I have an ipad assistive technology
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I have an iPad ….Assistive Technology? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I have an iPad ….Assistive Technology?. 2013 Support Staff Conference CrossRoads Church, Red Deer. All graphics used in the presentation are creative commons – free to use. http://arpdcworkshops.pbworks.com How to contact me? [email protected] Twitter: @ patrickbohnet

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I have an ipad assistive technology

I have an iPad….Assistive Technology?

2013 Support Staff Conference

CrossRoads Church, Red Deer

All graphics used in the presentation are creative commons – free to use

Today s materials

Today’s Materials

Today s agenda

  • 1. Accessories

  • 2. General Settings For Use & Tips for the iPad

  • 3.Where do I find Apps & how do I choose them?

  • 4.Share Apps for Productivity & Classroom Use

Today’s Agenda

Buy what accessories

  • Apple Authorized Accessories:

  • ZAGG Folio:

  • PC World’s Top 20 Accessories:

  • ZAGG invisible Shield:

  • IPEVO Chopstakes:

  • IPEVO Accessories (Stands, Lap Cushions, Etc:)

Buy What Accessories?

I have a stylus, keyboard cover, ghost armor, VGA Adapter…..Apple TV!

General use tips for ipad

  • iPadCharger Separates for Mac Laptop

  • Moving Apps & Folders: Hold and Moving Apps

  • Delete or Close Apps: Hold and Click X to Delete Apps

  • Adding Apps to Bottom Bar

  • Double Click Home Button – open, view, swipe, music, lock

  • Keyboard Tricks – Split Keyboard

  • Search Tips

  • Spotlight Tool – Create an app for a website

  • Screenshot Snap – sharing photos/videos

  • General Settings, Restrictions, Accessibility, Assistive Touch, Other

General Use & Tips for iPad

50 Useful iPad Tips

Save battery life

  • Adjust Brightness

  • Turn off GPS (but can’t use ‘Find my iPhone’)

  • Turn off Push Notifications

  • Turn off 3G (if it applies)

  • Turn off Bluetooth

Save Battery Life!

Useful websites for ipads

  • 75 iPad Tips and Tricks

  • 22 Useful iPad Tips

  • Wolf Creek’s iPad Resources

  • www.BestAppSite.com

  • Best Free Apps

  • iPadsin Schools

  • iPadApps for Kids

Useful Websites for iPads

12 characteristics of an ipad ready classroom
12 Characteristics of an iPad ready classroom!

Curriculum is…

  • Adaptive (less rigid)Learning pathways, embedded differentiation and personalization, culturally and cognitively responsive tasks and work that honors constructivist thinking and doing over passivity and compliance

  • Dynamic (less static)Having constant access to constantly changing information and media requires a curriculum that is equally dynamic

  • Digital (less physical)Promoting blogging, collaborative project-planning via apps and cloud-based suites, digital presentations through apps like Prezi, curating of complex digital portfolios, etc.

Instruction is…

  • Student-centered (less teacher or institutionally-centered)Student as designer and producer, teacher as resource and assessment expert rather than knowledge holder and task-master

  • Diverse (less uniform)With access to a nearly infinite number of digital domains, instruction will have to adapt in parallel, including peer-to-peer, student-to-student, school-to-school learning; mastery-based learning via apps such as the Khan Academy 

  • Focused on persistent transfer (less focused on “tests”)iPads cater to media consumption and production. Intentional instructional scope-and-sequencing will help promote transfer of standards-mastery through both consumption (reading, viewing, observing) and production (designing, constructing, executing)

Assessment is…

  • Authentic (less academic)Seamlessly transfers to physical and digital domains of learner, with useful artifacts, products, and applications in the “real world”

  • Frequent & Formative (less intermittent and summative)A climate of assessment that yields simple data digestible to all stakeholders–including the teacher

  • Fluid and/or Project-Based (less obsessed with standards and “proficiency”)“Fluid” assessment provides a constant stream from a wide variety of sources and forms. This is possible in Problem-based, Challenge-based, or Community-Based projects that reward innovation, risk-taking, self-awareness, and inductive thinking patterns

Integrated with…

  • School & District Initiatives (in isolation)Literacy and Technology plans, extracurricular programs, college-readiness programs, etc.

  • Relevant Communities (forced, awkward audiences–for the love of everything, please no more letters to the principals)Digital, Physical, Local, Global

  • Apple Ecology (disconnected from other Apple and related ecologies)ITunesU, Macs, Apps, iOS, Apple-friendly apps, etc. 

How do you select your apps

Share App Evaluation Form

How do you select your Apps?

Thank you Kathy Schrock! FETC 2011

Table exercise

Table Exercise

App demo

  • Ready….. (try to not use the same app as anyone else at your table)

  • Set…..

  • Go….

  • I will share a lot in a short period of time!!!!

App Demo

SHARING! (try to not use the same app as anyone else at your table)

Remix 2012 – It’s Time (try to not use the same app as anyone else at your table)