Technical Training

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Develop a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards for technical training based on ... Europe, North America (1999 complete) South America, Asia-Pacific ...

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Technical Training

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Slide 1:Re-engineering of Technical Training

Develop a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards for technical training based on best practices and designed for worldwide application

Slide 2:Re-engineering Training (RT)

Standards of best practice Dealership competency Technician recognition Training develop ment Training delivery Training metrics

Slide 3:Key Milestones

Team formation US, UK, Germany Jaguar, Ford Consensus building Sub-team work Global Market Review

Slide 4:Technical Training Operating Guide

Completed September 1998

Slide 5:Issues / Next Steps

Travel Regional implementation Europe, North America (1999 complete) South America, Asia-Pacific (1999 begin) Brand integration Ford, Jaguar (complete) Mazda (begun) Volvo (tbd)

Slide 6:Thank You!

Slide 7:Dealer Competency Profiles

Establish minimum competency standards Tailored to individual markets

Slide 8:Technician competencies

Foundation New Hire Technician Technician Senior Technician Master Technician

Slide 9:Technician Recognition

Masters Curriculum based Market flexibility 4 categories Master Senior Specialist Technician

Slide 10:Training Development

Instructional System Design process Job Aids Materials specifications

Slide 11:Development Strategy

Foundation Local market education Core curriculum Broad skill & knowledge New Product Product specific Performance Improvement Repair specific

Slide 12:Delivery Technology

Self-study Book / tape (Passive) CD-ROM (Interactive) Internet (Passive / Interactive) Trainer delivered Satellite Classroom

Slide 13:Training Delivery

Facility standards Trainer categories & standards Trainer Senior Trainer Master Trainer Evaluation standards

Slide 14:Trainer Standards

Develop Senior Trainer competencies Accreditation process

Slide 15:Evaluation Standards

Student survey 4 topics: Trainer Facility Course Repair effectiveness improvement Student favorable response above 90% Trainers evaluated at least every 2 years

Slide 16:Metrics

Market, Region, Global Dealership competency target Student satisfaction Training productivity Trainer utilization

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