Clinical rotation rules
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Clinical Rotation Rules. Clinical Rotation Rules. First !. CPR class completed in 10 th grade (2 years) OSHA completed in 11 th grade Immunizations must be updated; TB test with Nurse; Flu shot if going to MD Anderson, TIRR or Methodist Hospital. check due dates on board.

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Clinical Rotation Rules

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Clinical rotation rules

Clinical Rotation Rules

Clinical rotation rules1

Clinical Rotation Rules



  • CPR class completed in 10th grade (2 years)

  • OSHA completed in 11th grade

  • Immunizations must be updated;

  • TB test with Nurse;

  • Flu shot if going to MD Anderson, TIRR or Methodist Hospital

  • check due dates on board

Next proper attire for clinical rotation

Next-Proper attire for clinical rotation:

  • For hospitals or clinics--

Either scrubs lab coat white leather clinic shoes wrist watch

either:scrubs, lab coat, white LEATHER clinic shoes, & wrist watch

DeBakey patch

Or polo khakis lab coat shoes wrist watch

or--polo, khakis, lab coat, shoes, wrist watch

Absolutely no little khaki skirts or shorts

Absolutely, no little khaki skirts or shorts!

These are playful & cute, but not professional!

Clinical rotation rules

  • Clinical clothes should be clean & unwrinkled

  • Do not wear faded polo shirts.

  • Your khakis & scrub bottoms should not be frayed along hem line.

  • Your lab coat should be white & ironed.

  • Your patch needs to be sewn or velcroed on. (not stapled or pinned)

  • You must dress in scrubs to clinical rotation on your senior dress up days. You can change back into scrubs; or change from dress up to scrubs; depending on your class. But you must arrive to class, ready to go, in scrubs, l/c, shoes, ID, and etc.

Clinical accessories

Clinical accessories

Clinical Schedule


Site Floor Depart.

TIRR 1st 10:35

Metho. 5th 10:37

St.Luke’s 17th 10:39

THI 10th 10:39

Shriners 2nd 10:47

TX.Ortho. 3rd 10:55

  • pocket-sized notebook & pen

  • schedule (written in notebook, picture in phone, and copy in lab coat, etc)

  • My cell phone: 713-480-7171

  • student I.DWorn on left lapel of lab coat

  • Please have ID clip from library by orientation day

A word about cell phones

a word about cell phones…

  • You may bring them to clinic

  • They must be turned off during clinical rotation

  • Please turn them back on when you leave your assigned area in case I need to reach you.

  • Situation at Function at VA; Situation with Flood

  • Situation with student not feeling well; communication;

  • School rules apply when at clinical rotation

What s not allowed in clinic

What’s not allowed in clinic?

  • purses / book bags

  • Boys leave your wallets in bag at school; slips out of scrubs and left on bus or at hospital

  • reading material (magazines, books, etc.)

  • iPods, including listening on bus or at site, or at pick up etc.

  • food

    (…and do not buy food on site!)

    School rules apply

Clinical grooming

Clinical Grooming

  • Hair:

    • combed neatly

    • long hair must be pulled back

    • no unusual colors

    • no hair wads!

Clinical rotation rules

  • Makeup:

  • natural looking application

Over the top…

Just right :)

Too much

Clinical rotation rules

  • Jewelry:

  • Limited:

  • no dangling earrings or necklaces

  • no more than 2 earrings/ear

  • limit of 2 rings (must be small)

  • watch, but no bracelets

Clinical rotation rules

  • Fingernails: Boys & Girls

  • just above fingertips

  • natural polish

  • no chipped polish

Clinical rotation rules


  • Do wear deodorant!

  • Don’t wear perfumes or colognes.

  • Please do take showers


Bus departure from dhshp

Bus departure from DHSHP

  • Morning class will leave promptly at 8:05 am

  • Afternoon class will leave promptly at 12:10 pm

  • Please wait in foyer next to Dr. DeBakey’s information stand quietly until I come down

You are expected to arrive in clinical garb

You are expected to arrive in clinical garb.

