A comparative usability evaluation of user interfaces for online product catalogs
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A Comparative Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces for Online Product Catalogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

A Comparative Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces for Online Product Catalogs. Ewa Callahan Jürgen Koenemann Presented by: Xiaohong Bao. Introduction. A comparative study of the usability of hierarchical structure and Infozoom

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A Comparative Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces for Online Product Catalogs

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Presentation Transcript

A Comparative Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces for Online Product Catalogs

Ewa Callahan Jürgen Koenemann

Presented by: Xiaohong Bao

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • A comparative study of the usability of hierarchical structure and Infozoom

  • The increase in electronic commerce creates a need for Electronic Product Catalogs (EPC).

  • Navigation problems are the second most cited reason for not shopping online.

ICS280 Information Visualization

Introduction ---cont’d

  • The most common catalog interfaces on the web are hierarchically organized catalogs.

  • Problems:

  • Confusing

  • Items in dropdown menus are not visible

  • Lengthy result pages force users to scroll

  • Solutions:

  • Recommendation approach

  • Interaction approach

ICS280 Information Visualization

Evaluation of existing online catalogs

List of Websites Evaluated (Fall 1999)

1. www.autobytel.com2. www.Auto.de

3. www.autoinfo.de4. Automarkt

5. www.auto-shop.de6. www.autosite.com

7. www.autotaal.nl8. carpoint.msn.com

9. www.dadb.com10. www.faircar.de

11. Lycos Decision Guide Cars12. Mastercar.de

13. www.mobile.de14. www.whatcar.co.uk

ICS280 Information Visualization

Evaluation results

ICS280 Information Visualization

Result analysis

  • Database size

  • Searching mode

  • Attribute

  • Specifying ranges

  • Searching history

  • Result pages

  • Sorting search results

  • Item comparison

ICS280 Information Visualization

Infozoom introduction

  • Based on dynamic queries and fisheye techniques

  • Attributes as rows and objects as columns

  • Compressed mode and overview mode

  • Many ways of searching

  • Easy to compare, sort and re-order the results

ICS280 Information Visualization

Overview Mode

ICS280 Information Visualization

Compressed mode

ICS280 Information Visualization

Usability study

  • From the feature comparison of Infozoom and the hierarchical interface, Infozoom should be more efficient

  • A comparative usability study to confirm it

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • A database contains 1690 cars with over 20 attributes.

  • The hierarchical interface was implemented with forms in MS Access.

ICS280 Information Visualization

Hierarchical interface-1

ICS280 Information Visualization

Hierarchical interface-2

ICS280 Information Visualization

Hierarchical interface-3

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Totally 26 participants

  • 15 male and 11 female

  • 13 aged 21~30; 9 aged 31~40; one teenager and one over 51

  • 16 use computers over 10h/week; 6 3~9 h/week; 4 less than 2h/week

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Find Attribute value for given Object

    T1: Does the Jaguar XJR have side airbags?

  • Find Database SubSet Attribute Value

    T2: How many different models does the Peugeot class 106 have?

    T4: How many cars have the following characteristics:

    convertible, 100-150 HP, front drive, and cost 40.000 DM or


  • For given Attribute(s) value(s) Find Object(s)

    T3: Which middle class car is the cheapest one in the database?

    T6: Which Funcar has the quickest acceleration?

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Compare Attribute Values for 2 Objects

    T5: Which car has better fuel consumption: the Audi A6 1.8 or the Volvo S70 2.0?

  • Find Database Attribute Value

    T7: How many cars are in this catalog?

  • Compare Attribute Values for Subset

    T8: What is the price range (from the cheapest to the most expensive model) for the Alfa Romeo 145 series?

    T9: Is the acceleration of the Mercedes-Benz S430 Automatic slow, normal, or quick for a car of its class?

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Introduce the purpose and upcoming tasks briefly

  • 5 minutes demo about Infozoom

  • Introduce 9 tasks. After each task, they answer 3 questions about the satisfaction, perception of the time needed, perceived efficiency

  • Summarizing their experience

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Accuracy

  • Completion time

    AVGIZ = 19.4 min / AVGHI = 27.7 min

  • Navigation

    Ease of use: IZ 5.5 / HI 4.9 over 7

    Efficiency: IZ 5.0 / HI 4.8

  • Satisfaction

    Comfortable: IZ 5.15 / HI 5.23

    Fun: IZ 6.3 / HI 5.0

    Overall satisfaction: IZ 6.38 / HI 5.38

ICS280 Information Visualization

Completion rate and accuracy

ICS280 Information Visualization

ICS280 Information Visualization

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Users’ strategies

  • Critical incidents --- breakdown and things that went especially well

  • Users’ comments

ICS280 Information Visualization

Hierarchical interface

  • Dislike look for desired information from main menu

  • Be lost on pages that looked like

  • Be annoyed by the long pull-down menus and lengthy result pages

  • Be confused about the default values and attributes visible

  • Be inpatient about no car matched

ICS280 Information Visualization

Infozoom Interface

  • Feel overload at the first glance

  • Hard to choose appropriate search strategy at the beginning

  • Difficult to double-click on the small sectors if selecting objects on the screen

ICS280 Information Visualization


  • Both EPC’s interfaces were rated highly, but Infozoom was rated higher in overall performance

  • Infozoom supports choice by attribute searching strategy better

  • Infozoom interface has easy learnability

ICS280 Information Visualization

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