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Portable IR/PID gas analyzer. ECOPROBE 5. RS DYNAMICS. A new dimension in detection of contaminant indicators. . Soil Contamination Survey. Gas from the pore space in soil and rock formations is known as soil vapour. .

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Ecoprobe 5

Portable IR/PID gas analyzer



A new dimension in detection of contaminant indicators


Soil contamination survey

Soil Contamination Survey

Gas from the pore space in soil and rock formations is known as soil vapour.

The composition of this phase, in particular the presence of organic compounds, reveals vital information about pollution of the subsurface contaminant.

Organic compounds constitute a group of contaminants which impact severely on groundwater resources.


Soil contamination survey1

Soil Contamination Survey

  • The presence and distribution of such pollutants can be detected by a newly established technique known as

    • Soil Vapour Survey(SVS)

  • which is based on analysis of the soil

  • gas or vapour.


Soil contamination survey2

Soil Contamination Survey

The following types of contaminants are addressed:

1.Liquid organic materials including hydrocarbons (mainly petroleum products) and chlorinated hydrocarbons (industrial solvents, metal-cutting oils etc.)

2.Organic vapours from landfills and from gas leaks

Soil contamination survey3

Soil Contamination Survey

Factors affecting in situ SV measurements:

1. Presence of Methane of nature origin: Methane occurs in different concentration everywhere in the soil environment, which confuses all total based in-situ measurements.

2. Type of contaminant: for the SVS to be applied successfully, the contaminant of interest must yield sufficient vapour phase. (Some compounds like transformer oils, PCB and certain phenols create very low vapour phase and require special sampling technique).

Soil contamination survey4

Soil Contamination Survey

3. Zoning : differences in several physical properties of the compounds present in a complex contaminant (vapour pressure, solubility in water, mobility in the subsurface, resistance to degradation etc.) may contribute towards the heterogeneous character of a pollution plume.

4. Surface contamination:a pollutant occurring in the surface layer will seriously affect the distribution and concentration patterns of an underlying, deep source of contamination.

Soil contamination survey5

Soil Contamination Survey

5. Age of a contaminant: All petroleum products experience some degree of natural biodegradation process in the subsurface environment. Lighter HC are more readily degraded than the heavier compounds. After a certain period of time the spectral composition of contaminants will dramatically change; moreover, some contaminants may become morphologized, that is: composed of non-toxic aromatic compounds which are out of the basic hydrocarbon spectrum.

Ecoprobe 5

Soil Contamination Survey

6. Soil temperature: vapour density and vapour diffusion will increase with increasing temperature.

7. Soil moisture: the presence of moisture will reduce the effective porosity which will negatively affect the migration and the volume of SV available for investigation.

8. Soil permeability: may dramatically influence the measured value of concentration of the free SV phase.

Ecoprobe 5

Soil Contamination Survey

Previous SVS methods

Previously used time-integrated SVS methods applied special absorbents into which the analyzed soil vapour was absorbed during a relatively long time-interval.

These methods did not meet natural conditions and yielded incorrect quantitative results.

Ecoprobe 5

Soil Contamination Survey


Mix the identical quantity of liquid contaminant

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

Poorly permeable soil clay

Permeable soil sand

Measurement of SV concentration in both samples shows the difference of up to 2 or 3 decimalorders.

Soil contamination survey6

Soil Contamination Survey

RS DYNAMICS developed a special instrumentation -- Ecoprobe 5 -- which provides a solution for most of the above-mentioned complicated conditions and offers the true in-situ method for a reliable soil contamination survey.

Ecoprobe 5 eliminates sampling and sample transport problems to the lab, in this way offering fast, cost- effective and reliable location of contaminant sources and trajectories of the contaminant spread.

Ecoprobe 5

Soil Contamination Survey

The air is sucked into the probe and continuously analyzed in the instrument

Soil contamination survey7

Soil Contamination Survey

Ecoprobe 5 shows the course of measurement overview on the screen

Graphs of concentrations versus time

Ecoprobe 5

Soil Contamination Survey

The identical quantity of contaminant is mixed into the samples



Ecoprobe 5

IR/PID correlation graphs obtained from Ecoprobe 5

Ecoprobe 51


Portable and compact highly sensitive gas analyzer providing cost-effective and reliable in-situ results

Ecoprobe 52


Ecoprobe 53


Comprises two autonomous analyzers in one case




Combination of PID and four channel IR analyzers provides solution for a variety of contamination survey tasks.




  • Ecoprobe 5 provides a complete system and methodology for contaminant detection

Basic application

Basic application

  • Detection & monitoring of hydrocarbons and other organic contamination of soil & water table from fuel spills

Soil vapour survey was made by CSIR/ Petrocon (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), South Africa

Basic application1

Basic application

  • Pipe-line leakage monitoring

Soil vapour survey was made by CSIR /Petrocon (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), South Africa

Basic application2

Basic application

  • Monitoring of soil venting processes

Basic application3

Basic application

  • Monitoring of petrol station UST leakage

Soil vapour survey made by Prote, Poland

Basic application4

Basic application

  • Environmental Rescue Service

Basic application5

Basic application

  • Automatic monitoring using Ecoprobe 5 as a Monitoring station

Optional stationary version of IR Ecoprobe 5 analyzer

Monitoring station over a large pressurized underground gas reservoir

Basic application6

Basic application

  • Detection and monitoring of Ammonia content and gaseous toxins in agriculture

Basic application7

Detection and monitoring of gaseous toxins in industrial plants

Basic application

  • Monitoring of in-situ bio-remediation processes

  • Air pollution monitoring (PID)

Basic application8

Basic application

  • Monitoring of waste dumps

  • UST (Underground Storage Tanks) leakage

  • Ecoprobe 5 can be used as a sophisticated sampling device. Absorbent cartridge can be connected to the instrument outlet.

