the business of contact centres
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The Business of Contact Centres

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The Business of Contact Centres - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Business of Contact Centres. Dominic Gray Magnetic North. Agenda. Three clear areas we need to look at: How contact centres are used for business Example contact centre business scenarios Identifying contact centre opportunities. But first – what makes a contact centre?.

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the business of contact centres

The Business of Contact Centres

Dominic Gray

Magnetic North


Three clear areas we need to look at:

  • How contact centres are used for business
  • Example contact centre business scenarios
  • Identifying contact centre opportunities
but first what makes a contact centre
But first – what makes a contact centre?
  • First and foremost, it requires a business
    • to generate or sustain revenues by interacting with customers
  • Second, it requires people
    • with the qualities and capabilities to support the business with excellent customer interactions
  • Thirdly, it requires technology
    • to provide the capability for staff and customer to interact effectively in multiple modes
how we help businesses achieve this
How we help businesses achieve this...
  • We provide the technology to bring customers together
    • Cloud Voice
    • OnDemand Contact Centre
  • We help people (customers and staff) interact
    • Maximise Contact Centre for Voice, Email, Chat, Social Web*
    • Optimise Call Recording and Quality Monitoring for continuous improvement

* Available Autumn 2013

how you help your customers
How you help your customers...
  • Find businesses with a clear need to interact with their customers
    • On a small scale or on a large scale
  • Help them identify what’s holding their revenues and margins back
    • Expensive legacy installations & line rentals
    • ”20th century” interactions
  • Help them evolve for the 21st century
    • Cloud-based ”pay-as-you-go” solutions
    • Distributed/remote working and management
    • Multiple contact channels
in short together we ll help them to
In short, together we’ll help them to ...

... refine their approach with new technology

... provide the best experiences for their customers

... ensure their operational costs are minimal

... increase their revenues and profit margins

typical contact centre operations
Typical Contact Centre Operations
  • Driving revenues:
    • Sales & marketing, debt recovery
    • Inbound & outbound
    • Direct revenue-generating opportunities
  • Supporting revenues:
    • Customer service & support
    • Typically more inbound than outbound
    • Protecting revenues
    • Improving customer loyalty
  • Types of contact centre:
    • Formal
    • Informal
    • Outsourced
sales marketing
Sales & Marketing
  • ”Traditional” inbound
    • Advertised 0800 sales line
  • 21st Century inbound
    • Web-driven voice calls (desktop & mobile)
    • Live web chat / email
    • Social media
  • ”Traditional” outbound
    • Dialling from acquired marketing lists
    • Exploiting existing customer database
  • 21st Century outbound
    • Warm-up email/SMS
    • Automated callbacks (web leads and abandoned inbound)
debt recovery
Debt Recovery
  • ”Traditional” outbound
    • Predictive dialling – debtor lists provided by creditors
  • 21st Century outbound
    • Initial email/SMS contact (increases opportunity for payment before outbound call)
    • Mobile screening (reduce costs, increase efficiency)
    • Local/mobile CLI presentation (increases chance of answer)
customer service support
Customer Service & Support
  • ”Traditional” inbound
    • Advertised 08xx customer service line
  • 21st Century inbound
    • Live web chat / email
    • Social media
    • Web-driven voice calls (after above has failed*)
  • ”Traditional” outbound
    • Rarely used
  • 21st Century outbound
    • Email/SMS confirmation of visits or query updates
    • Automated callbacks (web-requests and abandoned inbound)

*Inbound call volumes are predicted to fall as customers look to solve their problems quickly online

types of contact centre
Types of Contact Centre
  • Formal
    • In-house, run for-profit
    • One or more business locations
    • Highly structured (agent work-flows, business processes)
    • Advanced technologies (IVR, CRM, database integration)
    • High dependance on management information
    • Looking for for cost reductions (e.g with remote workers)
types of contact centre1
Types of Contact Centre
  • Informal
    • Often as simple as a hunt-group for sales
    • Small support desks (internal and external)
    • Less structured (but improved work-flows/processes are advantageous)
    • Lower dependance on technologies (though with pay-go and simple tools these become accessible)
    • Lower dependance on management information (often because they have never had the opportunity)
    • Looking for improved management, more efficient operations
types of contact centre2
Types of Contact Centre
  • Outsourcers
    • Formal
    • Servicing multiple clients (multi-tenant)
    • Highly structured (agent work-flows, business processes)
    • Advanced technologies (IVR, CRM, database integration, client data)
    • High dependance on management information (also for clients)
    • Looking for cost reductions & competitive advantage
    • Looking for flexibility (scale up/down by contract or seasonal activity)

Contact centres can be found everywhere you look - but with ever more sophisticated customers and ”the web generation”, their reach is extending

Customers need to evolve with this and continue to reduce costs - but they need to do it with the minimum of headaches

Magnetic North’s Cloud Voice and OnDemand suite will help your customers achieve these goals regardless of business sector or type of operation

In the following sessions we will show you how our solutions work, and how they address the needs of your customers.