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Board of Visitors Parking Task Force May 2000 Recommendations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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George Mason University Parking Services Update to the Student Life Committee of the Board of Visitors November 2002. Board of Visitors Parking Task Force May 2000 Recommendations. Establish a student only parking lot at President’s Park Create 2-5 short-term premium priced parking spots

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George Mason UniversityParking Services Updateto the Student Life Committeeof the Board of VisitorsNovember 2002

Board of Visitors Parking Task Force May 2000 Recommendations

  • Establish a student only parking lot at President’s Park

  • Create 2-5 short-term premium priced parking spots

  • Establish a flat rate evening policy for parking garage

  • Create new short-term rate for parking garage

  • Re-stripe student parking lots

  • Create multiple shared assigned parking

  • Continue administrative “Customer Service Efforts”

Primary issues identified

Primary Issues Identified Recommendations

Parking not available

Parking not convenient

Parking too expensive

Parking inventory

Parking Inventory Recommendations


CampusAug ’98SpacesIncrease

Fairfax 8,067 9,808 1,741

Arlington (onsite) 286 384 98

FDIC (offsite) 0 100 100

Prince William (onsite) 594 (no change)

Freedom Center Lot 484 (no change)

Total Increase 1,939

Fairfax Campus Recommendations

P - 239

G - 453

F - 1222

H - 368

O - 212

I - 346

Q - 46

M - 159

E - 380

T - 40

D - 68

J - 367

B - 790

K - 1,325

A - 1,221

L - 465

C - 620

Commerce Building – 100 Townhouses - 143, Recommendationsare North

Fairfax Campus

Finley Circle - 35

Rappahannock Ln - 33

Harris Theater - 10

Thompson - 38

Behind Fenwick - 15

Aquia Module - 17

Physical Plant - 82

SUB I Meters - 21

Carow Hall - 5

P.E. Building - 18

King Hall - 9

Parking Deck - 893

Mason Hall - 22

Science/Tech I&II - 22

Mason Pond Dr. - 15

Presidents Park - 24

Parking information fairfax campus walk times

Parking Information RecommendationsFairfax Campus “Walk Times”

Lot A to George Mason Statue – 12 min.

Lot C to George Mason Statue – 14 min.

Lot F to George Mason Statue – 10 min.

Lot K to George Mason Statue – 12 min.

Lot I to George Mason Statue – 10 min.

Times are from the most remote parking spaces in said lots. Routes were taken using sidewalks and/or roadways and not walking through any marked parking spaces.

Cost comparison decal and parking rates

Cost Comparison RecommendationsDecal and Parking Rates

Financial information cost breakdown

Financial Information Recommendations Cost Breakdown

Operational changes

Operational Changes Recommendations

Established customer service training as a high priority for technicians and front-line staff

Appeals process streamlined; times added for walk-in appeals Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 - 2:00

Parking Operations Management software upgraded

Created “Amnesty Day” during Mason Week in April to

get outstanding tickets paid

Implemented 20 minute free parking in deck

Operational Changes RecommendationsCont.

  • Fairfax Campus:

  • Proposal to remove islands and re-stripe parking lot K and F in Fairfax to gain 200 - 250 additional spaces to support construction in Lot B, Patriot Center events and classes

  • Provided 39 parking deck access keys to PW/ARL and off-site offices to ease parking in lots while conducting business at the Fairfax Campus

  • Surveyed resident students about vehicle usage to better manage parking

Operational Changes RecommendationsCont.

  • Fairfax Campus (cont.):

  • Added a shuttle bus between the Fairfax campus and the Prince William campus via agreement with International Limousine Service and Fairfax during academic year

  • Re-designated Lot B for commuter students and

  • faculty-staff parking only

  • Added 100 spaces to F Lot

Operational Changes RecommendationsCont.

  • Arlington Campus:

  • Negotiated agreement with FDIC to utilize up to 100 spaces for evening parking during Fall/Spring Semesters

  • Realigned parking lot and removed grassy area near Original Building adding 16 spaces

  • Expanded Faculty/Staff parking areas to respond to demands

  • Implemented stack parking gaining 25/30 additional spaces for on-site parking

Operational Changes RecommendationsCont.

  • Prince William Campus:

  • Began selling day passes and decals from the Bookstore for convenience

  • Adding a shuttle bus shelter to shield the increasing number of riders from the elements while they wait for the bus

  • Adding improved signage to aid in usage of the central pay station for visitor parking

  • Restriping the lot to refresh numbers and lines

Participation in Campus Master Plan Recommendations

  • Approval of the Plan which shows adding four or five additional structured parking facilities at Fairfax over the next 10 – 20 years

  • Expanded parking at Arlington II & GMUF Buildings

  • Expanded parking at PW III location

Response to Master Plan Recommendations

  • Active in South Sector Plan which includes Research I, Academic V & VI building plans and a 1,000 - 1,200 space parking deck

  • Hired Gorove-Slade as consultants to assist with development of the Parking and Transportation Master Plan and planning the development of the South Sector

2002 – 2003 Initiatives Recommendations

  • Initiated Transportation Master Plan review for all campuses

  • Begin design phase of Fairfax Parking Structure (Lot B) as part of the South Sector Plan

  • Coordinate design and planning process for garage parking at Arlington Building Two Project.

  • Continue to work with GMUF on Washington Blvd. Project

Keys for Success Recommendations

Planning! Planning!! Planning!!!

  • Advanced planning to prepare for loss of Lot B (790 spaces)

  • Planning and preparation for Housing VII impact on Lot F

  • Begin research into the feasibility of a GMU transit link to the Arlington Campus

  • Develop usage of West Campus spaces, Lots M, O, P adjacent to the Field House

Long-Term Issues Recommendations

(Five – Ten Years)

  • Traffic management that includes both on- and off- campus issues

  • Financing approaches to parking initiatives

    • Design/Build approach

    • Virginia Public Private Educational Facilities Infrastructure Act of 2002 process

  • Establishing positive working relationships with local city/county officials and VDOT staff to promote GMU needs at the state and local levels