Chapter 10 b
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Chapter 10 B PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 10 B. Foreign Entanglements. American Revolution triggers the French Revolution: French Revolution 1780s -1790s French Civil War French citizens against French Government French vs. other European countries

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Chapter 10 B

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Chapter 10 b

Chapter 10 B

Foreign Entanglements

Foreign affairs trouble the nation

American Revolution triggers

the French Revolution:

French Revolution 1780s -1790s

French Civil War

French citizens against French Government

French vs. other European countries

Turning Point: “Reign of Terror” and the Guillotine wiped out the enemies of the revolution!

U.S.(________________) response: Democracy defeating a monarchy !

U.S. (_____________________) response: hates the mobocracy in France

WHAT SHOULD AMERICA DO??????????????????????????????

Problem: England fights the French (WHO DO AMERICANS SUPPORT NOW?)

Jefferson Liberals: _________________________________/ they helped us in Americans revolution …we should help them now!

Hamilton Conservatives: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Foreign Affairs Trouble the Nation

Washington s choice

Washington’s reaction to French Revolution (1793) / choosing liberal or conservative

*******Proclamation of ___________________________ ***********

- a statement that the U.S. would support NEITHER side in the conflict (stay out of war)



Visited Charleston, S.C. in claims that Washington’s decision didn’t reflect the PEOPLE’S choice!

Genet’s Vision: the people would rebel against Washington’s Neutrality!

WASHINGTON’S CHOICE____________________________________

Problems in the caribbean

The British were fighting the French in the West Indies.

The Royal Navy began harassing / seizing American ships along with the French (American ship had economical interests they were protecting)

___________________– the kidnapping of American sailors and ships

Washington is trying to avoid war

Reaction: Washington sends John Jay to Britain to iron things out!


Problems in the Caribbean

Jay s treaty

Supreme Court CHIEF

Justice in 1796


- negotiate a treaty with Britain

(to stay away from war = neutrality)

- Outcome:

(1) The U.S. _______________________! (for pre-revolutionary issues)

(2) _________________________________________on the American side of the Canadian/American border.

(3) British will pay for damages ___________________________(did not promise it would stop!)



(1) Dem-Republicans (______________________) HATED John Jay’s treaty!

(2) ___________________________________________________________

Jay’s Treaty

Chapter 10 b

U.S. treaty with ____________

Spain wanted to HELP America in their misfortune!

Spain controlled Miss. River / Louisiana Territory, Texas to California and Florida (at the time)


(1)to travel in and out of the _________________

(Result: American development of Miss. Area)

(2) ____________________(*still occupied by Spain!)

(3) Access to the __________________________

*_________________* (1795)

Washington s farewell address

Washington DOES NOT run for a third term but has a

“____________________________” – (1796)-



“Steer clear of permanent alliances”

*Permanent Alliances are BAD!!!!!! (emergencies are ok!)


(What causes the 2 Party system??)







Review questions

What was the significance of the Judiciary Act of 1789?

What did the differences between Hamilton (Fed) and Jefferson (Dem. Rep) provide America? (T CHART)

What was the overall purpose of the Bank of the United States?

Jefferson’s view on BOUS / Hamilton’s view on BOUS

What is the difference between a protective tariff and an excise tax? Purpose of the Protective Tariff?

What is the legacy of the Whiskey Rebellion?

Why did Jeffersonian support the French in their Revolution? Why did Hamiltonians NOT support the French in their Revolution?

What was the purpose of Edmund Genet’s visit to America?

What did Pinckney’s Treaty provide America? Byproduct?

Western settlers view Jay’s Treaty? Southern farmer’s view?

What did Washington support AND advise against in his Farewell Address?

Review Questions

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