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Announcements. For those doing the extra credit project, nothing is due on Monday. Exam on Monday: If you are taking the exam in the ASC, please go directly there instead of picking up your exam in Jenks 237. You may start at 8:45 if you wish.

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  • For those doing the extra credit project, nothing is due on Monday.

  • Exam on Monday:

    • If you are taking the exam in the ASC, please go directly there instead of picking up your exam in Jenks 237.

    • You may start at 8:45 if you wish.

    • Please bring a bright pen (red, orange, or bright blue) for the map. Otherwise, it will be difficult to read your answers on the map.

Psalm 18 46 english

Psalm 18:46 (English)


  • LivesThe LORDand blessed (is)my Rock


  • And may He be exalted the God of My salvation



  • Which prophet condemned the nations roundabout before addressing Israel?

  • Which prophet gave his children symbolic names – Jezreel, “Not Loved,” and “Not My People”?

  • What was the purpose of the book of Jonah?

Prophets of the south

Prophets of the South:

Isaiah, Micah, Joel

Introduction to isaiah

Introduction to Isaiah

  • Significance of Isaiah

  • Historical contexts

    • Southern kingdom and reigning kings

      • Uzziah[approx 790-740]

      • Jotham[750-732 – co-reign with both Uzziah and Ahaz]

      • Ahaz[735-715 – co-reign]

      • Hezekiah[715-685]

    • Foreign threats (current – Assyria; later – Babylonia)

    • The future restoration in the reference to Cyrus [539]

The geo political context

The Geo-political Context

The critics confront isaiah

The Critics Confront Isaiah

  • The “problem” of accurate prediction

  • Subsequent divisions of the text

  • Presumed authors and date

  • Responses to the charges of “differences in style, content, and theology”:

    • Length of Isaiah’s life and ministry

    • The crisis of idolatry fits 8th century, not the 6th

    • The prediction regarding Cyrus fits into Isaiah’s contrast between idols and the LORD

    • Same themes and expressions throughout the book

Key doctrines in isaiah

Key Doctrines in Isaiah

  • The Supreme and Unique Nature of God (44:6-18) – Idols mean nothing; those who make and worship them are the greatest of fools

    • Idols are made by humans so it is illogical to worship them

    • Idols cannot tell the future; by contrast, God not only foretells; He brings it to pass

  • The Holiness of God – “the Holy One of Israel” (used 25 times)

  • The universal promise of salvation (Jews and Gentiles)

    • All nations will come to the temple (2:2 and chapter 4)

    • Foreigners will come; the temple will be a house of prayer for all nations (56:3-8)

    • The Servant of the Lord will be a light to the nations (49:6)

  • The Servant of the Lord

    • The tasks of the Servant (Israel) – 42:1-7

    • An individual who restores Israel – 42:18-20  49:1-7

    • The Suffering Servant - 52:13-53:12

The messiah in isaiah

The Messiah in Isaiah

  • Isaiah’s terms for the Messiah

    • Servant

    • Branch

    • Descendant of David

    • Righteous King

  • Key passages

    • Born of a virgin (7:13-14) – note continuity from this context to the next

    • The Child who is God (9:5-7)

    • Brings peace to earth (11:1-12)

    • Frees people from sin through His own atoning death (53:1-12)

    • Anointed by God’s Spirit (61:1-4)

Micah what does the lord require of you 6 8

Micah – “What Does the LORD Require of You?” (6:8)

  • Historical background

    • During time of Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah

    • Contemporary of Isaiah (note 4:1-5) – also prophesied in the south – and he also mentions Babylon (as did Isaiah)

  • Micah’s Messages:

    • The Sovereign Lord is coming in judgment

    • Israel’s leaders are guilty of covetousness, fraud, injustice, brutality, deceit, hypocrisy

    • Israel’s prophets are false

    • there will be a time of restoration for all peoples

      • Torah will go forth from Zion

      • A Ruler over Israel – the One from Bethlehem - Micah in the New Testament: Messiah’s birthplace (5:2 in Matt 2:6)

Some background for joel

Some Background for Joel

The arrival of the locust plague

The Arrival of the Locust Plague

Before and after laid waste my vines and ruined my fig trees 1 7

Before and After:“…laid waste my vines and ruined my fig trees…” (1:7)

On the walls of jerusalem buildings they rush upon the city and run along the wall 2 9

On the Walls of Jerusalem Buildings:“They rush upon the city and run along the wall…” (2:9)

Announcements 3850064


  • Ministry to the southern kingdom – Zion, Judah, Jerusalem

  • Messages

    • The locust plague and the day of the Lord

    • Repent and return to God (2:13)

    • The great Day heralded by the outpouring of the Spirit and astronomical phenomena – 2:28-32 is part of Peter’s sermon (Acts 2:17-21) at Pentecost

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