Sce disconnect moratorium results
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SCE Disconnect Moratorium Results. Presentation to LIOB January 26, 2010. Topics. SCE Terminations of Residential Service Outreach Results Disconnect Moratorium Results Key Initiatives. SCE Terminations of Residential Service in 2009.

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Presentation Transcript
Sce disconnect moratorium results

SCE Disconnect Moratorium Results

Presentation to LIOB

January 26, 2010


  • SCE Terminations of Residential Service

  • Outreach Results

  • Disconnect Moratorium Results

  • Key Initiatives

Sce terminations of residential service in 2009
SCE Terminations of Residential Service in 2009

Footnote: SCE has modified its reestablishment of credit deposit fee to be based on two times the average monthly bill. SCE does not require re-establishment of credit deposits from customers who pay their bill late; however, SCE does require a deposit from customers whose service has been disconnected. SCE modified its reconnection policy at the end of 2008 and will restore service to customers following disconnection without payment of the deposit. SCE bills the required deposit and offers customers extensions and payment arrangements. The average percentage of DCARE customers reconnected and requested to pay a deposit was 64%, while Non-DCARE was 75%.

Sce outreach results
SCE Outreach Results

2009 YE compared to 2008 YE

2009 YE compared to 2008 YE

  • 10% decrease in Non-CARE customer disconnections (as a percent of population)

  • 5% decrease in overall (total) residential disconnections

  • 3% increase in CARE customer disconnections (as a percent of population)

  • 12% increase in CARE customer population

  • 4% decrease in Non-CARE customer population

  • 18% increase in CARE customer bill payment assistance

  • 10% increase in Non-CARE customers granted bill payment assistance

Disconnect moratorium results
Disconnect Moratorium Results

  • December 15, 2009 through January 21, 2010

  • During the disconnection moratorium SCE tested new measures to help reduce disconnections:

    • Suspended mailing Final Call notices to at risk customers during disconnect moratorium

    • Enhanced VRU outbound calls to encourage customers to call for payment assistance

    • Customer representatives attempted to make direct contact with at risk residential customers

    • Increased outreach: press releases, notices to CBOs and FBOs, social media, bill messages, and banner ads on

  • December 2009 compared to December 2008:

  • Results suggests:

    • Overall, increased outreach resulted in 25,000 more payment arrangements and extensions in the month of December 2009 (199,000) compared to December 2008 (174,000)

    • Customers respond to final call notices which prompt payment or contact with SCE for payment arrangements


Standard Practice

2010 key initiatives
2010 Key Initiatives

  • Near Term:

    • Increase customer contact and elevate customer awareness through existing communication channels:

      • Bill messaging

      • website

      • E-notification enhancement / online billing

      • “My Account” at sign-in screen

      • Distribute Resource Guide to APAs, community outreach events, and other assistance agencies

      • Continue education about the use of SCEs APA when in jeopardy of disconnection

  • Modify deposit requirement from twice the maximum monthly bill to twice the average monthly bill

  • Increase minimum disconnect threshold to $50

  • Enhance VRU scripting to include request for at risk customers to contact SCE for bill payment assistance

  • Long Term:

    • Comprehensive review of all customer communications, including collection notices, to identify areas of improvement

    • Conduct further in depth analysis of customer focus group data to examine possibilities of customer suggested options

  • Sce works aggressively to increase customers awareness of economic assistance programs
    SCE Works Aggressively to Increase Customers’ Awareness of Economic Assistance Programs

    • Conduct outreach events at schools and churches

    • Conduct outreach events

    • Target Ethnic communities

    • Community involvement and outreach

    • CARE Capitation Agencies

    • Corporate grant recipients targeting underserved populations

    • Employee Information

    • Handouts/flyers

    • Employee website

    • Retail

    • City/Government

    • Energy Leaders Program


    • Email solicitations

    • Online advertising

    • Social Media

    • Bill messages

    • Direct Mail

    • Events

    • Handouts/flyers

    • Advertising

    • Media Relations

    • Ethnic Media

    • Retail Advertising

    Sce s message to customers at all levels contact us and we will work with you
    SCE’s Message to Customers at All Levels: “Contact us and we will work with you!”





    All Customers

    High Bill Helper/

    Energy Mgmt


    Payment Arrangements

    Integrated outreach effort through traditional and



    Smart energy management will decrease your bill, and

    if you or someone you know are having trouble paying your bill, we can help.


