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Cold War Invasions. Soviet Union. Afghanistan. Jeremy Gentile Tommy Kalb Matt Cina. Vietnam. United States. Thesis.

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Cold War Invasions

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Cold war invasions l.jpg

Cold War Invasions

Soviet Union


Jeremy GentileTommy KalbMatt Cina


United States

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  • The U.S. had common interests while entering the Vietnam War and when they aided Afghanistan in their war: to stop the spread of communism. While both the U.S. and the Soviet Union lost wars, the U.S.’ economy was more fit to handle the ups and downs of a world conflict.

Domino theory l.jpg

Domino Theory

  • Countries act as dominos, they follow each other.

  • The U.S. feared that this would happen in Vietnam and Afghanistan

Reasons for vietnam war l.jpg

Reasons for Vietnam War

  • The U.S. entered the war to prevent Communism from spreading.

  • Gulf of Tonkin, U.S. boats were “attacked”.

Reasons for u s aid in afghanistan war l.jpg

Reasons for U.S. Aid in Afghanistan War

  • Prevent spread of Communism.

  • Numerous reasons Soviet Union thought Afghanistan was a strategic advantage and could help danger oil export to western countries.

Start of vietnam war l.jpg

Start of Vietnam War

  • President Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin to persuade Congress to declare war.

  • Attack at Pleiku, caused first bombing of the North.

Start of afghanistan war l.jpg

Start of Afghanistan War

  • Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, upset U.S.

  • Soviet Union commandos take over the government buildings in capitol of Afghanistan.

Important dates of vietnam war l.jpg

Important Dates of Vietnam War

  • February 1965, LBJ orders 1st bombing.

  • June 1971, Pentagon Papers released

  • March 1972, North invades the South, result largest bombing.

  • January 27, 1973, cease-fire accord achieved, fighting to stop.

  • April 30, 1975, North takes over South.

Important dates of afghanistan war l.jpg

Important Dates of Afghanistan War

  • December 1979, Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.

  • January 1980, United Nations General Assembly voted on intervention.

  • April 1986, President Reagan orders CIA to supply Afghanistan with weapons.

  • February 15, 1989, official withdrawal of Soviet troops.

Bibliography l.jpg


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