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Safety critical solutions do 178b
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Safety Critical Solutions DO-178B. Joe Colloca Aonix. We’ll Cover …. Review: Ada’s role in Safety Critical Systems Aonix Raven Solution Architecture Safety-Critical Systems Aonix / Ada Safety Critical Projects. Ada in Safety Critical Systems. Ada is preferred, but not required

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Safety Critical Solutions DO-178B

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Safety critical solutions do 178b

Safety Critical Solutions DO-178B

Joe Colloca


We ll cover

We’ll Cover …

  • Review: Ada’s role in Safety Critical Systems

  • Aonix Raven Solution Architecture

  • Safety-Critical Systems

  • Aonix / Ada Safety Critical Projects

Ada in safety critical systems

Ada in Safety Critical Systems

  • Ada is preferred, but not required

  • Global use

    • Aviation

    • Rail

    • Energy

  • Existing standards support with Certifiable RTs

    • DoD 178B

    • SIL 4

    • RIA 23

Objectada raven

ObjectAda Raven

Safety Critical

Software Development Environment

Product structure approach benefits

Product Structure / Approach / Benefits

  • Evolvable, “Base +” packaging

    • Supports gradual buy-in

    • Doesn’t require “all-at-once” commitment

  • Platforms, Environments, Communications for embedded development & testing

  • Cover the breadth of lifecycle/process

  • Value / price competitive

  • Familiar Environments; Ease-of-use; Standards

Product line organization

Windows XP / 2003 / NT

UNIX / Linux / CDE


Core Solution Package

Enterprise Scalability

Out of Box Certification

Product Line Organization


x Intel


x ERC 32

x 68K

Objectada ide

ObjectAda IDE

Scci support

SCCI Support

List FilesKeep Checked Out

CommentSelect / UnSelect All

Get Latest Check Out

Check InUndo Check Out

Add to CMRemove from CM

Show HistoryShow Differences

CM PropertiesInvoke External CM

Objectada raven1

ObjectAda Raven

Certified / Certifiable

Compiler & RTS

Safety systems legal

Case Law













Confidence / Safety

Safety Systems - Legal

Runtime certifiability dod 178b level a

Runtime Certifiability DoD-178B Level A

  • Full Requirements through Test Results Mapping

  • 100% Source Level Coverage

  • 100% Machine Level Coverage

  • Full MCDC Coverage

  • Runtimes can be certified but,

    • Termed “Certifiable”

    • System as a whole is certified

    • Must deliver certification evidence record

170 pounds of certification evidence

170 Pounds of Certification Evidence …

Hercules c130j and c27

Hercules - C130J and C27










Certification experience c 130j avionics

Over 3000 signatures

required on certification material

for one RTS Certification system


6000 Lines of Code

Certification Experience – C-130J Avionics

  • Reviews

    • Requirements

    • Design

    • Code

  • Functional Testing

  • Coverage testing

  • Large amount of test data to be analyzed

Safety critical solutions do 178b


Ravenscar profile

Ravenscar Profile

  • Industry Wide Safety Critical Standard

  • Ada95 Subset

    • Deterministic

    • Certifiable

  • Tasking Allowed

    • Rendezvous Disallowed

    • Use Protected Objects for Communication

  • No Dynamic Memory Allocation

Ravenscar profile support

Ravenscar Profile Support

New support: Bounded tasking model

Flags Ravenscar Profile violations at compile time

New support: Segregated loads

PowerPC 32 bit Intel ERC32 68K

Ravenscar profile support1

Ravenscar Profile Support

  • VectorCast

    • Source Level Coverage & Test Harness

    • Integrated Code Coverage

    • Repeatable Testing

    • Compiler integration

    • Embedded target based testing

  • AdaCover

    • Full target-based machine level coverage testing

  • Out-of-Box Level A Certification Packages

Certification record on digital media

Certification Record on Digital Media

Raven example packaging

Raven Example Packaging

  • Core Pack

    • Basic Development Environment

  • Project Pack

    • Advanced Language Sensitive tools for larger group source consistency / style guideline conformance

  • Test Pack

    • Provides coverage for higher levels of quality verification in mission- and safety-critical development

  • Safety Critical Pack

    • Comprehensive standards-based testing & documentation through Level A

  • Design Pack

    • Implements best practices for designing and producing safer & more reliable software applications & reusable components

Where is ada in safety critical

Where is Ada in Safety Critical?

  • Lockheed Martin - C130J and C27

  • Boeing 777

  • Boeing 737

  • Westinghouse Electric - Nuclear Shutdown

  • Westinghouse Brake and Signals

    • London Underground - Jubilee Line extension

    • Automatic Brakes and Signaling

Boeing 777

Power Management






Axle Steering


Boeing 777

London underground jubilee line

London Underground – Jubilee Line

  • Software role

    • Manage train separation – faster & closer together

    • Inter-train communication

    • Central control center

  • Architecture & Safety Standard

    • M68030 controllers

    • Software Integrity Level 4 (SIL)

    • RIA 23 required

  • Mapping document produced between RIA 23 and Aonix (DO-178B) Certification materials

Aonix program success

ITT Avionics: Integrated RF Countermeasures

Honeywell: H-764G Embedded GPS

Thales Avionics: Global Positioning System

Lockheed Martin: Missile and Guidance System Upgrades

Thales Avionics: Flight control data concentrator AIRBUS A330-A340

Thomson CSF: Braking and steering control AIRBUS A330-A340

Navia: Air Traffic Control (ATC) ground-based instrument landing system

Eurocontrol: ATC Germany, England, France, Belgium

Eurocontro: Flight Management System

Thales Air Defence: ATC

Wilcox Electric: Avionics radar system

Chandler Evans: Engine control system

Lockheed Martin: Flight Management: Lockheed C130J

Aerosystems International: Ground Collision Avoidance System

Lockheed Sanders: Avionics Displays Lockheed C130J

Canadian Marconi: GPS Boeing 777

Parker/Abex-NWL: Axle Steering System Boeing 777

Sundstrand: Power Management System Boeing 777

Crane/Hydro-Air: Braking System Boeing 777

Aonix Program Success

Aonix program success1

Astrium: Automated Transfer Vehicle

Alcatel SEL: Satellite positioning system

Aerospatiale: Ariane V launcher

Matra Marconi Space: Ariane V launcher CNES: Galileo Mars probe - switching and telemeasuring systems

CNES: Satellite imaging system

Astrium Gmbh: International Space Station - Columbus project

NASA / Boeing: International Space Station - Flight Control Systems

Matra Marconi Space: Atmospheric Pressure Module - Data / Network management

Alstom Transport: Radio Bloc Center system Rail Traffic Management

GEC Alsthom: Subway network control systems Paris, Calcutta, and Cairo

GEC Alsthom: Signal control system: TGV North Lines / Channel Tunnel

CSEE Transports: TGV Brake system / TVM 430 project

Westinghouse: Brake and Signals system London Underground Jubilee Line

Swisslog Software: Supply Chain Management System

XATA: Telematics application framework

Kordoba: Enterprise Data Model

NORTEL Networks: Optical Switch Platform

Siemens: Network Management System

Aonix Program Success

Coming soon

Coming Soon

Multi-language Time & Memory partitioned kernel



  • Ada is a good technical choice for high-integrity systems

  • Aonix solution architecture delivers business value throughout the development cycle

  • Certification out-of-box

  • Evolving Aonix solutions are a good technical – and business - choice

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