Data logging

Data Logging

  • GPS coordinates logging

Commercial use of GPS has proven invaluable in many fields. It can be used to track everything from migrating animal herds to the creep of the earth’s crust.

GPS consists of 24 satellites in predictable orbits around the earth. The system provides 24-hour positioning information.

Ecoprobe 5 is the first world-wide geophysical instrument to provide GPS positioning !!

Gps data logging

GPS Data Logging

GPS satellite orbital information is referenced to WGS 84. WGS 84 is an earth - fixed global reference frame using latitude and longitude coordinate system to locate points on the Earth’s surface.

The GPS system in Ecoprobe 5 can be used if a specific software is activated and if a special RS DYNAMICS GPS receiver is available.

Depending upon accuracy requirements, users may select from GPS systems with

  • Meter precision

  • Decimeter precision

  • Centimeter precision

Data logging1

Data Logging

  • Standard data logging system

35, 25

15, 5

Data are saved in an orderly manner

Pid analyzer

PID Analyzer

  • Measures total concentration of volatile organic compounds and other toxic gases including chlorinated hydrocarbons

Result value measured by PID

3000 ppm


VOC Spectrum

  • PID analyzer selectively excludes Methane from the total sum

Pid analyzer1

PID Analyzer

  • Two ranges:


detection limit 0.1 ppm upper limit 4000 ppm (output also in mg/ m)

detection limit 0.1 ppb(0.0001 ppm) upper limit 100 ppm (output also in µg/m)


HISENS mode is extremely sensitive (intended for precise measurement ). It is not recommended for the typical soil vapour survey since factors like moisture, presence of methane, under-pressure may influence the results.

Pid analyzer2

PID Analyzer

  • Spectral characteristic of Ecoprobe 5 PID unit is equal to the laboratory gas chromatograph unit (if the same lamp is used) which brings very close results between Ecoprobe 5 outputs and laboratory analysis results for given samples.

  • Interchangeable ion lamps (10.2 eV standard)

Pid analyzer3

PID Analyzer


Fast and cost effective identification of relative concentration cloud, contaminant sources, path and the range of contaminated area. Table of measured compounds by PID offers mixtures of most common contaminants (Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel). Select the compound characterizing the contaminant to get most reliable data.

Pid analyzer4

PID Analyzer


Ecoprobe 5 is calibrated for Isobuthylene (Isobuthylene represents the most suitable gas which is also used in laboratory gas chromatographs). Responses to other compounds are different. The instrument is, however, automaticaly calibrated for about 200 compounds. In spite of this fact Ecoprobe 5 is not a spectral sensitive analyzer.

Pid analyzer5

PID Analyzer


  • In an ideal case when composition of contaminant is known and created by one compound, select the compound from the list that is chemically equal or close to the contaminant . You will get quantitative concentration of vapour phase.

1 compound

  • Commonly the contaminant is a complicated mixture of compounds.However, it is possible to get approximately quantitative, fast and reliable results for a typical soil vapour survey

more compounds

Ecoprobe 5

Application of PID Analyzer

1.For measuring small values of contaminant concentration

2.For measuring wider spectrumof contaminant

3.For quantitative measurement

Ir analyzer

IR Analyzer

Provides selective detection of METHANE, Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide.

  • 4 independent channels ( ppm or mg/m output ):

  • Methane; 0 -500 000 ppm, detection limit 20 ppm

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons - including Methane; 0 - 500 000 ppm, d.l. 20 ppm

  • Carbon Dioxide; 0 - 500 000 ppm, d.l. 20 ppm

  • Reference channel

Ir analyzer1

IR Analyzer

If hydrocarbons are present in the contaminant, consequent continuity between PID and IR outputs can be observed.

Ecoprobe 5

Application of IR Analyzer

Relative and fast in situ monitoring of contaminant

Ecoprobe 5

On-line data transfer from Ecoprobe 5 to the computer

  • Communication software for transferring data to a computer and for basic graphic evaluating of measured data. Data format compatible with Surfer, Grapher, Geosoft, etc.

Ecoprobe 5

Data processing using Communication Software


Graphic results using ecoprobe plus communication software

Graphic results using Ecoprobe Plus communication software

1. Values from all channels for a particular line

2 all lines for one parameter

Graphic results using Ecoprobe Plus communication software

2. All lines for one parameter

Ecoprobe 5

Graphic results using Ecoprobe Plus communication software

3. Course of measurement on one site

Ecoprobe 5

Graphic results using graphic softwares - Grapher, Surfer etc.

Contour map of subsurface contaminant location

Ecoprobe 5


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