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LWAF Plant Database. - AKA “Accession Database” -. Please note that this presentation has note pages using PowerPoint notes capabilities. Plant Database Usage. “Accession” (catalog) plants PMD personnel Project managers Any volunteer Provide lists of plants for: Docents PMD personnel

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Lwaf plant database

LWAF Plant Database

- AKA “Accession Database” -

Please note that this presentation has note pages using PowerPoint notes capabilities

Plant database usage
Plant Database Usage

  • “Accession” (catalog) plants

    • PMD personnel

    • Project managers

    • Any volunteer

  • Provide lists of plants for:

    • Docents

    • PMD personnel

    • Potential visitors to the Arboretum

    • Any other interested parties

    • Standard reports available

    • User-controlled reports available

  • Update plant information

    • Add missing information

    • Correct erroneous data

    • Revise location data

  • Online/Multi-user/Multi-tasking

Operational overview


Internet user


Add records

Query database



PMD Chair


Project Mgr

Add/Update records

Add docent notes

Add/Update records

Operational Overview

User interaction overview




User Interaction Overview


Request for Plant List


List of plants


Update this plant record

Standard online report generation

Show Pictures/More Info







By Garden




Plant Update


Standard Online Report Generation

Available Standard Reports




Report Request

  • Standard record selection and sorting

  • One click for viewing pictures/more info

  • One click for print format

  • One click for labels

  • One click to retrieve update form

Custom report generation
Custom Report Generation






Plant Update



Custom Reports

Show Pictures/More Info

Update List

By Accession


By Accession





Name List

By Garden


  • User-specified selection, sorting, report format

  • One click for viewing pictures/more info

  • One click for print format

  • One click for labels

  • One-click to retrieve update form

  • Update list available for multi-record update

Accession home page
Accession Home Page

Select Report

Click here to run report



Sample standard report
Sample Standard Report

Click the highlighted name to get Google results for the plant .

Click on the question mark to get update form for the record.

Requesting a Custom Report

Set numbers to indicate sort order

Select report format

This shows your authorization level

Click here to list plants once you have set your selection and sort criteria

Enter password here to change authority

Creating a custom report example
Creating a Custom Report - Example

  • Select all maples in the Smith Mossman

  • Use “By Garden” Format

  • Order by accession number

  • Enter password for update

Use “By Garden” format

Select only maples

Smith Mossman Garden only

Current authority is “view only”

Sort by Accession #

Enter update password

Click here to run report

Sample custom report all acers in the smith mossman garden
Sample Custom Report- All Acers in the Smith/Mossman Garden -

Click here to print labels

Click here to get paginated report

Click on question mark to get update form

Click here to get Google pictures

Plant update page example
Plant Update Page- Example -

  • We got to this page from the report page.

  • Our objective is to make a simple update the plant record’s notes field for the Arboretum’s docents.

1. This message line provides status to the user.

2. Update made to docent notes

3. Click on the “Revise” button.

Example record revised
Example – Record Revised

Message indicates that record has been revised.

Revision date and time have been updated automatically.

Record now contains updated note.

Example add a record
Example – Add a Record

You got here by clicking on this record listed on a report.

Status line.

Click “Clear” button to get blank screen for adding a new record.

Example adding a new record

Status information

Example: Adding a New Record

Will be computed, if left blank

All fields are automatically assigned a default value if you do not enter anything in the field.

Press this button once all data has been typed in. Note that default values are assigned to fields left blank.

Delete example
Delete Example

You arrived here by clicking on this record on a report

Status information is shown here.

To delete this record, click here.

Delete example the record shown has been deleted
Delete Example- The record shown has been deleted -

Status shows that record has just been deleted.

If you deleted the record in error, click on the “Add” button to add the record back.

Navigation from plant update page
Navigation from Plant Update Page

Produces report using your last query.

Return to report menu.

Return to Accession Home

Update Lookup Tables.

Updating a Lookup Table

1. Select this

2. Enter password

3. Click here

4. Select the table you want to update

5. Click here

Updating a Lookup Table

To change a record, modify data and click here.

To delete a record, click here.

To add a record, overwrite an existing record and click here.

After making all revision, add, and delete entries, click here

Accession Forms – Input and Output

This is the input form – available via the help menu

This is the output form – available via the custom report menu

Accession Forms

To get a blank accession from, click here.

To print accession records in the same format as the accession form, use this report format.