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Internet Explorer 9 Performance Overview. Jason Weber Performance Lead Internet Explorer Team IE9 Platform Objectives. Interoperable HTML5 Interpret the same HTML and CSS markup the same way

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Internet Explorer 9 Performance Overview

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Internet explorer 9 performance overview l.jpg

Internet Explorer 9Performance Overview

  • Jason Weber

  • Performance Lead

  • Internet Explorer Team




Ie9 platform objectives l.jpg

IE9 Platform Objectives

  • Interoperable HTML5

    • Interpret the same HTML and CSS markup the same way

    • Run the same JavaScript with a consistent programming model

  • GPU-Powered HTML5 Graphics and Media

    • HTML5 demands a high-performance graphics subsystem

    • Display , SVG, Canvas, Images, Text, CSS3

  • Performance, Performance, Performance

    • Networking, JavaScript Execution, Layout Engine, Formatting

Building the next web together!

Platform Previews and Community

Internet explorer 8 l.jpg

Internet Explorer 8

Browser subsystems l.jpg

Browser Subsystems

  • Layout

  • Networking

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Collections

  • JavaScript

  • Marshalling

  • DOM

  • Formatting

  • Block Building

  • Display

Example site wall street journal l.jpg

Example Site: Wall Street Journal

Comparing site performance l.jpg

Comparing Site Performance

Wall Street Journal

Chicago Tribune

USA Today

New York Times

Washington Post

CNN News

Seattle Times

MSN News

Financial Times

Boston Globe

News Site #1

News Site #2

News Site #3

News Site #4

News Site #5

Five popular news sites l.jpg

Five Popular News Sites






Other (JS Lib)

Ie8 subsystem breakout l.jpg

IE8 Subsystem Breakout

Average distribution across news sites l.jpg

Average Distribution Across News Sites

Average distribution across ajax sites l.jpg

Average Distribution Across AJAX Sites

Internet explorer 9 l.jpg

Internet Explorer 9

Internet explorer 9 networking improvements l.jpg

Internet Explorer 9Networking Improvements

Networking performance l.jpg

Networking Performance

HTTP Caching Improvements

  • Improve heuristic expiration

  • Support: crazy-far-futures Expires headers

  • Support: Vary: Accept-Encoding

  • Support Vary: Host

  • Improved scavenger

  • Redirect caching

  • Back/forward optimization

  • Cross-domain HTTPS revalidation mitigation

    Parallel Connection Improvements

  • Increase connections-per-proxy to 12

  • Speculatively pre-open additional connection

  • Improved LCIE connection limiting

    DNS Improvements

  • Pre-fetch based on Link Rel=Prefetch

  • Pre-fetch based on likely matches in ULV flyout

  • Pre-fetch addresses based on previous use

  • Fast-path for IP literals

    General Improvements

  • Shorter User Agent String

  • Gracefully handle codepage restarts

  • Autoproxy in the frame

  • Imgsrc=”” shouldn’t send a request

  • Issue requests on the wire earlier

  • Only download requires files (fonts)

Plt2 bytes downloaded l.jpg

PLT2: Bytes Downloaded

Internet explorer 9 new javascript engine compiler l.jpg

Internet Explorer 9New JavaScript Engine & Compiler

Slide16 l.jpg

Interpreters, Compilers, Intermediary Languages, Machine Code, Stack Alignment, JIT, Type System, Registers, Memory Management, Assembly, Bytecode, Tracing, Syntax Trees, Dynamic Languages, Flow Analysis, Static Languages, Regular Expressions, Inlining, oh my…

New javascript interpreter l.jpg

New JavaScript Interpreter




Byte Code

Source Code


Multi core processing l.jpg

Multi-Core Processing

Multi-Core CPU

Ie8 processor distribution l.jpg

IE8 Processor Distribution



Windows experience index results l.jpg

Windows Experience Index Results

Windows Experience Index

Number of CPU Cores for Vista and Win7 Users

Javascript background compiler l.jpg

JavaScript Background Compiler





Source Code



Native Code

Background Compiler

Ie9 background compilation l.jpg

IE9 Background Compilation



Webkit sunspider results l.jpg

WebKitSunSpider Results

Web application api usage l.jpg

Web Application API Usage

Internet explorer 9 gpu powered graphics l.jpg

Internet Explorer 9GPU Powered Graphics

The gamers gpu l.jpg

The Gamers GPU

Everyone has a gpu l.jpg

Everyone Has a GPU

Gpu processing performance l.jpg

GPU Processing Performance

Multi-Core CPU


Exponential growth in gpu power l.jpg

Exponential Growth in GPU Power

John D. Owens, David Luebke, Naga Govindaraju, Mark Harris, Jens Krüger, Aaron E. Lefohn, and Tim Purcell. A Survey of General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware. Computer Graphics Forum, 26(1):80–113, March 2007. We acknowledge Computer Graphics Forum, Eurographics (The European Association for Computer Graphics) and Blackwell Publishing.

Windows experience index gpu l.jpg

Windows Experience Index - GPU

4% 15% 32% 27% 12% 10%

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Windows Experience Index

Graphics Scores of Vista and Win7 Users

My laptop wei score l.jpg

My Laptop WEI Score

Gpu powered graphics l.jpg

GPU Powered Graphics

Gpu powered canvas l.jpg

GPU Powered Canvas

Gpu powered svg l.jpg

GPU Powered SVG

Gpu powered video l.jpg

GPU Powered Video

Gpu powered text l.jpg

GPU Powered Text

Gpu powered css3 l.jpg

GPU Powered CSS3

Behind the scenes compiled javascript gpu powered graphics l.jpg

Behind the ScenesCompiled JavaScriptGPU Powered Graphics

Demo flying images l.jpg

Demo: Flying Images

Flying images one animation l.jpg

Flying Images – One Animation



Ie8 hardware usage l.jpg

IE8 Hardware Usage

Ie9 hardware usage l.jpg

IE9 Hardware Usage

Measuring performance l.jpg

Measuring Performance

Performance metrics today l.jpg

Performance Metrics Today



<script type="text/javascript">

var start = (new Date).getTime();




<script type="text/javascript">

varpageLoad = (new Date).getTime() - start;



<imgsrc="" />


Performance metrics tomorrow l.jpg

Performance Metrics Tomorrow

// after page is loaded

varpageLoad = window.timing.timingMeasures.navigation;

// get access to all the timing information:


Demo web timings l.jpg

Demo: Web Timings

Try it out and send feedback l.jpg

Try it out and send feedback…

Ie9 is fundamentally different l.jpg

IE9 is FundamentallyDifferent

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