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Good morning and welcome
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Good Morning and Welcome. NGSS KCAS for Science Overview. Kevin Crump Science Instructional Specialist KDE k Kevin Crump Science Instructional Specialist Kentucky Department of Education 21 years of teaching experience Middle School Science

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Good Morning and Welcome

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Good morning and welcome

Good Morning and Welcome


KCAS for Science


Kevin Crump

Science Instructional Specialist


Good morning and welcome

Kevin Crump

Science Instructional Specialist

Kentucky Department of Education

  • 21 years of teaching experience

    Middle School Science

    High School Physics and Earth/Space Science

  • Graduate Level Courses for Teachers:



    Earth’s Climate System

Se sc educational cooperative

SE/SC Educational Cooperative


McCreary County



Whitley County

Ngss pretest using socrative

NGSS Pretest Using Socrative

  • Please go to the following website:

  • Click on the green Student Log In button

  • Enter this room number:


Good morning and welcome

Today’s Objectives

  • Participants will:

  • Be able to read and interpret pages of the NGSS

  • Identify the three dimensions of the NGSS

  • Analyze different Performance Expectations of the NGSS

  • Explore the information contained within each appendix of the NGSS

Rate your familiarity with ngss

Rate Your Familiarity with NGSS

  • Choose one of the following that best describes your familiarity with the NGSS and explain your choice:

  • I know there are new science standards

  • Know a little about them/I know they have different colored sections on the paper

  • Read some of the framework/standards

  • I have a real deep understanding of standards their meaning and the content taught

  • I could lead a PD or group planning on the standards.


Which one are you

Which one are you?

Why ngss


  • It has been nearly 15 years since the National Research Council and the American Association for Advancement in Science produced the documents on which most state standards are based.

Good morning and welcome

  • Current Standards are out of date

    • - Advances in science & technology

    • - Advances in understanding of learning

The new standards are going to get children ready for a STEM workforce by integrating the three dimensions of the framework.

Development building on the past preparing for the future

DevelopmentBuilding on the Past; Preparing for the Future


Phase I

Phase II


7/2011 – April 2013

Video Clip:

1/2010 - 7/2011

Good morning and welcome

Kentucky was one of the 26 Lead States to help with the development of The Next Generation Science Standards

A new vision of science learning that leads to a new vision of teaching

A New Vision of Science Learning that Leads to a New Vision of Teaching


Ngss framework

NGSS Framework


    1. Practices

    2. Crosscutting Concepts

    3. Disciplinary Core Ideas

Performance expectations

Performance Expectations

  • Integrate practices, core ideas and Crosscutting Concepts

  • Statements of what is to be assessed

  • NOT lesson plans

  • State what students should be able to do at the end of instruction

  • Organized by Topic and DCI

Good morning and welcome

What’s Different about the Next Generation Science Standards?

Where can I find out?

Ngss website www nextgenscience org


There is also a FREE NGSS App

Good morning and welcome

Three Dimensions Intertwined

  • The NGSS are written as Performance Expectations

  • NGSS will require contextual application of the three dimensions by students.

  • Focus is on how and why as well as what

Look at the handout that has the three dimensions

Science and engineering practices

Science and Engineering Practices

1. Asking questions (science) and defining problems (engineering)

2. Developing and using models

  • Planning and carrying out investigations

  • Analyzing and interpreting data

5. Using mathematics and computational thinking

6. Constructing explanations (science) and designing solutions (engineering)

7. Engaging in argument from evidence

8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

Crosscutting concepts

Crosscutting Concepts

  • Patterns

  • Cause and effect

  • Scale, proportion, and quantity

  • Systems and system models

  • Energy and matter

  • Structure and function

  • Stability and change

44 total disciplinary core ideas dci

44 Total Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI)

  • 1. Physical

  • 2. Life

  • 3. Earth and Space

  • 4. Engineering, Technology and the Applications of Science

Physical sciences

Physical Sciences

  • PS 1: Matter and Its Interactions

  • PS 2: Motion and Stability

  • PS 3: Energy

  • PS 4: Waves and Their Applications

Life sciences

Life Sciences

  • LS 1: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

  • LS 2: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

  • LS 3: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

  • LS 4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

Earth and space sciences

Earth and Space Sciences

  • ESS 1: Earth’s Place in

    the Universe

  • ESS 2: Earth Systems

  • ESS 3: Earth and

    Human Activity

Engineering technology and applications of sciences

Engineering, Technology andApplications of Sciences

  • ETS 1: Engineering Design

  • ETS 2: Links Among Engineering, Technology, Science and Society

Lots of work completed underway and left to do




Teacher Development

Lots of work completed, underway, and left to do

How do i read this document

How do I read this document?



  • Use the activity handout and the information from the next few slides to demonstrate how the NGSS is presented within the Framework.

  • Open to any content page within the KCAS for Science

    What’s In The Box?

Good morning and welcome

Performance Expectations

(What is assessed)

Good morning and welcome

Foundation Box

The three dimensions the foundation box in the middle

The THREE DIMENSIONS:The Foundation Box (in the middle)

Good morning and welcome



The connection box at the bottom

The Connection Box (at the bottom)

Www kevincrumpscience weebly com go to my website and click on

www.kevincrumpscience.weebly.comGo to my website and click on

Inside the NGSS Box

Take a look at the ngss website www nextgenscience org

Take a look at the NGSS

Take a few minutes to examine the three dimensions of the framework.

Look through each appendix

Are there any questions about the website or anything we have discussed so far?

Shifts in the ngss

Appendix A

Conceptual Shifts

Shifts in theNGSS

  • Experiences in The Real World

  • Performance Expectations not Curriculum

  • Build Coherently

  • Deeper understanding and Application of content

  • Integration of Science and Technology

  • College, Career and Citizenship

  • Aligned with ELA and Math (Venn Diagram)

Ngss scavenger hunt

NGSS Scavenger Hunt

  • Work with the people at your table to complete the front side of the handout

  • The back side is a take home assignment that is used with the K – 12 Progression sheet

Speed bumps on the road to ngss

Speed Bumps on The Road to NGSS

  • Discuss with your group what we have done so far today and write down what you think the speed bumps will be on the back of your previous activity sheet.

Sean elkins ted talk

Sean Elkins’ TED TALK


Can you remember all the speed bumps sean mentioned

Can you remember all the speed bumps Sean mentioned?

Exploring the performance expectations

Exploring The Performance Expectations

  • This activity will explore the NGSS and determine how the 3 dimensions are blended within each Performance Expectation.

Ngss post test using socrative

NGSS Post-test Using Socrative

  • Please go to the following website:

  • Click on the green Student Log In button

  • Enter this room number:


  • Login