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Photosynthesis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Photosynthesis By: Fesler 8 th Grade Science Chemical Equation CO 2 + H 2 O = C 6 H 12 O 6 + O 2 The sun provides the energy needed to change carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar) Steps to Plant a Tree Get an empty 2 liter bottle and fill it with dirt.

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By: Fesler 8th Grade Science

Chemical Equation

  • CO2 + H2O = C6H12O6 + O2

  • The sun provides the energy needed to change carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar)

Steps to Plant a Tree

  • Get an empty 2 liter bottle and fill it with dirt.

  • Then put the acorn into the ground on its side 1.5 inches.

  • Water the acorn with 100 mL of water.

  • Water the acorn every week keeping the soil moist, but not too wet.

  • Keep the bottle and acorn in the sun.

  • After 3 months you will get a baby oak tree that is about 8 inches tall.

  • The small green seedling will naturally make glucose by photosynthesis.


  • Draw a thermometer poster (3’by 2’)and put it on the board for the classes to see progress.

  • Each class competes to get the most money raised.

  • The class at the end of the semester with the most points gets a prize.

  • For example the class could have free time or a potluck.

  • To raise money have the students bring in 5 cents, a can, or a bottle.

  • These items can be recycled for money.

  • Each nickel or can earns the class a point.

  • After only 1.5 years of fundraising the 8th grade Science students have raised $1400.

Big Fundraising

  • To get large donations like $75 it is a good idea to send out letters to banks and businesses.

  • Find the addresses by looking in the online yellow pages and copy them.

  • Print the PDF of the Plant a Billion Trees and the Word Document Fundraiser letter from the Fesler website.

  • Address the envelope, stuff both documents inside, and mail it.

  • Call the bank in one week to ensure that the letter arrived and ask the manager if he or she will be able to make a donation to the Plant a Billion Trees Organization.

Phone Script

Hi this is Mike from Fesler Junior High.

I wanted to make sure you received our fundraising letter and brochure.

I was wondering if you will be able to make a donation for our Plant a Billion Trees Fundraiser.

You can make a check out to Fesler Junior High for the Nature Conservancy.

  • That’s ok. Will you be able to make a donation personally

  • Ok thank you for your time.

  • When they say yes.

  • Please use the address on the brochure

  • That is 1100 Fesler street, Santa Maria CA 93454

  • When students learn to repeat these steps over and over again they will plant hundreds of trees and raise hundreds of dollars for reforestation.

  • For motivation watch Fable of the Himalayas on YouTube.

  • Now the seed has been planted in you.

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