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Apscn lan support services
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APSCN LAN Support Services. Presented by: Dana Thompson DIS APSCN LAN Support Team Lead. Historical Perspective. Initially was a function of Arkansas Public School Computer Network

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APSCN LAN Support Services

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Apscn lan support services

APSCN LAN Support Services

Presented by:

Dana Thompson

DIS APSCN LAN Support Team Lead

Historical perspective

Historical Perspective

  • Initially was a function of Arkansas Public School Computer Network

  • Since February 1998, the Department of Information Systems has provided WAN/LAN support to the Arkansas Public School Computer Network

Historical perspective1

Historical Perspective

  • During FY 2000/2001, due to a joint initiative of the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS), DIS increased the level of technical support services directly available on site at Arkansas public schools from 4 positions to 13 positions.


  • Nine Field Technicians are geographically located to provide maximum assistance to all school districts.

  • Four Lead Technicians are located in Little Rock at the call center to provide immediate professional assistance to customers and to assist the field technicians when on location.




  • Support is provided daily to all Arkansas public school entities

    • On average, 57 school districts are assisted via direct on-site support each month

    • Average HEAT ticket assignments = 207 per month


  • DIS is working toward: being more “proactive” instead of “reactive”; enhanced economic efficiency; servicing client needs; responsiveness; and improving customer service

    • Spectrum – Notify DIS prior to scheduled router down time.

    • NetEnforcer


Apscn lan support services

Spectrum One Click Console

Alarm details

Alarm Details

Apscn lan support services

Most Problematic Assets

Allot netenforcer

Allot NetEnforcer

Little rock staff

Little Rock Staff

  • APSCN Field Support Team Lead:

    • Dana Thompson

  • Lead Technicians:

    • Herbert Crouch

    • Warren Gatrel

    • Jason Black

    • Vacant

Field technician staff

  • Carl McGinty

  • Stacy Liles

  • Neil Washington

  • Krissy Cross

  • Rickey Fuller

  • Grant Smith

  • Robert Thompson

  • Kathy LeQuieu

  • Heath Jarrett

Field Technician Staff

Common practices

Common Practices

The APSCN LAN Support Group provides all facets of local area network support to the school districts at the request of the district technology coordinator. In some cases a technology coordinator is not available. In these cases we encourage the school to employ, empower or appoint a technology coordinator or network administrator.



  • Telephone support for a wide range of network related problems

  • Network design and expansion

  • Onsite network implementation (excluding pulling of network cable)

  • Onsite network maintenance, troubleshooting and repair



  • File server configuration, installation, migration, upgrade and support

  • Mercury / Pegasus, GroupWise and Exchange email application installation, configuration and support.



  • Workstation (client) configuration for network and APSCN connectivity

  • Support of APSCN GUI and PLUS Client including assisting users with the upgrade process, configuration and troubleshooting connectivity issues

  • Support of APSCN print servers

  • Support of scanner configuration with the APSCN GUI



  • Network related training for the co-op / district technology coordinators and network/lab managers

  • Assisting school personnel with soliciting and evaluating network related bids

  • Site Notebooks – LAN schematic, IP assignments, network equipment inventory, disaster recovery information


  • Novell NetWare 6.5 and OE2

    • Basic Administration - 2 Days

    • Advanced Administration - 2 Days

  • ZENworks 7 and 10 for Desktops

    • Basic Administration - 3 Days

    • Advanced Administration - 2 Days

  • GroupWise 7 and 8

    • Basic Administration - 2 Days

    • Advanced Administration - 2 Days



  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 & 2008

    • Installation, Configuration and Administration – 2 Days

  • Exchange Server 2003 & 2007

    • Installation, Configuration and Administration – 2 Days

  • Think Secure – A Starting Approach to Network Security– 2 Days


Special projects

  • TAC/HAC (Teacher Access Center / Home Access Center

  • Security Policy Presentations and Implementation

  • ACT 723 Reporting

Special Projects

For assistance contact

For Assistance, Contact:

DIS Call Center



Network administration basics

Network Administration Basics

General information for the beginning technology coordinator

Apscn lan support services


One of the most important jobs of a technology coordinator is to keep accurate records on the computer network.

Site notebook

Site Notebook

  • It is strongly suggested you have a site notebook.

  • You should have 2 copies.

    • One for the technology coordinator and one kept at the superintendent’s office.

Site notebook1

Site Notebook

  • The site notebook should cover 5 main areas:

  • LAN schematic

  • Server Information

  • IP Information

  • Backup Information

  • Security Information

Lan schematic

  • Provide a picture of the network (a fire drill map can be used)

  • Indicate location of the router

  • Indicate location of all hubs/switches and their number of ports

  • Indicate the type of wiring used at each connection (CAT5, fiber)

  • Show wire run from one switch to the next drop

  • Designate the location of all servers and all print servers.

LAN Schematic

Server information

Server Information

  • Server hardware specifications for each server (RAM, hard drive size, CPU information, etc.)

  • Indicate the operating system and patch level on each server

  • List the services running on each server (DHCP, DNS, Web, etc ) and their configuration information

  • Print copies of login scripts used

  • List volumes for each server

Server information novell

  • Designate whether the server is the master server or the R/W server

  • Give the IP numbers of each server

  • Explain how time sync is set up

  • List any software running on this server and the path to the software directory

  • Provide a printed copy of a current Autoexec.ncf file

  • If using Mercury, provide a printed copy of mercury.ini

  • List the tree and context information for each server

Server Information - Novell

Server information microsoft

Server Information - Microsoft

  • Indicate if it is a Primary Domain Controller (NT) or a Domain Controller (W2K), a Backup Domain Controller, Bridgehead server or a Global Catalog Server

Ip information

IP Information

  • List all statically assigned IP numbers and indicate which workstation/user has the IP number assigned

  • APSCN print servers should be included and indicate IP number, printer names and locations

  • Include DHCP ranges and settings

  • If implemented, DNS servers and configuration should be listed

Backup information

Backup Information

  • Include a schedule of when backups are made

  • Indicate all locations backup tapes/media are stored

Security information

Security Information

  • Firewall – Give any information on the firewall configuration

  • Passwords – List the login name and password for any important accounts. This can be kept in a secure area, but make sure that the superintendent and one other person know this information.

  • Give information on virus software used and how the updates are made.

  • Give information on the process used for patching workstations and servers.

Sitenotebook template

Sitenotebook Template

  • A basic template for sitenotebooks can be downloaded from:


Helpful web sites

  • ftp://disftp.state.ar.us

  • http://www.dis.arkansas.gov

  • http://www.apscn.org

  • http://arkansased.org/

  • http://www.arkste.org

  • http://apscnlan.k12.ar.us/

  • http://list.k12.ar.us/mailman/listinfo

  • http://support.novell.com/search/kb_index.jsp

  • http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp

Helpful Web Sites

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