Monroe clark middle school
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Monroe Clark Middle School. School Counseling and Guidance Program Classroom Guidance 6 th Grade Study Skills. ASCA National Standard Academic Standard A. Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the life span.

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Monroe Clark Middle School

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Monroe Clark Middle School

School Counseling and Guidance Program

Classroom Guidance

6th Grade Study Skills

ASCA National StandardAcademic Standard A

Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the life span.

Hatching Results® (2010)

Student Competency

A:A1 Acquire Skills for Improving Learning

A:A3 Achieve School Success

Hatching Results® (2010)

What Did Students Receive?

Counselor Generated Study Skills Curriculum

(based on the student agenda)

Pre & Post Assessment

How many? 357 6th Grade Students

When?October 20th-28th

How?Rotating Dyads in Core Classes

Hatching Results® (2010)

What Did Students Receive?

Lesson contained the following topics:

Identifying Relevant School Supplies

Describing Organization Skills

Using a Planner

Making To Do Lists

Identifying Homework Strategies

Group vs. Individual Work

Asking for Help

Time Management & Procrastination

Hatching Results® (2010)

Why Study Skills?

City Heights Educational Collaborative Goals For Monroe Clark Middle School

20% increase in positive report card marks in areas of homework completion, motivation and study skills

Hatching Results® (2010)

CST Scores

Source California Department or Education: Data Quest

What we DO we know?

6th Graders: 3597th Graders: 3908th Graders: 380

Hatching Results® (2010)

Why Are We Teaching Organization and Homework Strategies?

Learning to plan effectively enhances students’ ability to make sense of their world and experience.

(Dewey, 1980; Gardner, 1983; Marzano, 2003; Vygotsky, 1978)

Students who complete and turn in homework do better in school.

(Cooper, Lindsay, Nye & Greathouse,1998)

Students who are exposed to variety of study strategies are higher achievers.

(Meneghetti, De Beni & Cornoldi, 2007)

What do Students Believe?I Believe it’s OK to wait to the last minute

Hatching Results® (2010)

What do Students Believe?It’s important to have a plan to do homework

Hatching Results® (2010)

What do Students KNOW?

Hatching Results® (2010)

What SKILL Did Students Learn?Pre Post

  • 58% Know all organization methods

  • 29% Correct order of being onTrac

  • 60% Know all organization methods

  • 32% Correct order of being onTrac

Hatching Results® (2010)

Who is helping?

Hatching Results® (2010)

Achievement Related DataStudents who wrote down assignments in planner.

Hatching Results® (2010)

RESULTS DATAStudents Homework Grades Increased 4%

10% Increase!

Average Grades in Homework per Class

Results (coming soon)

From Progress Report 1 – Progress Report 2

Before Guidance Lessons

2010 GPA’ s increased from XX to XX

After Guidance Lessons

2010 GPA’s increased from __ to __

Hatching Results® (2010)

GPA Growth From 2010-2011

Hatching Results® (2010)

Our Goal…Improvement

Hatching Results® (2010)

In Summary…

  • By obtaining the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills to study, Students are Achieving more!

  • Students are WritingHomework Assignments in their Agenda!

  • Guidance Curriculum presents successes and areas for growth for counselors!

  • Teachers, Counselors, and Students are contributing to success of the 6th grade!

Hatching Results® (2010)

Limitations and Lessons Learned

  • Future lessons will not be scheduled on minimum day.

  • Revisions on assessment are needed (wording confusing for some students).

  • Although engagement and altitudes are high, curriculum needs connect to assessment.

Hatching Results® (2010)

Next Steps

  • Consult with stakeholders to link attitudes and skills learned and link them to GPA

  • We are planning to continue implementing a part 2 focused on test taking.

  • We will report on the long term impacts of guidance curriculum on the achievement.

Hatching Results® (2010)

The school counseling program is contributing in a meaningful way to the academic achievement of all students.

Thank you to all the 6th grade teachers for your support of the school counseling program.

Hatching Results® (2010)

The End

Hatching Results® (2010)

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