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Chapter 11 endocrine system
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Chapter 11 : Endocrine System. Endocrine System: What is it?. system of glands , each of which secretes a type of hormone directly into the bloodstream to regulate the body Hormones affect other endocrine glands or body systems. ES and Homeostasis. Homeostasis. STIMULUS. Hypothalamus

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Chapter 11 : Endocrine System

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Chapter 11 endocrine system

Chapter 11 : Endocrine System

Endocrine system what is it

Endocrine System: What is it?

  • system of glands, each of which secretes a type of hormone directly into the bloodstream to regulate the body

  • Hormones affect other endocrine glands or body systems

Es and homeostasis

ES and Homeostasis

  • Homeostasis

Chapter 11 endocrine system



Releasing Hormone

(Release-Inhibiting Hormone)


Stimulating Hormone




Basic structure of feedback loop

Basic Structure of Feedback Loop

  • Environmental Stimulus

  • Stimulates Control Center (Brain-hypothal.)

  • Hypothalamic hormones stim. Pituitary

  • Pituitary hormone stim. Target area

  • Target area produces change

  • Change acts negatively or positively on the cycle.

A positive feedback

A. Positive Feedback

  • Not common

  • Classic example:

    Action of OXYTOCIN on uterine muscle during birth.

Positive feedback

Positive Feedback

  • Baby pushes on cervix

  • Nervous signal to Hypothalamus

  • Hypothal. manufactures OXY

  • OXY transported to POSTERIOR PITUITARY & released

  • OXY stimulates uterine contraction

  • Loop stops when baby leaves birth canal

Negative feedback thyroid

Negative Feedback: Thyroid

Iv specific endocrine events

IV. Specific Endocrine Events

  • Thyroid Hormone

  • Growth Hormone

  • Adrenal Cortex Hormones

  • Sex Steroids

Endocrine system team players

Endocrine System: Team Players

  • The Pituitary Gland

  • Thyroid Gland

  • Parathyroid Glands

  • Adrenal Glands

  • Pancreas

  • Thymus

  • Pineal Gland

  • Gonads

Pituitary hypophysis

Anterior Secretions:









Pituitary gland: a small gland located on a stalk hanging from the base of the brain

“The Master Gland”

Primary function is to control other glands.

Produces many hormones.

Secretion is controlled by the hypothalamus in the base of the brain.

Pituitary/ Hypophysis

  • Posterior Secretions:

    • ADH

    • Oxytocin

Thyroid gland


T3: metabolism regulation

T4: metabolism regulation

Calcitonin: promotes absorption of calcium from blood and bones

Thyroid Gland: butterfly shaped, left and right halves fused by an isthumus. On either side of the larynx

“The Weight Gland”

Controls metabolism, iodine uptake, blood calcium levels

Thyroid Gland

Adrenal glands

Cortex Secretions (Steriods):




Adrenal Glands: Located cranial to the kidney. Each gland has 2 parts: cortex and medulla

“The Reaction Gland”

Regulates electrolytes, metabolism, sexual functions, injury response

Adrenal Glands

  • Medulla Secretions:

    • Epinephrine

    • Noreeprinep-hrine


Endocrine Secretions:



Pancreas: aggregation of cells located near the proximal duodenum

“The Sugar Regulation Gland”

(Endocrine FXN) secretion of blood-glucose regulation


Gonads gamete production



2ndary sex characteristics

Ovary Secretions: Stimulated by hCG which is secreted by placenta


2ndary sex characteristics


Maintains preg

Gonads: gamete production

Common procedures

Common Procedures

  • Assays: tests amount of hormone present

  • Thyroid Stimulation Test: blood analysis of thyroid levels

  • ACTH Stimulation Test: blood analysis of cortisol levels in the blood

Common ailments

Common Ailments

  • Acromegaly: enlargement of extremities due to over active growth

  • Cushing’s Disease/ Hyperandrenocorticism: excessive adrenal cortex production resulting in increased urination, drinking, and distribution of body fat

  • Diabetes Mellitus: metabolic disorder, of inadequate secretion of insulin



  • For Each Endocrine player

    • List the secretions and what each secretion performs in the body

  • Define an Endocrine Disease include

    • Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment, and Definition

  • Outline a Positive and Negative Feedback reaction in the body (can use the pregnancy example, but not the Thyroid example)

    • Design a Flow chart for the reactions you described

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