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Internet Searching

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Slide 1:Internet Searching

PED 3900

Slide 2:Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, etc.

Using Google, search ‘images’ using your last name. Note the file types (jpg, gif, etc.) Search ‘conundrum’ Look up the definition. Search "rejoice, we conquer” using quotation marks. Where did that quote come from? Search ‘Olympics’ and ‘doping’ using the news option. Other options: File format Date Occurrences Domain e.g.

Slide 3:Internet Information

BEST - Academic journals Medicine Science in Sport and Exercise GOOD - Professional websites American Heart Association SIRC NCAA

Slide 4:Internet Information

QUESTIONABLE WEB SITES Trade websites Fitness Online Muscle Media Personal websites

Slide 5:Search

Go to EIU homepage Select Booth Library From there, select…Magazines, Journals and More General Article Index example Lexis-Nexis Search ‘drug’ ‘doping’ ‘baseball’ Newspaper Article example Chicago Tribune Search ‘cubs’ ‘woods’

Slide 6:Search

Resources By Subject Health Sport Discus EBSCO Health Source Medline Business EBSCO Business Source Elite

Slide 7:Assignment

Open Microsoft Word Save the file as ‘3900-search’ Copy or write the answers to the following on the word document. Using Google, search for the definition of ‘conundrum’. Search "rejoice, we conquer” using quotation marks. Where did that quote come from?

Slide 8:Assignment

3. Use the News option in Google to Search ‘Olympics’ and ‘doping’ using the news option. What is the 3rd result given with that search? 4. Use the Scholar option in Google and search for “sports” and “marketing” Who is the author and year of the first book with an available hyperlink?

Slide 9:Using the General Article Index from the Booth Library web page search Lexis-Nexis using ‘heart’ ‘disease’ . What is the 1st result given. Using Newspaper Articles from the Booth Library web page search the Chicago Tribune using ‘bulls’ ‘Gordon’. What is the headline of the 3rd result given.

Slide 10:Assignment

Use the listed database to find the abstract of the article listed. Copy and Paste the abstract onto the Word document. Insert page breaks so that each abstract begins on a new page. Sport Discus. Major league baseball: monopoly pricing and profit-maximizing behavior. Alexander, D.L.; Journal of sports economics Nov 2001: 2 (4). p. 341-355; Medline. Risk for sudden cardiac death associated with marathon running Maron BJ ; Poliac LC ; Roberts WO J Am Coll Cardiol (Journal of the American College of Cardiology.) 1996 Aug; 28(2): 428-31 EBSCO Business Source Elite: The $1 Billion Team. By: Pulley, Brett. Forbes, 9/20/2004, Vol. 174 Issue 5, p134, 4p, 8c; Find the PDF file and save it to your computer. EBSCO Health Source. Lifestyle factors blamed for majority of cancer deaths.; Cancer Weekly, 11/4/2003, p40, 1p.PDF file: Email the Word document with your answers and the abstracts and the PDF file to Dr. Emmett REMEMBER Subject: 3900lastname Due: Monday, Feb 27th, 12:00 p.m. (noon).

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