Global discourse and traditional healing
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Health and Healing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Discourse and Traditional Healing. Health and Healing. International Patients. Each culture and society has formulated myths, belief systems, adaptive strategies, specialized cultural knowledge, and healing techniques.

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Health and Healing

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Global Discourse


Traditional Healing

Health and Healing

International Patients

Each culture and society has formulated myths, belief systems, adaptive strategies, specialized cultural knowledge, and healing techniques.

Within the twenty-first century, midst modernity, globalization and the age of information, these healing techniques are no longer confined to the regions of their origination and cultural enclaves.

Illness has .....

  • both shaped and altered kinship roles societal expectations and rituals economic and ecological strategies and further defined each culture’s medicinal acceptations and practices (Atler: 2005: 3; Penn: 2000).

  • Inspired many more to explore its causes and its effects

  • And even more to heal!

Of Religion


and Science

Man is perpetually caught within the web

Brought scientific method

Seeming dominance

Artificial Division of Science and Religion

Life and medicine

Classification of Traditional/Indigenous Healing Methods as OTHER!

Thailand 2006-2006 Conference

and connectedness.

Rise of Western medicine

Traditional Medicine Usage

1971 James Reston

Barefoot Doctors

Who can be called a medical professional?

What is medicine and how can we gauge healing?

What are accepted standards and when should they be applied?

Why aren't there more integrated temas of healers and M.D. s?

Alma Ata and Issues

Hybrid Discourse

Anxious to save their lands

promote cultural understanding and continuity, Ecologically and economically sustainable living, tribal and ethnic recognition and self-determination (Neizen: 2003)


Healing Villages


Indigenous Responses

Healers, shamans, medicine men and women--those committed to the sacred art of healing, (Turner: 2005) who heal because they are called to do so through whatever methods and means available to them.

As Rosita Arvigo (1994) highlighted, this is a sacred pact. It is not entered into lightly and the (Turner: 2005) path that leads one to engage in its practices is often as unique as the healers themselves.

Healers, Shamans, medicine men

Dr. Rosita and don Eligio Panti

Projects in Africa with Traditional Healers

Many ways of “mining or harvesting” Information


Learning to see the world through “Native eyes.”


Cultural revitalization

Economic sustainability

Healers as cultural brokers

restoring connections

among people

and with the land and the Source*


Heal People and the earth

Sacred relationships

Healing Villages

And every moment in every place every society faces illness of a loved one

and the quest for true healing continues

Tales of experience travel on...

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