Integrated literacy assignment
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Integrated literacy assignment. By: Jordan Blanchard. GLCE:. 5-U1.4.2

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Integrated literacy assignment

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Integrated literacy assignment

By: Jordan Blanchard


  • 5-U1.4.2

    Use primary and secondary sources (e.g., letters, diaries, maps, documents, narratives, pictures, graphic data) to compare European and American Indians who converged in the western hemisphere after 1492 with respect to governmental strucuture, views on property ownership, and land use. (National Geography Standard 12, p. 167, C, E).


Kids Discover magazine ‘s issue America 1492 is an astounding resource to help students understand the interactions between European and American Indian people.

The magazine stresses how rugged and unspoiled America was in 1492, and how Europeans seized lands, brought disease, and killed most of their buffalo.


Historical or not?


  • This is a Charlie Brown clip that demonstrates a somewhat historically accurate depiction of the first Thanksgiving.


  • While this song and poem plays, each student is responsible for a different instrument. So cool!!





Chart to compare/contrast

Web sources

  • The First Thanksgiving: a scholastic website that allows students to take virtual tours of pilgrim villages and American Indian homesites which allows them to see the spreading and mixture of culture..


  • Here, there are several letters from the perspectives of pilgrims and of Wampanoag people.


  • This site provides eye witness accounts to Columbus discovering America, and America sending syphilis to Europe. There are several other accounts as well.


More resources

  • This is a really great website to contrast Europeans and Native Americans.


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