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Gender issues. FINAL PRESENTATION. Alexis Timpson. The Three Movies. Legally Blonde.

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Gender issues

Gender issues


Alexis Timpson

Legally blonde
Legally Blonde

In the movie Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon plays a tremendous role as a woman seeking to get her ex-boyfriend back by going to Harvard. She is a girly-girl and finds entertainment through her sorority, shopping, going to the spa and swimming. However, after her boyfriend Warren breaks the relationship off Elle decides to win him back. Elle studies for the LSATS and gets into Harvard where Warren attends college. She later finds out that he is engaged to Vivian. Throughout the whole movie Elle becomes a very successful and sophisticated woman. She joins a case and ends up winning as an attorney. Warren wants her back after this happens and Elle rejects his offer and begins to date Emmett who supported her through her struggles in the movie. At the end of the movie she graduates at the top of her class with several job offers and Vivian becomes her best friend.

Mr and mrs smith

In the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They are a couple who happen to both be spies in the same type of job with different firms. Neither of them find out until their jobs happen to be the same one. Once they find out about each other they try to kill each other yet they realize that they love each other although they are enemies and are supposed to kill each other for their mission. Other people in the firms are sent to kill them so they end up working as a team to keep each other alive. In the end they both live, stay married and in love.

Pretty woman
Pretty Woman

In the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts plays Vivian a prostitute who meets a man, Edward (Richard Gere) on the side of the street. She ends up going to his hotel with him and they sleep together. Edward finds out that he will be needing someone to accompany him to a few meetings that week so he invites her to stay with him and pay her for the whole week. Vivian decides to accept his offer. He tells her to find clothes to wear throughout the week and gives her money. Vivian finds it hard to find anyone who will help her on Hollywood Boulevard and the manager of the hotel ends up helping her. She goes on all the dates and attends the meetings with Edward and when it is time for them to separate she realizes that she has fallen in love with him. Vivian leaves to her apartment and as Edward heads to the airport for his flight he realizes that he also loves her and races to her apartment and “rescues” her.




-Elle is woman thought of as a young , blonde ditz.

-Her professor puts her on the panel because of her looks.

-Everyone at Harvard has a negative attitude towards her because of her personality

-Her professor hits on her after she does well in court.

-Jane is a woman who is are usually beat by men.

-Her husband doesn’t take her as serious

-Vivian is a woman and is prostitute

-When shopping she is not helped and told to leave only because of her appearance.

-The manager stops her in the lobby and questions her because of her appearance.

-She gets hit in the face by Edwards employee.

They are all woman



Contrast gender issues
ContrastGender Issues

Legally Blonde

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Pretty Woman

-Elle is inspiring to prove she can be serious and go to law school.

-Elle is thought of as being dumb

-No one can take her seriously

-Jane is a spy/killer

-Jane is a woman who can be as good as a man

-Everyone in her firm takes her seriously

-Vivian is a prostitute

-Vivian is seen as bate to Edwards co-worker

-Vivian gets help to be more “acceptable” looking to others

Overall these movies had a good conclusion for all of the women.

They all won in the end!