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UNICOR Federal Prison Industries, Inc. General Services Administration Catskill Conference - August 25, 2011. Federal Prison Industries, Inc. Component of Federal Bureau of Prisons Established in 1934 by statute & Executive Order Provides training & work experience to Federal inmates

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Unicor federal prison industries inc
UNICOR Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

General Services Administration

Catskill Conference - August 25, 2011

Federal prison industries inc
Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

  • Component of Federal Bureau of Prisons

  • Established in 1934 by statute & Executive Order

  • Provides training & work experience to Federal inmates

  • Receives NO appropriations – entirely self-sustaining

  • Trade name - UNICOR

Unicor s positive impact
UNICOR’s Positive Impact

  • Inmates in UNICOR are 24% less likely to recidivate upon release

  • Supports small businesses (more

    than 60% of UNICOR purchases)

  • Essential to maintaining safe and

    secure correctional facilities

Unicor 7 business groups
UNICOR – 7 Business Groups



Fleet Solutions

Industrial Products

Office Furniture



Unicor recycling locations
UNICOR Recycling Locations

  • 7 processing factories

    Atwater, CA Fort Dix, NJ

    Leavenworth, KS Lewisburg, PA

    Marianna, FL Texarkana, TX

    Tucson, AZ

  • 7 collection centers

    Atlanta, GA Denver, CO

    Miami, FL Phoenix, AZ

    San Francisco, CA Sheridan, OR

    Washington, DC Fort Worth, TX (Oct, 2011)

Electronics recycling industry standards r2
Electronics RecyclingIndustry Standards – R2

  • Multi-stakeholder group led by EPA

  • Goal - develop safe & environmentally sound standards

  • Result – “Responsible Recycling Practices for Electronics Recyclers” a.k.a. “R2”

  • Ensures best practices & provides essential assurances to customers

  • An electronics recycler may only be certified as meeting the R2 standards by a 3rd party auditor – very rigorous

Unicor recycling factories r2 certified
UNICOR Recycling FactoriesR2 Certified

Lewisburg, PA – R2 Certified

Leavenworth, KS – R2 Certified

Marianna, FL – R2 Certified

Fort Dix, NJ – R2 Certified

Texarkana, TX – Sept 1st(next week)

Atwater, CA – Sept 30th

Tucson, AZ – Oct 19th

National strategy for electronic stewardship
National Strategyfor Electronic Stewardship

  • Interagency task force co-chaired by:

    • White House Council on Environmental Quality

    • Environmental Protection Agency

    • General Services Administration

National strategy for electronic stewardship1
National Strategyfor Electronic Stewardship

  • Report issued July 20th

  • Four over-arching goals:

    • Build incentives for design of greener electronics

    • Ensure Federal Government leads by example

    • Increase safe/effective management & handling of used electronics in U.S.

    • Reduce harm from U.S. exports of e-waste; improve safe handling of used electronics in developing countries

National strategy for electronic stewardship2
National Strategyfor Electronic Stewardship

  • Ensure Federal Government leads by example

  • Establish policy on used Federal electronics to:

    • Maximize re-use (UNICOR does!)

    • Clear data stored on used equip (UNICOR does!)

    • Ensure all Federal electronics processed by certified recyclers (UNICOR is R2 Certified!)

    • Improve tracking used electronics throughout lifecycle – make data available (UNICOR does!)

Unicor s solution
UNICOR’s Solution

  • Donation in lieu of

    abandonment and


  • Landfill - avoidance

    43 million lbs of material

    collected in FY 2010

  • Benefits the donating agency, the environment, and public safety & health

Unicor recycling process for incoming material
UNICOR RecyclingProcess for Incoming Material

  • Shipping

  • Sorting

  • Testing

  • Reconditioning / Refurbishing

  • Component Recovery

  • Residual Material Recovery

Unicor data security
UNICOR - Data Security

  • Emphasized in National Strategy

  • Hard drives wiped in accordance with Dept of Defense standard 5220.22-M

    • 3rd party forensic inspection - verifies

  • Destruction – hard drives & other media shredded to no more than ¾ of inch

Unicor the best option for federal e waste disposal
UNICOR - the BEST Optionfor Federal E-Waste Disposal

  • FREE shipping (trailer loads)

  • FREE refurbishment

  • FREE recycling

  • FREE data destruction

  • Costs avoided!!!

  • Every pound of electronic material donated to UNICOR results in savings of $0.20 in Federal appropriations that would otherwise be required by Department of Justice for inmate program costs.

Unicor accepted items
UNICOR -- Accepted Items

  • Computer equipment (desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, mainframes/servers, modems, CD-rom drives, plotters, circuit boards, memory sticks/boards, hard/floppy drives)

  • Office equipment (copiers, fax machines, shredders, power strips)

  • Communication equipment (cell phones, Blackberrys, PDAs )

  • A/V equipment (TVs, radios, cable boxes, Tivos, DVRs, MP3s)

  • Games(X-box, Game Boy, Play station, Nintendo, Wii)

  • Misc electronics (calculators, cameras, electronic scrap)

Unicor items not accepted
UNICOR - - Items NOT Accepted

  • No Hazardous Equipment

    • Oils / PCBs

    • Acids

    • Refrigerants

    • Paints or liquids of any kind

    • Radioactive material

Unicor environmental stewardship
UNICOREnvironmental Stewardship

  • R2 Certified

  • OSHA compliant

  • Compliant with all Federal, state and local EPA regulations

  • Full-time Safety Manager at each location

  • 3RD party inspections

Recycling Business Group

Todd BaldauDeputy General ManagerUNICOR Recycling Business Group(202) 353-2091 office(301) 536-8797 [email protected]/recycling/