1106 group project 1
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1106 Group Project #1

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1106 Group Project #1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1106 Group Project #1. Due Wed 1/19, 2-3 min PPT, HC to me One presentation per group.

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1106 group project 1
1106 Group Project #1
  • Due Wed 1/19, 2-3 min PPT, HC to me
  • One presentation per group.
  • Stereotyping refers to classifying people, places, or things according to common traits. Prejudices and stereotypes can function as assumptions in our thinking, appearing in inductive and deductive reasoning. For example, “Algebra is not useful in everyday life”. Each group should find one example of inductive reasoning and one example of deductive reasoning in which stereotyping occurs. Present each example and then describe how the stereotyping results in faulty conjectures or prejudging situations and people.
1106 group project 2
1106 Group Project #2
  • Due Wed 1/19, 2-3 min PPT, HC to me
  • One presentation per group.
  • Begin by consulting an almanac, newspaper, magazine, or the Internet to find two graphs that show “intriguing” data changing from year to year. In one graph, the data values should be increasing relatively steadily. In the second graph, the data values should be decreasing relatively steadily. For each graph selected, write a mathematical model that estimates the changing variable x years after the graph’s starting date. Then use each mathematical model to make predictions about what might occur in the future. Are there circumstances that might affect the accuracy of the prediction? List some of these circumstances.
1106 group project 3
1106 Group Project #3
  • Due Wed 1/19, 2-3 min PPT, HC to me
  • One presentation per group.
  • The following are problems that have many plans for finding an answer. Describe how the four steps in problem solving can be applied to find a solution. It is not necessary to solve the problem.
  • Group 1: How much will it cost to install bicycle racks on campus to
  • encourage students to use bikes, rather than cars, to get to campus?
  • Group 2: How many new counselors are needed on campus to prevent students from waiting in long lines for academic advising?
  • Group 3: By how much would taxes in the state of Florida have to be increased to cut tuition at community colleges and state universities in half?
  • Group 4: Is your local electric company overcharging its customers?
  • Group 5: Should solar heating be required for all new construction in your community?
  • Group 6: Would starting a recycling program at our college be cost effective?
  • Group 7: Should our campus go “smoke free”?