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The kingdom of israel
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The Kingdom of Israel. Do NOW. Take out your vocabulary sheets and define the words on pages 212 and 220. Vocabulary Quiz Monday!. Vocabulary To Know. Judaism Monotheism Torah Covenant Plague Exodus Ten Commandments Territory Proverb 3 Places Israelites Lived.

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The Kingdom of Israel

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The kingdom of israel

The Kingdom of Israel

Do now


  • Take out your vocabulary sheets and define the words on pages 212 and 220.

  • Vocabulary Quiz Monday!

Vocabulary to know

Vocabulary To Know

  • Judaism

  • Monotheism

  • Torah

  • Covenant

  • Plague

  • Exodus

  • Ten Commandments

  • Territory

  • Proverb

  • 3 Places Israelites Lived

The israelites get a king

The Israelites Get a King

Problems in Canaan

  • 1. Enemies – including the Philistines – surrounded them on all sides, and neighboring kingdoms often attacked.

The israelites get a king1

The Israelites Get a King

  • 2. In times of war, an Israelite with strong military skills, called a judge, would rise to power and lead the people. A judge’s leadership was temporary – it lasted only the length of a conflict.

  • 3.Without unity, the Israelites had trouble fighting off their attackers. The Bible says, “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did as he pleased.




Israel Today

Need leads to choosing of a king

Need Leads to Choosing of a King

  • 1. The Israelites went to Samuel to “appoint a king for us, govern us like other nations.”

  • 2. Samuel reminded the Israelites that God should be their only leader and that they would suffer for choosing a king.

  • 3. Samuel reluctantly selected Saul, from an Israelite tribe, to serve as the first ruler of the kingdom of Israel.

Saul being anointed

Saul Being Anointed

Saul and david

Saul and David

Saul, King who Defeated Many, Led His Own Way

  • 1. Except for the Philistines, King Saul defeated many of the Israelite’s enemies.

  • 2. By conquering new territories, or regions, Saul expanded his kingdom.

  • 3. Saul did not follow God’s commands, and as a result, Saul soon died in war.

David strong ruler

David, Strong Ruler

  • 1. King David expanded the kingdom, even defeating the Philistines.

  • 2. In time, the kingdom of Israel stretched from Egypt to Mesopotamia.

David and goliath

David and Goliath



Jerusalem is conquered by david and grows

Jerusalem is Conquered By David and Grows

  • 1. Jerusalem was selected as the new capital city of the kingdom of Israel.

  • 2. Jerusalem grew as the center of government and religious life in Israel.

  • 3. David’s government continued after his death, and his descendants ruled for another 400 years.

Israel and jerusalem

Israel and Jerusalem

The kingdom of solomon

The Kingdom Of Solomon

Solomon Builds a Temple and Other Structures

  • 1. Solomon wanted a temple to be a place to worship God and to keep the Ark of the Covenant – the box that held the two stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were carved.

  • 2. Solomon also directed the building of forts, grain storehouses, and water systems.

  • 3. To pay for his projects, Solomon placed heavy taxes on the Israelites and forced thousands of them to work as builders.

Anointing of solomon

Anointing of Solomon

Solomon s court

Solomon’s Court

Solomon planning temple

Solomon Planning temple

Solomon s wealth and wisdom

Solomon’s Wealth and Wisdom

Solomon with temple

Solomon With Temple

Solomon and his court

Solomon and His Court

Solomon on his throne

Solomon on His Throne

Organizing a kingdom

Organizing a Kingdom

  • 1. Solomon divided the kingdom into 12 tax districts, which were similar to states.

  • 2. Each district had its own governor and public services, with the Torah as the law of the land.

  • 3. Trade agreements with Phoenicia and Egypt helped the economy grow, a large army protected the trade routes, and alliances with Israel’s neighbors led to peace in the region during his rule.

Life in ancient israel

Life in Ancient Israel

Everyday Life

  • 1. Peaceful times allowed for the growth of religion. Religious beliefs and laws continued to guide everyday life.

Life in ancient israel1

Life in Ancient Israel

  • 2. Many men were farmers, while others worked as metalworkers, carpenters, or weavers. Some became government officials or soldiers.

  • 3. Women ran the households and raised the children. Mothers and daughters cooked, cleaned, collected water, and made clothing for their families. Some women had jobs outside the home, such as working for wealthy Israelites.

King solomon s contributions help leave some unhappy

King Solomon’s Contributions Help, Leave Some Unhappy

  • 1. Solomon is particularly known for his proverbs, short sayings that express a truth about life. He is also said to be the author of two books, Proverbs and the Song of Songs.

  • 2. Not everyone was happy – the Israelites faced high taxes, forced labor, and a king who seemed not to care about them.

  • 3. By the time Solomon died in 928 B.C., the kingdom was coming apart.

Wrap up

Wrap Up

  • What facts did you learn today about the ancient Hebrews?

  • Who were some of the key leaders of the Kingdom of Israel?

  • What did they accomplish?

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