Latest security tips to save your smartphone from malicious attacks
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Latest Security Tips to Save Your Smartphone from Malicious Attacks PowerPoint PPT Presentation

There are a lot of harmful viruses constantly trying to enter into your smartphone data. Read the top security tips to save your device from any virus attack. Read More: @

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Latest Security Tips to Save Your Smartphone from Malicious ...

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  • It’s is very difficult to have a smartphone alwayssecure

  • from any malwareattacks

  • but it is not impossible as anyone with a smartphone can make sure of the best security measures for their Android Phone.

  • Every smartphones are especially used for a connection on internet to be connected with the world but that also causes a major security concern for thesmartphone.

  • So it is very necessary that you take all the necessary security measure for your AndroidSmartphone.

Security haslimits

  • First of all it is necessary for you to remember that100%

  • security for any system is never permanent

  • As hackers will always find a way to hack into the most secure system but you can surely slow their efforts down by the proper securitymeasures.

  • You must necessarily focus on all the avoidable security measures for your smartphone.



  • Even many of the app or game in Google play isn’tfully

  • free from harmfulviruses.

  • So before you install anything form Google play store just examine what the app is providing by checking the comments and theirexperience.

  • Only install apps from any trusted sources like the company who is building the application as Google doesn’t give any promise of security for any of theapps.

Beware of FreePublic


  • When you are logging into a public Wi-Fi you are taking lot of risk if you are logging into any kind of important or sensitive data for example any kind of money transfer or Facebooklogin

  • All these sensitive information can be easily accessed by the Wi-Fi provider which is why it is necessary that you never access any sensitive data on a public freeWi-Fi

  • You can look into some reliable VPN services by researching on your own. The VPN tunnel can help secure your androiddevice

Use SomeSecurity


  • It is a very good idea to run some Anti-Malware software on your Android device as it has really proved to be useful for protection against various malwareattacks

  • The software named “Lookout” uses very low resources and also makes sure that your apps are not up to anything malicious

  • The Lookout will provide your Smartphone to locate your phone remotely when it is stolen or lost, you can also clear out the entire data in it byyourself.

Limiting thedata


  • You can use some of your time with the your Smartphone device’s data usage area you can and make sure to make only specific apps connected tointernet

  • These include app like file managers and other apps that require no internet connection to run this will help you to prevent data leak and troubleshoot badapps

  • It is advisable that you must not allow apps to use anykind

  • of mobile data unless it isnecessary

  • Login