Smart specialisationis not aboutanyspecialisation in a setofindustriesor STI fields, itconsiderswhereexistingstrengths in onesectorsuggest potential in theother: industryandacademianeedtobecomeempoweredpolicyentrepreneurs

  • Smart specialisationis not aboutinnovationseverywhereorlotterybets; no golden way. Innovation is multi-dimensional, foreveryplacethereareseveralgames: an educatedguessisbased on a history, monitoringandevaluation

  • Smart Specialisationsare not madeforeternity: Itispartofthestrategyprocesstoassesswhetheratany time mysystemisabletogenerate, discover, detectandrealiseopportunities in a global value-chaincontext. Are poltics/industry/academia fit tospecialise? Isittheright time forthatspecialisation? Time matters.

Ad 5 ris3 opportunities for place based interventions entrepreneurial discovery open governance
Ad 5. RIS3 opportunitiesforplace-basedinterventions(entrepreneurialdiscovery / open governance)

  • Green Growth: onlysustainableis smart – Eco-innovation & Energyefficiency

  • Digital agenda: enablingknowledgeflowswithinandacrossregions – connectedregions

  • Clusters for regional growth: businessecologiesthatdriveinnovation

  • Innovation-friendlybusinessenvironmentsfor SMEs: goodjobsin internationallycompetitivefirms

  • Socialinnovation: new organisational formstotacklesocietalchallenges

  • Strongerfocus on financialengineering: newfundingmodels, not onlygrants

  • Lifelong Learning in researchandinnovation: supportknowledgetriangle(edu/research/inno) anduniversity-enterprise cooperation

  • Key Enabling Technologies: systemic potential toinducestructuralchange

  • Research infrastructure/centresofcompetence: supporttowidediffusionofleadingedge R&D results

  • Creativityandculturalindustries: innovationbeyondtechnologyand outside manufacturing

  • Public procurementformarket pull: pre-competitive PP to open newinnovationfriendlymarketniches

Useful documents

The European Commission‘sS3 platformatthe Joint Research Centre, Sevilla, Spain:

Download yourRIS3 KEY fromthe Austrian ERA portal:

andgetstartedwith Smart Specialisation.

A rmin mahr@bmwf gv at


Andhow smart isyourregion?

[email protected]