    High Bill Helper/

    Energy Mgmt


    Payment Arrangements

    Energy Assistance Fund

    2-1-1 Assistance

    Prominent message

    on bill

    If you are having difficulty paying your bill, contact SCE today to make payment arrangements and for economic assistance.

    Past-Due Bills

    Disconnect Process

    Three attempts to contact customer:

    -Outbound call

    -Mailed notification

    -Courtesy call

    You can avoid costly fees associated with disconnection; there is still time to make payment arrangements and sign up for economic assistance.


    Customer outreach ethnic media

    Asian Consumer Market

    Korean Daily

    KWRM AM 1370 Chinese

    Siam Media – Thai

    Taiwan Daily News – Chinese

    Taiwan Daily News Online

    Korea Times

    Korea Times Online

    Chinese Daily News

    Chinese Daily News Online

    Viet Bao Daily News

    Viet Bao Daily News Online

    Viet Herald Daily News

    Radio Seoul 1650 AM – Korean

    Daily Sports Seoul – Korean

    Daily Sports Seoul Online

    Epoch Times Online – Chinese

    Asian Journal – Filipino

    Asian Journal – Online

    Balita Media – Filipino

    Balita Media Online

    California Examiner – Filipino

    Viet Weekly – Vietnamese

    Korean Sunday News

    India Journal

    India Journal Online

    India West

    Javanan International Persian

    Pakistan Link

    Pakistan Link Online

    Saigon Times – Vietnamese

    India Post Online

    The Twon News – Korean

    Angkor Borei News - Cambodian

    Customer Outreach: Ethnic Media

    12.24.09: “Southern California Edison Reaches Out to Help Customers With Their Bills”

    Hispanic Consumer Market

    • La Opinion

    • La opinion Online

    • KMEX TV Univision 34 “A Su Lado” Telethon

    • KPMR-TV Univision 38

    • El Clasificado

    • El Clasificado Online

    African American Consumer Market

    • Black Voice News


    • Inland Valley News

    • San Bernardino American


    Customer outreach general market media

    Everything Long Beach

    TD Ameritrade

    FOX Business News

    Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

    Los Angeles Times

    MSN Money

    San Bernardino Sun



    KVEA Santa Barbara

    Riverside Press-Enterprise

    Research & Policy Institute of CA

    United Way of Orange County

    United Way of Norco-Corona

    Customer Outreach: General Market Media

    12.31.09: “Edison International and Employees Donate More Than $700,000 to Help Customers Pay Electric Bills”

    • San Gabriel Valley Tribune

    • Everything Long Beach

    • Desert Sun

    12.24.09: “Southern California Edison Reaches Out to Help Customers With Their Bills

    Customer outreach twitter
    Customer Outreach: Twitter


    Original Tweet

    2010 initiatives to increase customer contacts
    2010 Initiatives to Increase Customer Contacts


    • Schools

    • Legislative Offices

    • Faith Based Organizations

    • Grass-Roots Organizations

    • Retail Store Integration (Best Buy/Sears)

      SCE Solutions

    • Whole Neighborhood Approach

    • Targeted E-blasts

    • SCE on Social Media Networks

    • Online Enrollment and Payment Arrangements/Extensions

    • Energy Walks

    2010 initiatives to improve customer communication strategies
    2010 Initiatives to Improve Customer Communication Strategies


    • Consumer Advisory Panel

    • APA Expanded Services

    • SoCalGas CARE Data Sharing

    • Foreclosure Clinics

    • Corporate Grant Recipients and other Community Based Organizations

      SCE Solutions

    • Establishing a Preferred Method of Contact

    • In-Bound and Out-Bound Calls

    2010 initiatives to provide customers relevant information
    2010 Initiatives to Provide StrategiesCustomers Relevant Information


    • Media Relations & External Stakeholders

      SCE Expanded Communications

    • Providing More Information in Welcome Brochure

    • CARE Line-Item on Bill

      SCE Solutions

    • Expanding Online User Experience

    • IVR Messaging to Targeted Customers

    • IVR Messaging to CARE Customers

    2010 initiatives to expand payment policies to assist customers in need
    2010 Initiatives to Expand Payment Policies Strategiesto Assist Customers in Need

    SCE Expanded Communications

    • Improved Information in Late Payment Notices

    • Improved Communication of Payment Plans

      SCE Solutions

    • Reduced Deposit Amounts

    • Flexible Payment Options