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HOLYHOLYFestivals of India : India is a land of festivals and celebrations.These festivals give an opportunity to the people to come together and share each other’s joys. All the festivals are celebrated with gaiety,pomp and merriment Indeed, it is rightly said of India that here one just needs an excuse to celebrate.In this great land of numerous deities,not only are festivals celebrated in remembrance of God and Goddesses, even the commencement of a new season is celebrated as festival. In fact festivals are the very essence of our life. Let us know about some of the important festivals celebrated in our country.

The people of India are happily playing holy. No caste , no religion, no creed and clour; all are Indians.
  • Match the following A TO B


  • 01. Basanth Panchami
  • 02. Christmas
  • 03. Ganesh Chathutrhi
  • 04. Id-Ul-Fitr


Collect as many as possible the pictures of Indian festivals and give their caption

  • Read the following passage carefully and rewrite it by correcting the wrong words which are under lined.
  • Ramesh and Geeta pick up the bucket and pore the colour on a man in the streat Mother comes out on terase and said “ That is very bad, Geeta you mustn’t through colours on stranjer.” Sir,pleese forgive us.We pored colour on you.


  • This Slide work is prepared to teach English for IV Standard, which is based on C.B.S.C. Syllabus.
  • This Slide contains the lesson Holy in which some of the important festivals celebrated in India are shown.
  • The brief information about each festival is also given.
  • This Slide work is prepared by the teacher Mr. Agrahar Mallikarjun K.V.NO.1 Mangalore