Welcome to the workshop on future water supplies in central arizona
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welcome to the workshop on future water supplies in central arizona - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME to the Workshop on Future Water Supplies in Central Arizona. Meeting Process Coordinator: Teresa A. Makinen Makinen Professional Services Coordinator sponsorship:. OUR OBJECTIVE TODAY.

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Welcome to the workshop on future water supplies in central arizona l.jpg
WELCOME to theWorkshop on Future Water Supplies in Central Arizona

Meeting Process Coordinator: Teresa A. Makinen Makinen Professional Services

Coordinator sponsorship:

Our objective today l.jpg


Identify the Key Public Policy Issues & Water Management Decisions that will need to be addressed in the future

Introductions l.jpg

Introduce yourself to your group with your name, affiliation, and identify what you think is the most important issue which needs to be addressed concerning water & growth in central Arizona

Exercise 1 issue identification l.jpg

  • What do you believe are the most important water management issues for AZ which will need to be addressed?

  • Which of these issues are short term (less than 5 years) and which are long term issues?

Exercise 2 issue discussion l.jpg

  • Discuss the top 1-5 issues enough to get an understanding of the issue

  • Feel free to move to the next issue, or move between short & long term issues

  • Remember – we’re not resolving this today (though we would like to) 

  • We’re framing the issue to get a better understanding

Ex 2 questions to frame issue l.jpg
Ex. #2: Questions to Frame Issue

  • Why is this issue critical?

  • What are the key components of this issue?

  • What are the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities related to resolving this issue? (Technical, Legal, Political, Financial, etc)

  • What are the key public policy questions that need to be addressed?

  • What needs to happen to make progress?

  • If timing is critical, what is the timeline?

Exercise 3 legislative docket l.jpg

What are the key water-related issues that need to be addressed by the Arizona legislature in the next two years?

Exercise 4 how do we move forward l.jpg

What happens from here – how do we move forward with this dialogue and these issues we’ve discussed?

Major issue comment cards l.jpg
Major Issue – Comment Cards

  • 22 - Growth & Adequate Supply Concerns

    • Wildcat Subs, Finite Supply, More Authority

  • 9 - Protect Environment / Ecosystems

  • 4 - CAGRD (no limit, no direct use)

  • 3 - Affordability / Equity / Distribution

  • 2 - Ag to Urban & Loss of Farmland

  • 2 - Importation & Allocation of CO River

Major issue comment cards10 l.jpg
Major Issue – Comment Cards

  • Link water to other issues

  • Link water quality & quantity

  • Use in rural Arizona

  • CA dependence on Co River

  • Need new water supplies

  • Drought

  • Surface water / groundwater connection

Major issue comment cards11 l.jpg
Major Issue – Comment Cards

  • Public & Legislator education

  • Bridge communication gaps

  • Depletion by upstream users in Salt/Verde

  • Why use potable supply to flush toilet

  • Bob McCain’s Retirement

Legislative issues l.jpg
Legislative Issues

  • Water adequacy authority in non-AMAs (9)

  • Disclosure of inadequate supplies and GRD membership (2)

  • Local planning: consider water (2)

  • Growing Smarter statewide vision (2) or statewide planning process (1)

  • Exempt wells should not be exempt (7) or lot splits (5)

  • Statewide uniform water control (1) or regional water mgt. authority (2)

  • Create statewide authority for acquisition and assessment of supplies (1)

  • Rethink AMAs and ability to achieve goal (1)

  • Funding of adjudications (1)

  • Increased funding for ADWR (2) and Water Institute (1)

  • Fund additional water resources data collection, monitoring, studies (4)

  • GRD Wet vs paper water and sharing cost of developing supply (1)

  • Loan program for developing rural water supplies (1)

  • Maintain agricultural land uses (1)

  • Connect groundwater and surface water laws (2)

  • Protection of stream flow and riparian areas (1)

  • Drought triggers and recovery plan (1)