advanced e mail marketing strategies
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Advanced e-Mail Marketing Strategies

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Advanced e-Mail Marketing Strategies eMarketing Association Conference Redondo Beach, California September 5, 2002 Gabriela Linares L-Soft international, Inc. [email protected] 301-731-0440 800-399-5449 Steps for an e-Mail Marketing Plan Defining e-Mail Marketing Objectives

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advanced e mail marketing strategies

Advanced e-Mail Marketing Strategies

eMarketing Association Conference

Redondo Beach, California

September 5, 2002

Gabriela Linares

L-Soft international, Inc.

[email protected]



ã2002 L-Soft

steps for an e mail marketing plan
Steps for an e-Mail Marketing Plan
  • Defining e-Mail Marketing Objectives
  • Determining Effective Strategies
  • Reaching your Target Audience
  • Designing e-Mail Content
  • Evaluating Results
  • Selecting a Solution

ã2002 L-Soft

common e mail marketing objectives

Defining e-Mail Marketing Objectives

Common e-Mail Marketing Objectives
  • Build brand awareness
  • Acquire new leads/ registrants/ customers/ clients
  • Drive immediate sales
  • Enhance customer retention
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers/clients
  • Provide company or product information
  • Increase revenues by up-selling to existing customers/clients
  • Post-order targeted e-mails
  • As part of an integrated marketing strategy

ã2002 L-Soft

e mail marketing campaign response rates by campaign objective
e-Mail marketing campaign response rates by campaign objective

Source: IMT Strategies, September 2001

ã2002 L-Soft

conversion costs for retention and acquisition goals
Conversion Costs for Retention and Acquisition Goals

Acquisition versus retention

Source: IMT Strategies, September 2001

ã2002 L-Soft

popular e mail models

Determining Effective Strategies

Popular e-Mail models
  • Sales Promotions
  • Transaction confirmations
  • Account status e-mails
  • Recommendations from friends (viral marketing)
  • Scheduled corporate newsletters
  • Customizable information updates
  • Time-based reminders
  • Rewards program
  • E-mail discussion groups
  • Product updates of interest
  • Independent media newsletters
  • Entertainment (humor, film clips)
  • E-Mail education series
  • Contests for address

ã2002 L-Soft

e mail overload number of e mail marketing e mail sent in the us

Reaching your Target Audience

E-mail overload: Number of e-mail marketing e-mail sent in the US

ã2002 L-Soft

Source: Forrester Research, August 2001

opt in opt out double opt in spam preferred e mail marketing methods
Opt-in, opt-out, double opt-in, spam: Preferred e-mail marketing methods

Source: Opt-In News, May 2002

ã2002 L-Soft

ctr and conversion rate of us e mail marketing campaigns for permission based lists
CTR and Conversion rate of US e-mail marketing campaigns – for permission based lists

Source: IMT Strategies, Sept. 2001

ã2002 L-Soft

us consumers privacy concerns
US Consumers’ Privacy concerns

Source: Harris Interactive, February 2002

ã2002 L-Soft

us e mail users preferred e mail marketing privacy and customer support practices
US E-Mail users’ preferred e-mail marketing privacy and customer-support practices
  • Unsubscribe option in all e-mails
  • Explicit no-share-address policy
  • 48-hour e-mail support answers
  • Editable personal preferences page
  • Provide phone numbers in e-mail
  • Explicit privacy policy
  • Double opt-in confirmation
  • Unchecked default opt-in box
  • Third-party privacy seal in e-mail

ã2002 L-Soft

most important e mail marketing trust building factors among us users
Most Important e-Mail Marketing trust-building factors among US users
  • Secure sign-up form
  • Trustworthy reputation
  • Loyal customer
  • Well-known brand
  • Friend recommendation
  • Trusted site referral
  • Relevant offers

ã2002 L-Soft

why customers would give personal info
Why customers would give personal info
  • Guarantee that the information will not be misused
  • Eligibility to win a prize in a sweepstakes
  • Regular e-mail updates on products they are interested in
  • Access to more or better content or information
  • Affinity points
  • Receive targeted ads they’re likely to be interested in

ã2002 L-Soft

building customer intelligence
Building Customer Intelligence
  • Harness your Customer Database
  • Effective personalization and targeting
  • Common Segmentation Factors:
    • Purchase history
    • Location/zip code
    • Demographics
    • Lifestyle/hobbies/interests

ã2002 L-Soft

building your lists
Building your lists
  • Subscriber form on web site
  • Sponsor lists of sites with a similar demographic
  • Send to a friend button – viral marketing
  • Ask for permission to customer base
  • Maintain list hygiene
  • E-mail appending…

ã2002 L-Soft

e mail message content

Creating the Content

E-Mail Message Content
  • Subject Line – getting recipients to open mail is half the battle
  • Creativity
  • Personality and dynamic content
  • Keep it short and use links to draw reader to your web site
  • Keep it fresh – don’t re-use the same content
  • Relevance – the more you understand your customers, the more targeted and relevant messages will be
  • Frequency
  • Test messages

ã2002 L-Soft

email users preferred e mail marketing personalization models
Email users’ preferred e-mail marketing personalization models
  • Communication Control
  • Self-select content
  • Name recognition
  • Personal events & reminders
  • Geography
  • Account History
  • Lifestyle
  • Purchasing Behavior

ã2002 L-Soft

how to measure the effectiveness of e mail marketing campaigns
How to measure the effectiveness of e-mail marketing campaigns

Evaluating results

  • Click-through rates
    • unique and sum of events & comparisons
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Open rates
  • Conversion rates (website tracking)
  • Click-stream analyses
  • E-mail pass along rates –viral marketing
  • Coupon codes
  • Unanimous tracking to respect privacy

ã2002 L-Soft

response time and cost per unit e mail vs direct mail
Response time and cost per unit, e-mail vs. direct mail
  • Be prepared to handle responses

Source: DMA, Forrester Research, Gartner Group, 2002

ã2002 L-Soft

Maintain your server

Hardware/computer network

Dedicated Internet Connection

Software for e-mail management and delivery

Best for large loads and those with experience

More cost-effective

Flexibility to create campaigns on the fly

Outsource your list hosting

Reliability and experience

Redundant servers and delivery capacity

Flexibility to maintain company Internet presence

Ability to move from hosting to in-house when ready

More expensive

Rely on company’s schedule

To Outsource or not to Outsource


ã2002 L-Soft

evaluate options
Evaluate Options
  • Evaluate software product or hosting service before purchasing
  • Determine if solution provides appropriate features
  • Decide what reporting features you need
    • online real-time reporting, compatibility with other software you employ
  • Differentiating levels of privacy tracking
  • Campaign manager to organize jobs
  • Integration with your database and other applications
  • Handle bounces

ã2002 L-Soft