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NEW METHOD FOR 2010 POPULATION AND HOUSING CENSUS OF TURKEY Considerations about data quality and coverage TURKISH STATISTICAL INSTITUTE TurkStat. May 2008. CONTENTS. 1 . Background. 2 . Method of Establishing the ABPRS. 3 . Method for Increasing Coverage of ABPRS.

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Considerations about data quality and coverage



May 2008

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1. Background

2. Method of Establishing the ABPRS

3. Method for Increasing Coverage of ABPRS

4. Basic Results of ABPRS

5. Plans for 2010 Census

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Population Census


  • 14 tradition censuses since 1927

  • De facto definiton

  • One day application with curfew

  • Face to face interview

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Population Census


  • Overcounting (imaginary) population

  • No information on household and family structure

  • Increasing cost of the census

  • duration of data processing around 3.5 years

  • Information available with ten years interval

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Population Registration System

  • Central Population Registration System (MERNIS) based on family ledgers,

  • Maintenance of the system by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior,

  • No information was available on place of usual residence,

  • Unique ID number for Turkish Citizens available since 2001

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Method of Establishing the ABPRS

Purpose ;

  • To establish National Address Database (NAD) that covers all addresses within the boundaries of the country,

  • To establish Address Based Population Registration System covering information on place of residence of all people living in the country.

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Legal Base

  • The Population Services Law No. 5490,

  • The regulation related to Address and Numbering Study and

  • The Turkish Statistical Law No. 5429 (related articles)

    constitute the legal base of the study.

    Population Services Law charged;

  • Turkish Statistical Institute for establishing the system,

  • Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs for maintaining the system.

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in Turkey

National Address Database



(Turkish Citizens)

Turkish citizens living in abroad


MATCHING foreign citizens and addresses in the NAD by using passport numbers

MATCHING the information in MERNIS and addresses in the NAD by using the Turkish Republic identification numbers

How The System Was Established?

General stages l.jpg
General Stages

Numbering study


establishment of

the NAD

Control of

the NAD


the system

Field application for collecting information on usual residence addresses

Checking the usual residence addresses from the address lists at the offices of the head of the quarters (or head of the villages)

Data entry and matching the information with MERNIS

Monitoring fieldwork l.jpg
Monitoring Fieldwork

1- Controller follow up form for monitoring each step of field work: visited dwellings, result of interview, number of form given to data processing and office, etc. carried out by enumerators (enumeration area)

evaluated by controllers, supervisors and regional offices

2- Daily and weekly reports derived from data entry: Number of visited dwellings, results of interview, reasons for not interview, number of persons counted, number of persons not matched with MERNIS

evaluated by supervisors, regional and central organizations of TurkStat.

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1-Content error; Inconsistent information listed weekly and sent to regional offices.

2-Coverage error;

  • Comparison with results of previous census (4 % under coverage)

  • Comparison with other administrative records

Method of increasing coverage l.jpg
Method of Increasing Coverage

(a)- Comparison with other administrative records

  • 50 organizations

  • Universities (111), banks, GSM operators

  • Total of 320 million records

    were matched with ABPRS to define undercovered persons.

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Method of Increasing Coverage

(b)- Computer Assisted Telephone Interview System

were used to identify unregistered persons and their addresses through relatives (wife/husband, children, mother/father, sister/brother) of the persons.

(c)- Unregistered people were called if phone number available and also informed through SMS message and advertisement campaign.

Abprs 2007 results l.jpg
ABPRS 2007 Results

First resultsrefering December 31, 2007based on the new system were announced to the public on January 21, 2008. The results of the system will be announced annually.

  • Population by localities (province, district, sub-district and village)

  • City and village population

  • Age and sex structure

  • Nationality of persons living in Turkey (Turkish citizens and foreigners)

All information is available on the web site (

Population pyramid 2007 l.jpg
Population pyramid, 2007

Population: 70 586 256

Plans for 2010 census l.jpg
Plans for 2010 Census

a)- Information of ABPRS will be improved:

  • National Education Statistics Database was established through currently students and graduated students of the primary/high school and university/upper university records

  • Analysing other official records to produce census information

  • All institutes and organizations are obliged to use information in the system according to the law

  • TurkStat are going to use ABPRS for household surveys

Plans for 2010 census17 l.jpg
Plans for 2010 Census

b)- In 2010 census it is planned to apply two questionnaires

  • Short questionnaire for updating information available in ABPRS (place of residence, age, sex, nationality, completed level of education, type of address)

  • Long questionnaire for collecting other social, demographic and economic characteristics of population and housing information (considering UNECE/EU recommendations)

  • All stages of the planned method will be tested in 2009