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Class discussion friday november 22nd
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Class Discussion Friday, November 22nd. In your opinion, what “should” the USA’s policy on immigration be? What are the pros / cons to your position?. After today…. Students will explore both sides of the USA immigration debate.

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Class Discussion Friday, November 22nd

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Class discussion friday november 22nd

Class DiscussionFriday, November 22nd

In your opinion, what “should” the USA’s policy on immigration be? What are the pros / cons to your position?

After today

After today…

  • Students will explore both sides of the USA immigration debate.

  • Students will look at migration patterns within and from Latin America

  • Students will find and analyze political cartoons on immigration.



  • Find 3 current events stories over the 5 day Thanksgiving break.

  • These stories can be from a variety of sources: print, radio, internet, television.

  • Provide Mr. Henry with a copy or link to the site where you found the story.

  • Write a short synopsis (5 -7 sentences) of the story.

  • Be prepared to discuss the story AND your feelings about the story when you return.

Class notes

Class Notes

  • The 1960’s and 1970’s were a time of tremendous population growth in most parts of Latin America.

  • The 1990’s and 2000’s have generally seen declining rates of fertility in this region due to factors like increased urbanization & education.

  • Exceptions: Guatemala & Bolivia – two rural countries with high Amerindian populations.



  • President Evo Morales is one of the few indigenous Americans to lead a Latin American country.

  • He is a socialist who advocates land reform and redistribution of wealth.

  • He is often critical of the USA and its policies.

Political cartoon

Political Cartoon

Class notes1

Class Notes

  • After gaining their independence from Iberian (European) countries many of LA new leaders sought to increase immigration from their former Colonial masters.

  • From the 1870’s to 1930’s large numbers of Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, and Germans immigrated to Southern Cone countries.

  • The DeKirchner’s of Argentina – Former and current President.

Class note

Class Note

  • Between 1908 and 1978 a quarter million Japanese immigrated to Brazil which is now home to 1.3 million people of Japanese descent.

  • In more recent years much of this immigration has come from South Korea.

  • Former President of Peru – Alberto Fujimori

Political cartoon1

Political Cartoon

Class notes2

Class Notes

  • Migration occurs within the region of Latin America due to shifting economic and political realities.

  • PUSH EG – Civil War in El Salvador

  • PULL EG – Venezuela’s oil boom.



  • Americans are most familiar with immigration INTO the United States from Latin America.

  • While the majority of Hispanic immigrants in the USA are Mexican - not all immigrants from this region are Mexican.

  • Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the USA’s population.

Political cartoon2

Political Cartoon

Border crossing gone bad

Border crossing gone bad…

Agricultural workers

Agricultural Workers



  • Transnationalism is the phenomenon whereby many migrants maintain close ties with their home countries.

  • Remittance Payments are transfers of money from one country to another. According to the NY Times about 50 billion dollars “leaves” the USA annually in recent years.

  • This is an important source of income for many LDC’s

Build a bigger wall

Build a bigger wall????

Background research

Background Research

  • GO TO:

  • SEARCH: Arizona Immigration Law

  • ASK: Do you agree with this law? Why or Why Not?

  • HAS your opinion on immigration been influenced by anything you have heard today?

Analyze 1


Analyze 2


Analyze 3




  • GO TO:


  • Take the shorter version of the test and record your score.

After today1

After today…

  • Students will look at LA immigration patterns.

  • Students will find and analyze political cartoons on immigration.

  • Students will explore both sides of the USA immigration debate.

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