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Industrial materials recycling
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Industrial Materials Recycling. Kimberly Cochran, PhD US EPA Office of Solid Waste AGC Building Division Meeting January 26, 2008 Miami, Florida. Industrial Materials Recycling Team. Promotes the reduction, reuse, and recycling of industrial materials

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Industrial Materials Recycling

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Industrial materials recycling

Industrial Materials Recycling

Kimberly Cochran, PhD

US EPA Office of Solid Waste

AGC Building Division Meeting

January 26, 2008

Miami, Florida

Industrial materials recycling team

Industrial Materials Recycling Team

  • Promotes the reduction, reuse, and recycling of industrial materials

    • Construction and demolition (C&D) materials

    • Coal combustion products (CCPs)

    • Foundry sands

    • Tires

    • Slags

    • Pulp and paper residuals

Why reuse recycle these materials

Why reuse/recycle these materials?

  • They

    • Can substitute virgin materials AND save energy, time, and money

    • Perform as well or better than virgin materials

  • Capture valuable materials that would otherwise be lost.

  • Recycling/reusing can mean points for green building certification.

C d materials include

C&D Materials Include …

Components of c d waste

Components of C&D Waste

  • Wood

    • Engineered Wood

      • Oriented Strand Board (OSW)

      • Plywood

      • Blackboard

    • Dimensional Lumber

    • Treated Wood

Industrial materials recycling



  • Boiler Fuel

  • Mulch

  • Engineered boards

Portland cement concrete

Portland Cement Concrete


  • Road Base

  • Aggregate

Industrial materials recycling

Asphalt Concrete

  • Heavily Recycled in New Hot Mix Asphalt

Components of c d materials

Components of C&D Materials

  • Gypsum Drywall

  • Markets:

    • New Drywall

    • Portland Cement Production

    • Agriculture

    • Construction Material

Components of c d materials1

Components of C&D Materials

  • Roofing Materials

    • Asphalt Roofing Shingles

    • Asphalt Roofing Felt

  • Recycled into new hot mix asphalt.

Components of c d materials2

Components of C&D Materials

  • Metals

    • Ferrous

    • Nonferrous

      • Aluminum

      • Copper

Components of c d materials3

Components of C&D Materials

  • Paper Products

  • Cardboard

Reuse recycling can occur onsite and offsite

Reuse/Recycling Can Occur Onsite and Offsite

Consigli s waste management four tier system

Consigli’s Waste Management Four Tier System

  • Tier I: Direct Reuse and Recycling

  • Tier II: Source Separated Materials

  • Tier III: Mixed C&D to Offsite Separation

  • Tier IV: Mixed C&D to Landfills

State programs regulations

State Programs & Regulations

  • Massachusetts ban on disposal before processing

  • California requires 50% diversion from landfills

  • Various states have grants and education programs

Local ordinances

Local Ordinances

  • Disposal bans

    • Ban of specific materials from being disposed

  • Waste plan requirement

    • Require all contractors to submit plans on how they will reduce disposal when applying for a permit

  • Deposit system

    • Fee required when applying for a permit that is returned when recycling is proven

  • Salvage period requirements

Other factors influencing recycling

Other Factors Influencing Recycling

  • Increases in fuel prices

  • Green building initiatives

  • Efforts to reduce GHG emissions

  • General difficulty to site landfills

Not just c d materials

Not Just C&D Materials …


It is important to reuse/recycle the waste your company generates, but

It is also important to use recyclable materials from other industries in construction design.

Other industrial materials

Coal fly ash

Iron/steel slag

Foundry sand


Structural material

Masonry material

Many more…

Other Industrial Materials

Industrial materials recycling team1

Industrial Materials Recycling Team

  • Measure – “What gets tracked gets managed”

  • Explore barriers and how to overcome them

  • Increase awareness

  • Recognize success

Measurement c d materials

Measurement: C&D Materials

Preliminary 2003 draft numbers

  • Will be measuring annually -- need a viable, economically feasible source of data

  • Currently looking at data states collect and publish

Exploring barriers increasing awareness

Exploring Barriers, Increasing Awareness

  • Construction Initiative

    • Encouraging use of industrial materials in building or highway construction projects

  • Green Buildings, Highways, and Sustainable Sites

    • Helping develop criteria

    • Promoting industrial materials recycling in green structures/sites

    • Promoting coordination between transportation and environmental agencies

Exploring barriers increasing awareness1

Exploring Barriers, Increasing Awareness

  • Asphalt Shingle Recycling Forums

  • Foundry Sand Forum

  • Beneficial Use Summit

Epa s innovative grants

EPA’s Innovative Grants

  • 2005 Grant to CMRA for Tear-Off Asphalt Shingles Recycling

    • Update website

    • Recycling Asphalt Shingles: Best Practices Guide

    • Environmental Issues Associated with Asphalt Shingle Recycling


Associated General Contractors of America

Building Materials Reuse Association

Construction Materials Recycling Association

National Association of Home Builders

National Demolition Association

Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials

National Association of Counties

Foundry Sand Recycling Starts Today

American Coal Ash Association

Rubber Manufacturers Association

National Council for Air and Stream Improvement

National Slag and Slag Cement Association


Epa s partnership with agc

EPA’s Partnership with AGC

  • White paper

    • Demonstrate a support for reduction, reuse, and recycling

    • Reuse and recycling should be performed in a safe manner

Epa s partnership with agc1

EPA’s Partnership with AGC

  • Measurement tool for contractors

How much did my company reused/recycled?

How much did my company SAVE?

Epa s partnership with agc2

EPA’s Partnership with AGC

  • Recognition

    • Case Studies

    • Others?

Things to think about

Things to Think About

  • What obstacles have you encountered?

  • What role does each participant play in overcoming the obstacles to industrial materials recycling?

    • Contractors

    • Manufacturers

    • States

    • EPA

Things to think about1

Things to Think About

  • What tools and resources do contractors need to

    • Reuse/recycle materials

    • Use recycled materials

Case studies

Case Studies

  • Recycling/reusing C&D materials

  • Using industrial materials

  • Need:

    • Amount and types of materials that were reused/recycled

    • Size of project

    • Amount of money saved (if available)

    • Obstacles encountered and how they were overcome

Contact information

Contact Information


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