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Improving Customer Service through Reengineering. Practicing Oil Analysis Tulsa OK. Assessment Brief. 1. Business Process Reengineering Study Review current business processes in Lab Examine opportunities for reengineering using IT Produce Assessment report documenting findings

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Improving Customer Service through Reengineering

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Improving customer service through reengineering l.jpg

Improving Customer Service through Reengineering

Practicing Oil Analysis

Tulsa OK

Assessment brief l.jpg

Assessment Brief

1. Business Process Reengineering Study

  • Review current business processes in Lab

  • Examine opportunities for reengineering using IT

  • Produce Assessment report documenting findings

    2. Technical Feasibility

  • Review existing system functionality

  • Produce user requirements document

  • Assess feasibility of a solution

Assessment resources l.jpg

Assessment Resources

  • 1 week on site at Customer

  • 2 weeks writing report

  • 2 Consultants

  • Interviewed 12 staff

Assessment process l.jpg

Assessment Process







Plan &



Benchmarking /

Best Practices

Opportunity ?


Process Review /








Goal 1..N


Summary of major opportunities l.jpg

Summary of Major Opportunities

1.Data Entry and Administration

  • Current systems requires extensive manual processes which absorb scarce resources and delay the overall process of getting results to customers. System has many bottlenecks. Error prone due to pushing the limits of system and people.

    2.Analysis and Interpretation

  • Analysts do not have the tools required to perform their jobs efficiently. Have to review every sample - not using IT to screen “ok” samples. Causes frustration and delays.

    3.Information Collaboration

  • Opportunity to use the advantage of the internet to share oil analysis data for all customers.

    4.Customer Service

  • Opportunities exist to re-engineer the process from taking of sample to receipt of recommendations to reduce turn-around time and cost per sample by improved efficiency and reduced data entry.

    5.Supply Chain Integration

  • Architecture driven approach will align systems with business strategy.

    6.Size is a Strategic Advantage

  • Labs are discrete non-integrated units from a data perspective. This can be used as a strategic advantage through use of IT (eg: Cognos). At the moment it is a hindrance.

Dingo e business strategy l.jpg

Dingo e-Business Strategy

What is collaborative maintenance l.jpg

What is Collaborative Maintenance?

“The ability for site maintenance people to share data and collaborate via the internet to solve business (maintenance) problems with external experts.”

Collaboration l.jpg


Ive just received an

alert. The iron

is up in Engine 301

Any ideas?

Equipment Dealer

Support Engineer

Perth, WA


piston liners

could need replacement.



Maintenance planner

Kalgoorlie, WA

We’ve seen this at other

customers. We had great

results with ...

Lubricant Supplier

Lubricant Engineer

Melbourne, VIC

Content adding value l.jpg

Content - adding value

Policies,environment, safety, production

-context from other systems



  • recommendations

  • action taken

  • cost savings result

  • case studies

  • group reporting

  • tips and hints

Engineers research

and publish globally

via intranet





  • raw data

  • low value

  • high volume

  • information

  • higher value

  • generic rules

Site Condition

Monitoring Data

Experts Collaborate &

Analyze Data

Consolidation l.jpg




Site A

Site A

Site B

Oil Analysis

Vibration Analysis


Site B

Microsoft DNA Architecture

MS SQL & Web server

Single global, multi site, multi application database

Corporate HQ

Oil Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Commonality l.jpg



Asset Management


Work Request







Event History

Work Orders

Dingo web strategy l.jpg

Dingo Web Strategy

  • World first collaborative web product

  • Leading Web component Architecture

  • Intranet portal for Maintenance Staff

  • Single large database

  • Multi-site, Multi lingual

  • Data Portability

  • Multiple technologies

  • Re-Engineering Principles applied to the Web

  • Able to access data on multiple machines that are geographically dispersed

  • Can connect to legacy systems on other operating system platforms

  • WAN’s, Internet and low speed connections supported

Benefits to customers l.jpg

Benefits to Customers

  • Leading edge technology in maintenance

  • Improved asset performance

  • Asset life cycle cost reduction

  • Global improvement in Condition Monitoring standards

  • Reduced parts and labour costs for oil drains

  • Faster problem resolution through real time collaboration

  • Reduced system administration and overhead

Hosting benefits l.jpg

Hosting Benefits

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Improved Support

  • Reduced Risk of downtime

  • Increased Ability to Respond to Changing Customer Requirements (eg: bandwidth, software updates)

  • Focus on core business

N tier architecture l.jpg

Web Server Cluster

Application Server Cluster


N-Tier Architecture

Web Servers


Zero Install Web Browser Client

Connection from 28.8kbs Dial Up

World Wide

Application Servers



Direct Link

ISDN, DDS, Frame Relay, Optic Fibre

Secure Direct Connection Available

Multiple Redundant 155mb Internet Links


Outer Firewall

Multiple Redundant Servers

Gigabit Server Network

Inner Firewall

Multiple Redundant Servers

Failover Redundancy

Database Server

Raid 5

Hot Swap

Redundant Failover

Redundant Fibre Channel Controller

Fibre Channel

Drive Arrays

N tier architecture benefits l.jpg

N-Tier Architecture Benefits

1. Flexible - "easily vary system installations"

2. Scalable - "designed to handle rapid increase in business activity"

3. Interoperable - "easily integrate with existing and legacy systems"

4. Secure - "utilize & enhance industry standard security by design"

5. Cost Effective - "reduces or alleviates expensive client licensing, installation costs & TCO"

6. Reusable - "methodology allows for maximum reuse of components and reduced development time frames"

7. Sound Methodology - "improved system by design"

Business models l.jpg

Business Models

  • Total Contract Price

  • Monthly service fee

    • per customer

    • per customer site

    • per user

  • Fee Per sample

  • Fee Per Transaction

    • per customer page view

    • based on volume of data

    • per sample viewed

  • Others?

Future opportunities l.jpg

Future Opportunities

  • Integration with Business systems for automatic creation of work orders

  • Bi-directional Integration with customer EAM systems for work requests and events

  • Data mining of data using Cognos

  • Load sharing between labs

  • Login