A New Deal Fights the Depression

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Objectives:. Summarize the initial steps Roosevelt took to reform banking and financeIdentify critics of FDR's New DealDescribe New Deal work programs. Main Idea and Why It Matters Now. After becoming president, FDR used government programs to combat the Depression.. Americans still benefit from p

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A New Deal Fights the Depression

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1. A New Deal Fights the Depression Chapter 15, Section 1 Notes

2. Objectives: Summarize the initial steps Roosevelt took to reform banking and finance Identify critics of FDR’s New Deal Describe New Deal work programs

3. Main Idea and Why It Matters Now After becoming president, FDR used government programs to combat the Depression. Americans still benefit from programs that were begun in the New Deal, such as bank and stock market regulations and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

4. Presidential Election of 1932 People were suffering Lack of jobs, food, and hope Republicans re-nominated Hoover Little chance of winning Democrats nominated FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2 terms as governor of NY Reform minded leader

5. Election of 1932 FDR wins overwhelmingly Democrats win a 2/3 majority in the Senate Democrats win ľ majority in the House FDR has to wait four months to take the office of President Plans for his term

7. The New Deal Brain Trust FDR’s highly skilled advisors Formulate a set of policies for his administration The New Deal Program designed to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression 3 Goals Relief for the needy Economic Recovery Financial Reform

8. The First New Deal The First 100 Days Period of intense legislative activity 15 pieces of legislation Focus of tomorrow’s lesson Expanded the federal government’s role in the nation’s economy Reforms banking and finance – bank holiday Revive public confidence Help the American people Relief to farmers, jobs to the unemployed

9. FDR Born into a wealthy family Stricken with polio – partially paralyzed Confident leader First President to use live radio to address the American public Fireside Chat Talked about issues of public concern Explained the New Deal in clear terms

10. The New Deal Under Attack FDR used Deficit Spending Spending more money than the government receives in revenue Keynesian economics – government spends money to stimulate economic recovery More money in the hands of consumers to fuel economic growth A necessary evil? The New Deal did not end the depression

11. The New Deal Under Attack Liberal critics Did not go far enough to reform the system Conservative critics Too much direct relief Socialist! Interfered with free market ideology

12. Supreme Court The Supreme Court struck down New Deal programs as unconstitutional Too much power in executive branch Interfered with state-federal roles (federalism) FDR proposes a court-packing bill Reorganize judiciary and allow FDR to appoint new justices Storm of protest FDR gets to appoint new judges anyway due to retirements/resignations

13. 3 Critics Father Charles Coughlin – Roman Catholic priest with a radio show Wanted government controlled banks and a guaranteed annual income Dr. Francis Townsend FDR not doing enough for poor and elderly Pension plan to help the aged Senator Huey Long of Louisiana “Share-Our-Wealth” program assassinated

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