That means scrubs & lab coat on, I.D. around neck, hair combed, etc.

If I have to ask you to put on your I.D., lab coat, (yada yada yada), this will result in a grade deduction and possibly being left at school.

However please check in with them before every clinical rotation

I will get a list of your homeroom & tutorial teachers and email them when clinical rotation begins.

However, please check in with them before every clinical rotation.



Hi. I’m

here. May I leave

for clinical


If you re in the afternoon class

If you’re in the afternoon class:

  • No extra homeroom/tutorial time.

  • Please be ready to leave room & board bus promptly

  • You should have lab coat and ID on and be seated to get checked off and head to bus.

Clinical rotation rules

I will give you your pick up time. Give yourself enough time to make it down. It is better to be early than late. Ex. OR

Clinical Schedule


Site Floor Departure

TIRR 1st10:35

Metho. 5th10:37

St.Luke’s 17th10:39

THI 10th 10:39

Shriners 2nd 10:47

TX.Ortho. 3rd10:55

If you are late

If you are late:

  • The morning bus departs at 8:05 am.

    • If you are late, you are absent!

  • If you are more than 3 minutes late from your clinical site, the bus will circle the “block” once.

  • If you are not outside when the bus returns, you will need to call a parent and get a ride back to the school.

Clinical rotation rules

  • Not being on time when your bus arrives is a serious offence (esp. in pm class)

  • It will result in a large point deduction off your daily clinical grade.

    (this is whether the bus picks you up on the second go-round or you have to find your own transportation)

Clinical grade

Clinical Grade

  • You will have 2 separate clinical grades:

  • Rotation grade - based on clinical attire, grooming, promptness, etc.

  • Clinical assignments - medical terms, journals, case studies

A few more things

A few more things--

  • Please stay in your assigned area or with your mentor for duration of rotation. Ask for reference book or etc. if slow. Take initiative. Do not sit or doze off. If not in assigned area and/or do not text me…zero, Class conduct to P, AP calls parent. If we get in trouble and supervisor contacts…zero, office conduct to P, AP calls parent, and not allowed to clinical rotation. If affects DeBakey’s AA…zero, Office conduct to P, AP, calls parent, no clinical rotation, and suspension.

  • Do not make “stops” to and/or from site. This means food courts, nursery, other departments to see relative or friends.

  • Always be respectful, demonstrate interest, and honor confidentiality.

  • Let your mentor know when leaving. Wash hands when you return to campus.

  • Let me know if you have any incidents at the site ex. Amniotic fluid or if anyone questions you or if you get in trouble.

  • Text me if you can’t find your mentor or there is nothing going on, bored. Don’t assign yourself to a department or mentor.

  • Or you don’t feel good or if your mentor says go take a break, etc. ALWAYS TEXT ME . Let me know so I can help or guide you. That is my job. But you have to take the initiative to ask me or let me know your situation.

Please respect our school bus the driver

Please respect our school bus & the driver!

  • Do not leave any trash, used Kleenexes, coat hangers, laundry tabs, etc. on the school bus.

  • Stay seated while bus is moving and keep a low volume.

  • Before you leave bus make sure you have all of your things: cell phone, books, ID, notepad, etc.

  • Remember to thank our driver upon returning to the school.

Lastly please remember that

Lastly, please remember that

we are guests in these hospitals & clinics.

Access to these institutions is a privilege.

Thank you

Thank You

  • Please give a Thank You card to your mentor or department and let them know how much you appreciate their time and knowledge and what you have learned.


    If you would like to give a small gift or candy, brownies, donuts, and etc., that is okay too.

In addition

In Addition

  • Remember to not gawk patients

  • Patients feel vulnerable

  • Be compassionate – if you were in a similar situation

  • “That is cool”…. Patients are in pain

  • Allow patients to enter elevator first

  • Remember Time/Place for everything—Talking about patients cases in hospital/elevator

  • Do not touch blue cloth

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